21 Everyday Items You’ll Never Regret Splurging On

We all have that everyday item we would never compromise on expenses no matter what because it adds some form of value to our lives. One Reddit user puts a lot of value in tissue paper and will gladly spend more to get quality products.

He was curious to know what other people on the platform valued and what they would not mind spending more money on. Here are some of the best responses from this conversation.


Sick woman with tissues
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One user points out that quality tissues make all the difference, “Tissues when you have a cold. Lower quality will rub your nose raw.”


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There is no need to wake up with your neck hurting because you had a bad pillow, says another member, “I recently bought a buckwheat pillow. I’ve tried memory foam and down before, but I’ve been sleeping so much better since I started using this one. I used to kick my blankets off and roll over 30 times during the night; now, I wake up in the exact position I went to sleep in. They’re a little noisy, but the support it gives to my neck is unparalleled.”

Windshield Wipers

man hand picking up windscreen wiper or Mechanic check old wiper blade on customers sedan car.
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A user who values visibility while driving says, “Never hurts to see clearly while careening a 4,000 lb metal death box down the asphalt at 100 feet per second.”

A Good Bed and Mattress

Young man choosing new orthopedic mattress in store, closeup.
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We spend a lot of time In bed and need to rest well, says a user, “When you buy a good bed, you’re really buying good sleep. And a good night’s sleep can help you through just about everything.”

Another adds, “A comfy comfy bed. We all spend so much of our day sleeping…having a nice bed makes a world of difference in your overall well-being.”


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One user succinctly puts it, “A good bra is a girl’s best friend.”

Another agrees, saying, “I went and had a bra fitting, and it turns out I’ve always been wearing a size too small. Now my boobs look amazing every single day. So I have to add a good bra from a good bra shop.”

Boots or Shoes

Young man wearing formal pair of leather loafers with metal bit.
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Instead of buying cheap shoes many times, settle for a good shoe that will give you great value over time, urges one user, “Buy an expensive comfortable pair of boots you like; it’s worth the price.”

Good Quality Bags

Woman and man holding canvas bags. Backpack and duffel canvas bag
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Several users advocate for good quality bags over plastic ones. One says, “A bag, not handbags. Bags like courier bags or backpacks. Having a good sturdy one that won’t rip is extremely useful.”

Another adds, “Me and my backpack mock the plebs who have plastic supermarket bags hanging from their handlebars and getting them stuck in their wheel, ripping and ruining what was left of an already mediocre day.”


Overview image of feet in black socks with holes on yellow
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High-quality socks can make your day a perfect one; according to another user, “Good socks make for a more comfortable day.”

A Sturdy Umbrella

Young caucasian woman holding an umbrella isolated on pink background.
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People who live in rainy and windy areas should invest in a good umbrella; according to this user, “ If you live in a rainy/windy place. Nothing sucks more than a lousy umbrella that keeps turning inside out the moment the wind picks up strength.”

Tampons and Pads

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Do not go cheap on hygienic products; as this user found out, “Whenever I think I can save a buck, I end up regretting it. Definitely not worth it. Especially cardboard applicators, they freaking hurt!”


White young man in gloves changes tires of his car. Change car wheel in tire, replace the winter tires for cars in the winter.
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If you own a car, safety matters, “Tires for your car. They are the only thing on your vehicle that is in contact with the road,” says one member

Kitchen Utensils

A closeup shot of red kitchen utensils.
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Another member has been using the same utensils for several decades, “Small utensils in the kitchen. I still use knives, measuring spoons, and a grater that I bought in 1973,” she said.


woman happily listening to music on headphones.
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People who appreciate music should invest in quality earphones; according to this user, “Though Average iPod earphones do last a while, they don’t sound the best and eventually break at the end of the pin connector. Invest in a little nicer sounding and better quality earphones. I own a pair of Sure earphones, but I’m definitely not saying they are the best, but they have lasted me over 3 years now.”

High-quality Food

Woman with vegetarian food groceries grocery bag
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Protecting your health is important, and that means eating quality food; according to one user, “Even when I was a broke college student, I refused to do the mac n cheese/ramen diet. I’d rather skip a few nights going out and spend that money on natural, wholesome ingredients. Health is worth spending a few extra bucks on.”


woman happy sunglasses.
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A good sunglass should protect your eyes; according to one user, “Invest in a good pair, treat them gently, & not only will they protect your eyes, they’ll last you for years.” Another agrees with this saying, “And pay extra for polarized lenses. I don’t understand the science behind ‘polarization’, but it sure does make my eyes feel good.”

A Car Stereo System

transportation and vehicle concept - man using car audio stereo system
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This is for music lovers again, “…if you really love your music and do a lot of driving, put the extra dollars into having good sound,” urges another user.


Horizontal shot of a gray haired man who’s been in quarantine too long attempting to use a bowl to guide him in cutting his own hair.
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Men should invest in good haircuts, “Seriously, people stare at your noggin all day. Your hair is one of the first things people see when they look at your face. Stop paying $3 for a haircut,” advises one user

Cat Litter

Adorable grey cat near litter box indoors. Pet care
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People who have pets know how smelly a kitty box can be, “How has cat littler not come up? I’d rather not smell the kitty box the moment I walk through the door,” says another user


Makeup mascara woman with hair rollers getting ready looking in pocket mirror.
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“High-quality makeup lasts me at least 3x longer, with less application, stays on all night (even blush), and if properly applied, avoids obvious build-up. More expensive makeup tends to have professionals helping you to choose colors and tones that compliment you–I would suffer without their help,” adds the same user

Garbage Bags

Team of young volunteers picking up litter in the park.
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Cheap garbage bags can cause more harm than damage; according to this user, “Garbage bags for sure. Those cheap ones aren’t worth it when it starts ripping and leaking everywhere.”

A Specialized Toothbrush

Modern rechargeable sonic or electric toothbrush set with charger in bathroom. Concept of professional oral care and healthy teeth by using ultrasonic smart toothbrush
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A good toothbrush can be amazing, says another user, “Like a Sonicare. They are pricey but worth every penny if you value dental hygiene.”

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