12 Items Frugal People Proudly Exclude from Their Shopping List

Frugal people are known to spend their money wisely. They live within their means and don’t spend a lot of money. According to a thread on Quora, here are some common things frugal people never buy.

An Expensive Car

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“I paid $250 for someone’s junker and got maybe six months out of it before it was scrapped. The kids would hide in the floorboard whenever I had to drop them off at school,” said Michael Smith

Brand Name Foods

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“Whenever possible, I would buy generic or store brand,” added Michael

Eating Out

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Nora avoids spending on food and eating out, saying, “Meals and drinks outside my home: If it’s a night out, then go for it. Otherwise, I eat leftovers at work and get a lot of compliments on how good my lunch smells. I bring a Contigo of tea from home, and when it’s gone, I drink tap water in a reusable bottle.”

Three-Ply Toilet Paper

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“Three-ply toilet paper and those expensive, scented tissue paper in pretty, boxed containers. Also, wet wipes,” notes Ronali.

Anything From Starbucks

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LB Powell says she could not buy anything from Starbucks, “My depression era raised parent’s anti extravagance values passed on. I got a Starbucks gift certificate and was shocked at how outrageously overpriced Starbucks is. I would not consider myself “notoriously frugal.” I’ll pay extra for quality if I see the value. Pennywise, pound foolish is wasteful, so I’ll spend more for quality, especially if it’s something that has to last. But I’m not a sucker for stuff like status brand coffee and overpriced pastries.”

Anything That Is Not a Need

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ZL places everything frugal people hate spending money on in a blanket sentence, “Anything that is not a need. Examples include flashy cars, gigantic houses, expensive jewelry, name-brand clothing, and the latest tech gadgets. They live their lives true to themselves and not to impress other people.”


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Shay notes that frugal people prefer going to the library, “Frugal people never buy Books because if you go to the library, you can save money by not purchasing the book but only renting and returning.”

Latest Piece of Technology

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“They also don’t buy the latest technology; they would wait until the price went down and maybe purchase it later. I know because I am one of those people,” adds Shay

Quality Instead of Name Brands

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Frugal and rich people do not care about name brands; according to Diane, “Frugal people who have a lot of money do not purchase items for a name brand. They buy quality but do not care to pay extra for a designer label.

Anything That Can Be Recycled

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Kurt Moore says that frugal people love to recycle and hence do not buy if they can, “They will also recycle/reuse items that most people may throw away. (You can wash that plastic storage bag and use it again). That is also being green and putting less stuff in landfills. Also, leftovers are fine for a meal.”

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