14 Lifestyle Changes That Will Save You Thousands of Dollars

An online user wanted to know what lifestyle changes others had helped them save money. Here are some of the best responses from other users in this conversation.

Stop Dating Materialistic People

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Terrence starts the conversation by asking people to stop dating materialistic people, “Stop dating materialistic people…” and goes on to offer an illustration, “A Goldman partner once half-joked that the more he worked, the more annoyed his wife became. To appease her, he had to buy her very expensive things, like a bigger house. This increased his debt and expenses. He then worked hard to pay off the debt and pay the bills. This annoyed the wife. So he had to buy an even bigger house to appease her.”

Don’t Be a Cheapskate

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Coba urges people to find quality items that are likely to last longer than buying cheap stuff every now and then in the name of being frugal, “I have found that being too stingy has often led me to buy inferior things that later have to be replaced, and for many values of X, two cheap Xs cost more than one expensive X.”

Investing Money You’d Have Wasted

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Anuj had a strategy that got him started in the world of investing, “In August ‘21, I decided that every day, if:

  1. I don’t smoke; I buy 1 stock of ITC
  2. I don’t drink; I buy 1 stock of United Spirits
  3. I don’t order food from outside; I buy 1 stock of Burger King.”

He made a good figure out of these savings and investments.

50% Offers Are Traps

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Chandan gives an interesting insight into store offers, “1. Don’t make yourself fool by seeing offer like 50% off. You will be happy that you saved 50 percent, but if you look deep down, you lost the other 50 percent by spending it.”

Be Careful With Periodic Payments

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Coba warns people that periodic payments can be expensive in the long run, “But at the same time… Convert monthly payments into longer periods when you are thinking about them. A “mere” $100 cell phone contract actually costs you $2400 over the duration of the 2-year contract, and getting an $80 contract instead saves you $480.”

Buy Used

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“Probably the best example of where buying used is a great deal is appliances. People throw out washers and dryers because they got bigger ones, they switched from gas to electric or vice versa, and other reasons that have nothing to do with whether the appliance is functional. Things that go in kitchens (fridge, stove, etc.) may get tossed for purely aesthetic reasons. Every US metro area has a few used appliance dealers that’ll sell you these things. Typically they’ll even deliver and install, so you get all the same convenience you’d get from buying at Sears or Home Depot,” Cola illustrates.

Use Tricks To Get More Coffee

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Naomi has an unconventional way of getting more value for money when she buys coffee, “When ordering coffee, ask for a medium in a large cup. The baristas will have to estimate the amount in a medium, so you usually get a lot more coffee than what you paid for.”

Cut Back on Hanging Out With Lavish Friends 

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Terence says this will dig into your pocket and offers more explanation, “If you love skiing, go. But you don’t have to go to Aspen during Christmas week and stay at the St. Regis. Go off-peak, go for fewer days, and stay someplace cheaper – maybe with Starwood points. And if you’re a real skier, you shouldn’t be looking for a hot tub. You should be icing and popping Alleve. And you should be too tired to care about where you’re staying except that it’s fairly easy to get to the slopes and has a firm, comfortable bed.”

Eat at Home

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Terence says eating out can be expensive, “Make cooking and eating at home a joy. Spend more here so you eat out less. Eating at home is much cheaper than eating out. So do what you need to do to eat at home more often. Buy nicer silverware and plates. Buy marinated or precooked stuff to save time/hassle. Eat on paper plates or hire a housekeeper to do the dishes if you don’t like clean up.”

Carry Cash While Grocery Shopping

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This is to prevent impulse buying; as Kevin notes, “When grocery shopping for a few items, let’s say between one to five things total, bring the necessary cash and leave the credit card at home. Only want to buy some milk and cereal? Take $5 in cash. This way, you won’t outspend your budget and purchase anything you’ll inevitably end up wasting.”

Live Healthily

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Ankita says healthy living is important, “I eat clean and workout regularly & hence I have good immunity, which saves me a lot of money spent on doctor visits and medicines.”

Pay Credit Card in Full

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This will reduce interest rates and increase your limits; according to Davis, “Every month, pay your credit card bill in full. Your credit card company will increase your credit limit and send you numerous incentives. Take no notice.”

Buy Out of Season

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You can get good deals when you buy out of season; Dave advises, “Purchase Valentine’s Day candy on February 15th. In January, purchase Christmas gifts. Purchase camping equipment in the fall and ski equipment in the spring. In the summer, I got a great pair of cross-country skis for $40. I made my own ski poles out of plastic pipe, wire, and coffee can lids because new ski poles would have cost more than the skis.”

Track Your Spending

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Indrazith says tracking your expenses will help you know where to cut back, “Record your spending – keeping track of where your money goes is one of the best ways to save money in the long run. Write down everything you spend in a month, and see where you can cut back.”


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