20 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Fatten Your Wallet Without Breaking a Sweat

In this overpriced world, we all need to learn to save money. But we know that this can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, especially when we’re bombarded with tempting ads and shiny things!

One Reddit user asked, “Can we make a mega list of suggestions to save money?” 

The thread received numerous awesome frugal tips, but we have compiled the 20 ultimate ways for you to save money. Who doesn’t want to save some serious dough, right?

1. Use Library Services

Attractive young woman wearing pink pale shirt with dots and fashionable glasses holding a stack of books in the library surrounded by bookshelves with colorful books.
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You need to explore your local library and learn about their free services!

A Reddit user says, “Take advantage of and use your library….The only palace for the people. Find out what are all the things your local library offers. They are more than just for books and movies. For example, maybe classes on financial literacy and crafting or even Lego events.”

Another one replies, “Mine has a library of things!! Need a random specialized tool for just one use? Boom got it. How about some sports equipment like tennis racquets or soccer balls to go play with the kids? Boom, borrow it. How about a ten ft. ladder because the soccer ball is now on the roof? Yup, got that too.”

2. Make Your Own Spices

jars of spices.
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Don’t you think it’s better to grow your own herbs and make your own organic spices? This way is cheaper and healthier, so why not?

One commenter said, “I recently made my own onion powder and garlic powder with onions and garlic that needed to be used up. Just dehydrate and put in a blender or food processor. Much fresher and no added anything; also, I got twice as much for $1 than I would at the grocery store.”

Another added, “Grow your own herbs like basil, for example. Very easy to take care of and yields a ton.”

3. Buy In Bulk

man buying products in bulk
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Rule number 1: Always buy in bulk!

One user said, “I like buying in bulk when a nonperishable is on sale. I use Mint Mobile for my wireless; I pay using a credit card that gives 3-5% cash back. I use Upside, Rakuten as their sales tend to run the same.”

A Redditor replied, “Buy in bulk when things you use often are on sale.”

4. Company Discounts

portrait of a caucasian young woman holding a mobile phone with a discount coupon and a qr code in a coupon app.
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There’s a pretty high chance that your organization is affiliated with supermarkets or restaurants, a common marketing technique that you should make use of by availing of their discounted prices.

Someone commented, “Check with HR or your employer if they offer any discounts or have partnerships with companies that give you better rates. Many bigger companies or places of public employment offer stuff like discounted tickets for public transfer, discounted lunch checks, etc.”

5. Use Your Freezer

Shocked young woman and handyman with open mouths looking at freezer
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Another tip shared by Redditors is to use your freezer. It should act like a storage compound for your extras and your leftovers.

One user said, “Utilize the freezer. I keep bread in there. I make batches of food and freeze most of it. I live alone, so I’ll buy a gallon of milk and freeze most of it in jars – I only use it for coffee/tea & have not noticed any change in the milk from fresh. If I have veg I use in soup, like onions & carrots that are in danger of going bad, I dice them & freeze them for later. I’ll buy a big piece of ginger & keep it in the freezer. It lasts forever & frozen ginger grates very easily.”

So, the next time you can’t finish your dinner, remember to freeze it instead of throwing it out.

6. Learn To Cook

young woman about to start cooking in kitchen
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Let’s face it, convenience foods are convenient but can be a real money guzzler. So, you need to learn to cook yourself.

Someone commented, “Cook yourself. Don’t go out to eat a lot.”

Another one replied, “I learned how to cook gourmet. It’s unreal how much we save. I currently have a brisket braising in the oven. The total cost was $30, and it’ll last a while.”

7. Buy a Coffee Machine

barista preparing coffee
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benzoix via DepositPhotos.com.

Being a part of today’s world, you surely need coffee to survive every day. However, this can take a serious toll on your wallet!

Someone left a comment on the thread, “Make coffee yourself. Don’t go to Starbucks/Dunkin” and we couldn’t agree more.

Another person shared their personal experience and said, “I invested in a high-end coffee machine that paid for itself several times over already. I stopped buying coffee out entirely some years ago.”

8. Buy Quality Items

Successful shopping. mature man looking casual in surprise with present
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While taking a trip to save money, remember to buy quality products. Now we aren’t talking about luxurious brands but durable items that will last longer than cheap, inexpensive ones.

A Reddit user commented the following, “If you are going to buy new clothes buy quality clothes and wear them out and then use the worn-out clothes for gardening, to work on your car with or make cleaning rags with.”

Another added, “Buy good quality cookware like stainless steel/cast iron pots and pans. Nothing coated in Teflon, and use bamboo cooking utensils too. Good for the environment and your health and will last years.”

9. Use Coupons

Coupon Purchase Order Discount Concept.
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Who doesn’t love the convenience of online shopping? But wait, before you hit that “Checkout” button, there’s a money-saving trick up your sleeve—coupons!

Coupons are like golden tickets to discounted wonderlands!

One Redditor mentioned, “Use coupon or cash back apps (I saved over $1000 in a couple of years with them), especially when there isn’t a sale on a particular item in store.”

10. Learn Maintenance

Repairman with tools
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A user wrote, “Learn maintenance. On your home, transportation, or the many things you use. If someday you pay someone else to do it, at least you know what needs to be done and what is done right.”

So instead of paying a plumber or an electrician every month, learn these techniques and save yourself a bundle of money!

Another one added, “Doing maintenance now saves time and money later. Keeping up with oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid checks will save you a ton of money and time in the long run.”

11. Start a Business

Stressed businesswoman with laptop
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A common question that comes to mind hearing about the tip to start a new business is ‘Why?’. Well, Redditors have also answered this.

One user commented, “Tax and write-offs. Obviously, it’s gonna be an actual legit functioning business (it doesn’t have to be profitable); you can write off a lot of things such as office expenses, phone bills, utility, cars, insurance (both auto and medical depending on the nature of the business,), and countless others. Hence why business owners pay a lot fewer taxes % wise than your average everyday W2 workers.

For example, I’m able to write 1/3 of my house off for home office expenses. I’m also able to write off my cell phone, utility, wifi, etc., because I use it for my business. I also write my business car off for depreciation. There are countless benefits.”

12. Insurance

Man in Office Looking for Help
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If you really want to level up your saving game, then being insured is a must.

One Redditor said, “shop around every year for insurance.”

Another commented about which company to go for by saying, “I still always check, but so far, nothing has ever beat USAA insurance prices.” And “I had USAA for a decade, my parents for 30 plus, and Statefarm absolutely blew them out of the water price-wise! However, the customer service difference is insane.”

13. Food Banks

Lunch box meatloaf, bulgur, nuts, cucumber and berry.
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If you’re looking for a place to satisfy your taste buds and keep your wallet happy, it’s time to venture into the world of food banks. That’s right—we’re talking about a place where good food and savings unite.

One user said, “This one varies heavily by state / area but some food pantries / food banks don’t require proof of income so even if you are technically over the poverty line but still needing help, as long as you are in their “service area”(sometimes based on town, zip code or county) they will give you access.

And for some outdoor farmers markets, if you catch them at/ around closing, they will usually discount the produce so they don’t have to take it home.”

14. Free Internet

woman working home on her couch on a laptop
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If you are a student, this one is for you! Now by showing your student ID, you can access free internet through many platforms available online.

Let’s take a look at a Reddit conversation. One user said, “If you have a student who gets free lunch at school, you qualify for free internet through xtinity.” to which another user questioned, “Since there are places now that offer free school lunches to all students, I wonder if that changed anything?”

The good thing is that this has not changed! You can still have access to free internet.

15. Make More Money

Surprised repairman in uniform lying on floor near money in office
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IgorVetushko via DepositPhotos.com.

It sounds simple, right? If you feel the need to save money, maybe it’s time for you to start earning more money.

One Redditor suggests asking for more pay and added benefits from your current employer. She commented, “One thing I will add (more making money than saving money) is advocacy for yourself. Stay current online with what people are making in your field, in your area, and in general. I am female and have asked for things (extended maternity leave, market evaluation, raises, and time off) I would not have had if I hadn’t asked and borderline campaigned for. Not applicable for everyone, but if it can help you and you read this, ask for what you want and know what is going on around you.”

16. Phone Services

young woman smiling at phone screen
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Another tip to keep in mind is to opt for a cheaper phone service.

A user explains it all by commenting, “Postpaid Cellphone services are usually overpriced. Visible Mobile, Redpocket, Tello, etc. are all great phone services with very competitive pricing (just listed the ones either I or someone in my household have used personally)

I don’t care who you are; if you’re in the States paying more than $30 AFTER taxes and fees per line for cell service, then you’re overpaying. Some prepaid mvnos (like Redpocket especially) work from all 3 major carriers. You get to choose which network towers work best in your area.

Visible mobile (as low as $25) is great for those who need unlimited data. Tello and Redpocket are good, even cheaper options for those who are ok with 1-5gbs of data. Redpocket has even better prices than their regular plan prices if you wait till their annual Christmas sale and pay for a year of service upfront.

Both Redpocket and Visible Mobile sometimes have great deals on new phones as well, usually in the form of rebates/gifts.”

17. Manage Your ROIs

Portrait of happy couple counting money together at home
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When it comes to saving money, one of the best suggestions you will find on the internet is that of managing your ROI(Return on Investments).

One Redditor shares their experience by commenting, “Manage your home energy use and assess ROI on upgrades. For example, things like smart thermostats and ceiling insulation often pay for themselves in a few years. Replace electric water heaters with heat pump water heaters. Look at solar ROI in your area. Look at cheap used EVs if you need to use a car to commute. I literally spend thousands less than my buddies on energy every year.”

18. Get a Safe

Hands opening digital lock on safe.
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Now it’s important to put your savings aside and away from the cash you are going to spend. For this, you can get a safe or even open a savings account.

A user advises, “Get a safe to put cash in; I have a job making 20$ an hour and keep all my tips in a safe have almost 3k after only working for a month.”

Another added, “Better yet, put all your tips in a high-yield savings account. Then your money can make money!”

19. Make a Grocery List

Grocery Shopper Counting Costs
Image Credit: ArenaCreative via DepositPhotos.com.

Making a grocery list allows you to become a price comparison champ. Instead of aimlessly wandering the aisles, you can research prices beforehand and jot down the best deals on your list. This will help you save hundreds every month!

Someone commented on this thread, “Make a grocery list on your phone that includes prices and totals. I use my grocery store’s app. As I shop, if I put anything additional in my cart, I add it to my list to avoid having a large grocery bill. It helps keep me from buying too many splurge items.”

20. Using Bikes Instead of Cars

Cheerful deliveryman in bike helmet taking off medical mask outdoors
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When it comes to traveling short distances, it’s always a smart idea to be green and use cheap bikes rather than cars.

A user shared their experience and this tip, “Get a used bike for short trips less than 5-10 miles away and bike instead. I use an old kids’ trailer hooked to my bike for groceries.”

Say goodbye to expensive gas and parking fees, and hello to the financial freedom that comes with pedaling your way around town!

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