20 Legal Things That Will Probably (Hopefully) Be Illegal in the Next 20 Years

In today’s modern world of legalities and regulations for everything, there are certain things that people are eager to see illegalized in the next two decades, despite the complex legal landscape or things people think will become illegal in America.

What Do You Expect To Become Illegal?

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One of the users on Reddit asked, “What currently legal thing do you expect to be illegal in the next 20 years?”

We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 responses for you; some of them might shake you to the core.

Spam Calls

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One of the users posted,” We’re trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty…”

Seriously, the entire cell-spam industry needs to go. Everything from scam calls (please don’t donate to your local “police association”) to those obnoxious political SMS texts*.”

Another added,” It’s a red queen’s race, however. So you ban them. Now they’re in another country. So you ban their numbers. Now they obtain a list of valid numbers and spoof them. So you block them. Now they move on to the next one. No matter what they will find ways around them.”

Isn’t it true that spam calls cause unnecessary tension?

It’s time to take action and put an end to this intrusive behavior.

Data Privacy Violations

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Someone commented,” Data privacy violations. Hopefully”

The other one said,” Sometimes I feel like no one should have my personal information in any shape or form but me. Like back in the day when you had paperwork and no other copies existed”.

One more added,” This will always be legal. At least no one will go to jail for it. Just pay penalties.

Another user stated,” It’s more likely that data privacy will be illegal.”

There are several such opinions on this topic that have sparked rage.

What’s your stance on the matter?


Family Vlog YouTube Channels

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One of the bored users stated, “Hopefully, those family channels on Youtube.”

Another supported the statement, “Ryan’s Toys is the well-known one. It’s where the parents exploit their children by making them do product placement will all these toys for youtube. But you don’t see actual familial interaction; it’s all a plasticky gimmick.

While one of the frustrated parents added,” My kid watches A for Adley and Rebecca Zamolo. Decorate your houses! It’s too {darn} loud. Hate the {darn} echo.”

Someone else agreed to say, “No, mainly the ones where they are yelling in public for no real reason and are making simple things so needlessly complex.”

It appears that many parents are feeling stressed by the loud voices of these Youtube channels.

Social Media Algorithm

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One Redditor appealed, “Please god…social media algorithms that encourage repeat use (and other such “addiction engineering.”

Someone else agreed and said, “Probably start with how social media produces dopamine. Next, look at what bad spikes are (repeated and short). Then go to tik tok, short repeated dopamine hits destroy your internal system.”

A woman added, “I hope addiction engineering becomes a crime.”

One more person said. “They did a documentary about it called the social dilemma. Basically, they put a guy who has a Ph.D. in Psychology and sit him in a room with a software engineer/developer and we figure out how to make the software/program as manipulative as possible.

An example is getting an email that you were tagged in a photo to manipulate you to log in to see the photo instead of just emailing you the photo.”

Social media use can be overwhelming! Do you share the same thought as well?


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One Redditor answered the question posted above, “Privacy. Currently, it has some very limited protections. Would not surprise me if in the future corporations manage to make it actually illegal to try to hide your information from their exploitation.”

One of the users agreed with it and stated, “This is probably the best one stated here, and even if it is not made illegal, it might be practically impossible to engage in anything unless you give all the personal info they want.”

Are you comfortable giving your personal information?

Child Marriage

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One user commented, “Child marriage.”

Another user further added, “Depends on the state, a surprising number of states allow 16-year-Olds to get married with parental consent.”

Someone else said, “Sadly, some cultures don’t share the same ideals.

Kids get traded for money, land, animals, and houses in some countries.

The sad but harsh reality of this cruel world!


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A Redditor appealed, “Telemarketing. God, please ban telemarketing.”

Someone else supported his comment. “It’ll never get banned, but almost certainly the technology to ensure that telemarketing never reaches anyone who doesn’t want it will happen.

Already my phone (a Pixel) can determine that a phone call is likely suspicious and have an AI pick up and ask what the reason for the call is. 99% of spam calls I receive just end right there without me even picking up the phone.”

One more user shared his thoughts, “Legitimate call centers have a set of numbers they own which they switch between based off the area code of who they’re calling as well.”

Telemarketing does get annoying. What’s your perspective on this subject?

Subscription Services

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A Redditor shared his story, “Subscription services for certain product features. It’s ridiculous that one requires a sub-service to use the key fob for his/her car.”

The other one stated, “My LC500 had this, what a crock of s***. Got it all done aftermarket. I’m not paying Lexus a subscription fee to remotely start my car.”

Someone else added, “BMW excels at this kind of {junk}. Up until 4 years, they had plans to charge a yearly quota to use CarPlay. They had to abruptly change their plans when they found out that no other manufacturer was tagging along.”

And one more user said, “This {stuff} is why right to repair stuff is so important.”

Bright Blue Neon Headlights

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A frustrated user commented, “Bright blue neon headlights (and good riddance).”

One of them said, “I desperately hope this becomes illegal. And enforced. I’m sure they’re great for the person driving, but less great for the other side. I’m completely blind when a line of those zooms by. And then I get all angry and it becomes a whole thing.”

The brightness of those lights could seriously disrupt the concentration of a driver traveling in the opposite direction, causing annoyance and making it difficult for them to focus on the road.


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One of the Redditors suggested, “Smoking, although it provides the government with a lot of tax so probably not.”

Another added, “Prohibition doesn’t work, it never has and never will. Didn’t work for alcohol, and hasn’t worked for drugs. It’s not going to work for cigarettes. The only thing prohibition is actually good for is making criminal organizations like the mafia and drug cartels rich and powerful. The best way forward is to legalize, tax, and regulate.”

One of the non-smokers said, “Should be banned in public, at least.”

Considering the drawbacks of smoking, especially for non-smokers, it should be limited or possibly prohibited globally.

Reheating Seafood in the Microwave

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Some users offered a tongue-in-cheek approach to the serious topic.

A seafood lover shared his opinion on this thread, “Reheating fish in the microwave.”

Another user agreed and stated, “That is pure evil!”

One more shared an incident, “I once forgot to defrost salmon for dinner. I microwave-defrosted it. If I’m caught in the same situation in the future, I’ll starve, it would be a more pleasurable experience.”

Ewww! Doesn’t the taste of microwaved seafood served to you disgust you?


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A recently retired officer sighed, “Retirement.”

Another Redditor supported the above statement, “Retirement is more of a financial state than an age these days.”

Someone else commented, “Your pension plan will be some suicide pills in the mail.”

Retirement may be an inevitable part of life, but it’s a bittersweet pill to swallow. It can be a heartwrenching experience for those who have dedicated their entire lives to working tirelessly.


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The agony of witnessing the pain and suffering endured by homeless individuals is truly unbearable.

It’s difficult to fathom just how miserable their daily existence must be.

One user shared his view in this regard, “Being homeless!

Even though it’s obviously not their choice (it’s practically illegal now tho unless you’re in a shelter, but those come with so many issues of their own).”

The other person commented, “It has to become illegal because otherwise more and more people will start to do it voluntarily to escape ever-increasing rents, and we can’t allow that!”

Someone else said, “People do let children be homeless. One of my good friends was homeless living on the street at age 10.”

One more Redditor shed light on it, “Had a friend who for 16 yrs before knowing me was in and out of homelessness. Needless to say, shelters sound good on paper til you hear about Crazy Suzie trying to cut someone so she can take their shoes… People are not kind to each other, period.”

Homelessness, indeed, isn’t a pleasant experience for anyone. We can hope that it becomes illegal to live on a street and we will have better alternatives one day!

Death Penalty

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One of the Reddit users suggested, “The death penalty….

I don’t have a stance on it, but I could see that happening.”

The other person replied, “Slowly getting there. More than half (27) of the states have abolished it officially; 9 states still have it on the books but have an official or unofficial moratorium on executions; 9 still have it on the books but haven’t executed anyone for the past 10 years.”

Another commented, “You should have a stance on it; it’s not a complicated question. If you value freedom or efficiency, there are more free and cheaper options.

The death penalty is one of those ‘very simply immoral’ situations.”

Do you agree or not?


Scared screaming woman
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Doxing violates privacy and can have serious consequences for the victim, including identity theft, stalking, and physical harm.

It’s typically done with malicious intent and can be used to harass or threaten the victim.

Users of Reddit strongly condemn this act which is clearly seen through their comments.

One Reddit user said, “Sounds like h*** on earth!”

Another person added, “I wish it was..then people would think twice before leaking or..doxing people’s address and using it as a weapon to make them do as they please..it’s really disturbing that if you get on someone’s bad side enough that can easily find out where you live and share that information with others that could potentially harm you or others that are in the same address as you.”


Child Beauty Pageants

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While some people believe that child beauty pageants can help boost a child’s self-confidence & promote their talent, others argue that they are harmful to children’s physical and emotional well-being.

Let’s head on to Reddit users’ opinions on this.

One of the Redditors said, “The people that attend and put those things on are the creepiest f***** on earth and should not be allowed within 1000 feet of an elementary school, yet they’re allowed to groom kids for their own sick entertainment.”

Another man stated, “All child acting. So many have such horror stories from their parents s****** to destroy their childhood. Just so we can be entertained.”

Children should never be a part of such a rat race but instead, be exposed to better things that help their mental growth. What’s your stance on this situation?


Fireworks over the river
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While fireworks are broadly used to enhance the visual appeal of an event, they also pose significant risks to public health and safety.

There’s a possibility of fire-related accidents, injuries, and even deaths.

Some Redditors highly oppose the use of fireworks.

One said, “It’ll probably be illegal for civilians to buy fireworks in the US within the next 20 years. With how wildfires continue to be devastating each year as well as how often accidents involving fireworks occur.”

Another one stated, “Keep dreaming. I’m still waiting for the Last Week Tonight episode where John Oliver covers the fireworks monopoly and its insidious congressional lobby that is secretly behind all the wildfires.”

That said, one more Redditor added, “I hope so. I hate fireworks. They’re loud, smoky and they leave such a mess the next morning.”


person hacking a computer
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VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure connection between your device and the internet. It is commonly used to protect users’ online privacy as they encrypt the internet traffic that goes through them.

Redditors have already emphasized banning VPNs.

One of them said, “You’re just introducing the chance of f*****y by the VPN company. There’s no point using TOR and a VPN.”

Another user stated, “I think that this is only obvious to those of us that work in white-collar professions – but as an IT professional, yes, VPNs are too important to the modern security paradigm to take away.”

What’s your stance on using VPN?

Cars With Combustion Engines

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Toxicity levels escalate with such vehicles, contributing to air pollution.

Someone on Reddit mentioned, “Cars with combustion engines. I can totally see the production of new ones being illegal in 20 years.”

Another person stated, “The UK has already pledged to make the sale of new non-hybrid petrol and diesel vehicles illegal from 2030 and hybrids from 2035. Good luck to them I say, the infrastructure is nowhere near ready to support everyone owning electricity and PHEVs.”

One more user added, “Hopefully, we’ll just switch to hydrogen combustion.”

Fuel combustion has a drastic effect on our environment. We hope cars with combustion engines become dinosaurs for the next generations.


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We hope this list has made you aware of some of our society’s legal elements that people do not like.

Taking individual steps to eliminate them from our society may help us grow into a strong and well-built generation.

These elements might help you understand why some legal actions are a cause of societal problems, and banning them is an easy solution.

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