10 Money-Saving Tricks You’ll Kick Yourself for Not Trying Sooner

Being frugal means learning great tips, tricks, and hacks to save money! Here are some awesome money-saving tips that people learned just by trying to be frugal and save some cash. Here are some of the best money-saving tips!

What are the best money-saving tips people have learned by being frugal? After a recent internet poll, here are the top-voted frugality tips for saving money.

1. Buy Second Hand

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“If I can wash it, I’ll buy almost anything secondhand. It’s my go-to for clothes, furniture, crockery, cutlery, linen, décor, and, sometimes, appliances and gifts. Only underwear and swimwear are exempt from my secondhand habit,” one confessed.

2. Timing Matters

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Another said, “Depending on your climate and lifestyle, you may be able to wash clothes in cold water or line dry them rather than using the dryer. It’s also cheaper to run electrical appliances, like washing machines, dryers, or dishwashers, at night because it is an off-peak time.”

3. Keep a Routine

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“Having a routine helps with staying frugal. For example, if I know I’m generally at home, seeing friends, buying groceries, exercising or whatever at a particular time on a specific day, my stress is lower, and I’m less likely to buy on impulse,” one stated.

4. Dispose of the Disposable

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“Eliminate disposables and switch to reusables for as many things as possible. It’s amazing how much money you can spend on things you throw away,” one explained. “I use reusable dishcloths, cloth napkins, dryer balls, water bottles, rags, real plates and forks, reusable zip lock bags and containers, and dusters.”

5. Keep It Until It Breaks

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“Only replace something that is broken and no longer continues to function for the purpose intended, to a degree, of course. Also, always attempt to fix before replacing if possible,” one replied. Another added, “With YouTube, there’s almost no reason not to try to repair the smaller things.”

6. Start From Scratch

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One user noted, “Making things from scratch is often cheaper and healthier than pre-made food. Soups, rice, lentils, beans, and pasta are some of the best ways to stretch food further. Creativity and a few good spices can go a long way.”

7. Difference Between Want and Need

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“Learning between a want and a need. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t make it a need. For things around the house, I will buy a cheaper version and use it until I save up for the version that will last a lifetime, like a Kitchen Aid mixer,” answered another.

8. Choose the Cheaper Route When Possible

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Someone suggested, “Any household items you can stand slumming it with… buy at Dollar Tree. Of course, they cost $1.25 now, but it’s still a great deal. Examples: Windex, hand soap, liquid plumber, hand sanitizer, wipes, toothpaste, etc.”

9. Don’t Just Buy the Sale

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“Buy what you use and use what you buy. I have a cousin who tends to buy groceries just because an item is on sale, then tries it and realizes she or her kids hates it,” shared one.

“With her doing this, she has several things in her fridge, freezer, or pantry, taking up space that no one will use. She has wasted money and space on an item she thought was a good buy because it was on sale.”

10. Download the Apps

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Technology has come a long way and now offers us many ways to save money. Use this to your money-saving advantage. For example, some apps save you on gas, groceries, and travel, and even can earn you a bit of extra rainy day money,” a final user commented.


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