20 Things We Thought Were Awesome As Kids but Actually Are Pretty Terrible Now

As children, we experienced many things that seemed magical and exciting. However, as we grow up, we realize that some of those things aren’t as great as we remember them to be. They are just not as fun as adults.

Pretty Awesome as a Kid

Beautiful male kid play on swing in a park
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A Redditor posed this question “What was f***** awesome as a kid, but sucks as an adult?” The question received lots of interesting, fun and nostalgic comments.

Let’s explore 20 things that were awesome as a kid but suck as an adult. From food to entertainment, we’ll take a look at how our taste changes as we age. So, get ready for a trip down memory lane!

Snow Days

Little girl catching snow flakes
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A Redditor reminisced about the joys, “As a kid, it’s just snowball fights and days off of school.” As an adult, it’s shoveling your car out and having to drag yourself to work regardless of the weather.”

Another person commented: “I still like to see it snow, but as a kid you got a snow day. As an adult you gotta clean the cars, shovel it, drive in it, throw down salt. Snow as an adult is a part time job.”

Do you still enjoy snow days, or have they become a hassle for you?

Amusement and Water Parks

three kids laying on grass in park, smiling and wearing sunglasses
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One Reddit user shared their experience, “I used to have a blast with my siblings and friends. Now I just think about all the pee in the water, the long lines, and all the screaming kids.”

Another user added, “Going to a water park or amusement park. Both sound like a nightmare as an adult.”

Kids enjoy amusement and water parks, but they can be overwhelming and tiring for adults who prefer a more relaxed form of entertainment.

What do you think? Do you enjoy going to these types of parks as an adult?

Playing in the Rain

Shocked executive reading breaking news on a rainy day
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One user recalled childhood rainy days, “When it rains I see kids completely drenched having the time of their life jumping in puddles of water and think about how I was just like them when I was a kid…. now rain is just an inconvenience.”

Another person shared how stressful it can be, “Riding in a car while it’s raining. Stresses me out as an adult, but put me to sleep as a kid.”

Some adults may find the sound of rain to be calming and soothing, while others like the Reddit user mentioned, may find it to be stressful.

Eating Junk Food

hand with M&M's
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A Redditor misses eating junk food, “My stomach just doesn’t handle it the same way anymore. And most of the time I’d rather just eat a balanced meal.”

Another user added: “I used to eat candy and junk food all day every day. Now a little bit of candy makes me feel TERRIBLE.”

As we get older, we realize that junk food isn’t good for our health and we should try to eat less of it for a healthier diet.

Did you have a favorite junk food as a kid? Do you still enjoy it now, or have your taste buds changed over time?

Jumping on a Trampoline

five kids inside a tube playing cheap indoor activities for kids
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A Reddit user said, “I used to love it but now if I try it I can actually feel my brain bouncing around in my head.”

Some else shared a hilarious trampoline incident, “I’m 33. Got a trampoline for the kids a few months ago. Said let me show you youngens how it’s done. Did a front flip. My hat, my glasses, everything flew off. And the spin was a thousand times faster than I remembered. They clapped. I didn’t know what happened or how I landed it. Jumped for 15 more minutes. Could barely walk for two days after.”

Summer Break

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One Redditor shared, “It used to mean a break from responsibility and fun outdoors, now it’s just hot on the job and I have to work all day anyway.”

Another user who misses summer game nights commented, “Had a rough situation at home, so summer break in school was so awesome. My best friend’s parents would let me stay over and me and my best friends would play games till the sun up. Miss those days. Life comes way too fast.”

What about you? Do you still look forward to the season or has it lost its magic?

It’s interesting to see how our experiences and responsibilities shift as we go through life and how something that was once a highlight can become just another part of the routine.

Staying Up Late

Children sleeping under colorful blanket
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A user shared his experience, “Super cool and fun as a kid because it seems so forbidden. As an adult, I just want to sleep and not wake up miserable and/or in pain the next morning.”

Another person who loved being a rebellious kid said, “As a kid, it was fun and rebellious, didn’t affect me as much the next day. As an adult, if I stay up past midnight I need 3 nights of good sleep to recover.”

What are your thoughts on staying up late as a kid versus as an adult?

Playing Video Games

Young man playing video games
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belchonock via DepositPhotos.com.

One Reddit user shared, “I used to love playing video games, sadly I don’t anymore now that I’m older.”

Another one said, “Used to have such a blast playing video games from the time I’d get home to the time I’d sleep. Now more than 2 hours and I’m like “oh god where’d my night go” and “Gah I’m so tired of staring at a screen.”

A third user commented, “As a kid it felt amazing and as an adult I feel like I could have gotten a ton of other stuff done instead.”

As we grow older, our love for video games can fade. While some may still be addicted, others consider it a waste of time. It’s interesting how our perception changes with age.

Watching Cartoons

Young businessman with toy paper wings
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A Redditor shared, “I used to love waking up and watching cartoons on the weekend. Now I watch them with my 4 year old and I just do not enjoy them. I make sure I have cleaning or something to do while she watches bc I just can’t get into it.”

Another one commented on the shift, “Lots of cartoons had me going “I can’t believe I used to watch this”.

Have you experienced a similar shift in your interests?

Riding Bikes

quirky woman riding on a bike with a basket
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One user shared his riding experience, “Riding bikes for 10+ hours on adventures all over the city with friends everyday for a week straight . At 49, we’d all need a week to recover lol.”

Another one sadly added, “I used to love riding around the streets for hours. Now at 59 (tomorrow!) just 10 minutes on my bike, and my bad back, bad knee and arthritis make it {bad}.”

As our bodies change, the activities we once enjoyed may no longer be as easy or comfortable. What activities have you found more challenging as you’ve grown older?

Going to Parties

boy at birthday party
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A user commented, “Going out hanging out with friends was one of the best thing as a kid but now when I have freedom to do anything I just want to lay on my bed and avoid parties and meaningless hangouts.”

Another one added, “I stayed up until 12:30am last Saturday because I was over at my neighbors and lost track of time. I woke up the next morning and was EXHAUSTED the whole day! I’m my early 20s…2am was when the after parties started.”

It’s interesting to see how our social preferences and stamina change over time.

Climbing Trees

trail in forest surrounded with trees that have colorful fall leaves
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One Redditor shared their love for climbing trees, “You might fall and hurt yourself, but it was fun.”

Similarly, another user stated, “I used to love it and do it all the time but now I’m just afraid of getting hurt and how high the trees are now, just wish I could get back up there.”

A third person elaborated on their love for heights, “Climbing trees, fences and buildings. Loved it as a kid, hate it as I’m older.”

What childhood activity did you used to love but now avoid?

Playing Sports

smiling girl in ball pit
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One user expressed, “In pain for a week after weekend activity,” while another commented, “It’s still fun, but the recovery is 10x worse.”

For some, playing sports is a passion that never fades. But as we grow older, the aches and pains can be more than just a day or two.


Three Young Girls Lying On A Bed In Their Pajamas
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A Redditor shared, “Sleeping over at other people’s houses. I just want to be in my own bed.”

Another user explained, “When I was a child sleepovers were just freaking awesome. Now as an adult I can’t sleep unless it’s my bed, with my blanket and my pillows on it.”

It’s interesting how our comfort zones change as we age.

Grocery Shopping

mother and daughter choosing bell peppers at grocery store
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A person commented, “I LOVED grocery shopping as a kid. It meant I got to pick my own snacks and everything. Now I don’t want to leave the house any more than I have to, even for food.”

Another one shared, “I used to just lobe things into the cart but now I’m looking at prices and not just thinking I can live off lunchables.”

As a child, grocery shopping was exciting, but now as an adult, leaving the house for even food can be daunting.

Sick Days

Passenger woman being car sick
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A Redditor commented on the experience of being sick, “As a child it meant getting to stay home from school and play video games, as an adult it means still fulfilling your responsibilities but just feeling like {bad} while doing it.”

On the other hand, someone else added, “Being sick and getting to stay home. All I can think of is the lost income.”

Swinging on Swings

Beautiful male kid play on swing in a park
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One person shared their love for swings, “Loved them as a kid and my kid loves them. But they make me feel nauseous within seconds now.”

Another one explained, “Swings used to be so much fun now they are absolutely nauseating.”

Do you share the same sentiment or have you managed to keep your love for swings from childhood?

Playing with Toys

Top view of colorful magnetic building blocks on yellow background
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A Redittor commented, “My stuffed animal collection is largely the same from when I was a kid but the magic is gone.”

Another user added, “Sitting on the floor and playing with toys. I know now, that if I get down there, it’s gonna hurt while I’m there, and it’s gonna suck to get up.”

Do you still have any childhood possessions or toys that bring back those magical memories?

Road Trips and Family Vacations

Portrait of Happy Family In Park
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One person shared their love for road trips, “Road trips are still awesome if you’re not the one driving.”

Another Redditor commented, “Road trips were great when you could just sleep/play gameboy/look at scenery instead of being the driver for hours and hours and paying for everything.”

Getting Mail

Child with glasses reading book
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A Redditor reminisced about receiving mail, “Used to be fun things in the mail, now it’s all bills and junk.”

Another one shared, “Getting letters is still awesome, general mail sucks.”

Do you agree, or do you love receiving all types of mail?

Childhood Memories

Beautiful male kid play on swing in a park
Image Credit: info.zonecreative.it via DepositPhotos.com.

To sum it up, while childhood memories can be cherished, our perspectives and tastes change as we grow older. It’s interesting to reflect on how our experiences and responsibilities shape our enjoyment of things we once loved.

So let’s cherish our memories, embrace new experiences, and keep on growing!

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