20 Things That Boomers Love That Are Really Hard for Us To Understand

There is a ton of stuff old people do that the younger generation doesn’t seem to wrap their heads around. However, it is a pattern, and everyone who gets old ends up doing the same things they couldn’t understand when they were young.

A Reddit user posed this question, which received some pretty interesting responses. Here are the top 20 things that you might not understand right now, but umm.. who knows, you might end up loving them when you get old!

1. Being the First One to Break the News of Death to Others

old man open mouth staring
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It might sound strange but old people really want you to hear the news of a close one’s death from them for the first time. They tend to place heavy emphasis on it.

One of the Redditors found their old clients doing the same, “Over the years, I’ve found they LOVE to be the first one to tell me one of the neighbors has died. To the point where if I say, ‘yeah, Thelma already let me know,’ they look genuinely disappointed and annoyed that they weren’t the one to break the news to me.”

2. Chatting Aimlessly for Hours

Two Shocked Senior Ladies and their Angry Friend
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Old people love to chill and sit out with their fellow oldies any time of the day. Many Redditors can relate to it as they tell their own experiences, “In my country (Brazil), old people sit in front of their houses and do absolutely nothing for hours, just watching people and cars go by. This is more common for lower social class; for instance, my grandma and her friends gather every day at someone’s door and sit there until the night comes (they are retired).”

And another says, “I live in a very rural part of America, and old people do the same thing here. Old men will sit in front of their houses, drinking beer and waving at cars that go by. It seems really nice, actually.”

Do you know any old person who could go on and on telling stories?

3. Liking Classical Music

Senior bearded man making selfie with mobile phone while listening to his favorite playlist with headphones,
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Having a craze for trendy, latest music is something older people don’t seem to care for; they love the traditional tunes and rhythms enough not to care about anything new and upcoming in music.

A Redditor recalls from their experience that “There is this weird type of traditional Vietnamese music my parents said that only old people like and they could not stand it either. A decade later, and apparently, they enjoy it. I await my turn in fear.”

We guess liking old traditional music kinda brings back a lot of memories and takes you back to those good old days. What’s your take on this?

4. Watching the News

shocked woman watching tv by husband with remote control
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They like to stay updated about everything that is going on in the world. They are obsessed with the news channels, and you would often find them glued to the news as compared to your own Netflix shows.

A fellow Redditor recalls a similar experience, “My wife’s grandmother was in long-term memory care for several years before her death. Towards the end, she didn’t know what day it was or if it was morning or evening, but she watched CNN 24 hours a day and would lose her {mind} if somebody changed the channel because she wanted “to know what was going on.”

5. Over-Sharing Information

Skeptical brunette woman looking at camera
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If they are going through something, they will make sure that everyone in the house knows it too. They do not care about how it might be perceived and whether it is welcomed or not.

Many Redditors have found old people doing this. One narrates their own experience, “Telling anyone who will listen about their various ailments. Look, I’m 57, so I’m ancient by Reddit standards. But I vowed early on that I would not become one of these over-sharing old people.”

Another oldie Redditor replied, “I’m in my 70’s. When new aches or pains pop up every month or two, you’re not going to immediately run to a doctor every single time. So you’ll want to share this information to gauge how serious it is, find out how other people have dealt with that ache or pain, and share your own discoveries with others. Seriously, check back with me in thirty years and let me know if you’ve actually avoided doing this.”

6. Silverware

A close-up shot of silverware eating utensils on a plate.
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While the young ones have an obsession with Pokémon collectibles, older people tend to collect silverware. They love it, treat it as a heirloom and feel proud about it.

Redditors believe the same; one shared their experience saying, “Fine china and silverware. It’s pretty in the way anything made in bulk can be; it’s expensive, has very little resale value, fragile as ****, and virtually useless unless you’re trying to impress another old person.”

7. Ranting About Random Stuff Online

Man in living room with laptop
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Honestly, we all want to do it, but we don’t have the guts. The old people tend not to care at all and rant away, as this one Redditor points out, “So our town (less than 3000 people) has a Facebook page where everyone is supposed to ask for assistance or find out when the next big trash day is. Instead, 90% of it is old people and Karen’s and Ken’s {complaining} about kids roaming the streets and the current political climate. Like, half the people in town are banned, which I find hilarious.”

8. Gambling

Senior grey-haired man wearing suit holding dollars and using smartphone
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Gambling is associated with risks, and risks are associated with being young, but here the case is the opposite of it. Older people find themselves enjoying slot machines way more than you, a fellow Redditor narrates, “All the casino ads make it look like you’ll be gambling in Monaco with a bouncy, joyful group of young people – then you go in, and it’s endless rows of blank-faced olds jamming on those buttons.”

9. Over-working

Mean Boss in Office
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The older generations indeed set some toxic work cultures around the world, and over-working is a part of it. Older people tend to glamourize overworking and keep doing it without finding it problematic.

A Redditor recalls similar incidents about their mom, “This is 100% true. My mom did this at a minimum-wage job the entire time I was growing up. She would go in at least an hour early, if not more, not clock in, and just start working because she was asked to. Then she would clock out and work afterward.”

Another one chimes in support, “Yes, it’s the truth. We overwork, thinking it’s a good thing. I did for 20 and didn’t change anything. I am glad the new generation is changing that.”

This really is something that we may never understand. Sure, overworking helps you keep yourself busy, but sometimes it gets so bizarre.

10. Asking People About Their Timelines

Older serious middle aged dad man wearing a cardigan looking down his nose over his glasses making eye contact directly at camera.
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It sometimes gets on people’s nerves when older people keep bugging them with their endless questions about timelines and plans. It is true; they love doing it.

Many Redditors can agree with it, “I’m 27, and it’s incessant from my grandparents and mother.”, “My brother literally just had a kid. My mom was holding the newborn and asking him when he was going to have another.”

Well, sometimes it could be out of care and concern, but it’s 2023, and not everyone likes sharing their personal lives ad decisions with anyone.

11. Refusing To Learn Technology

Portrait of Old woman with tablet pc
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They don’t like trying out new things, with technology being the top one. They are scared, confused, and agitated when it comes to trying new features and user interfaces.

A Redditor recalls from their experience, “It’s my kryptonite. I’m in my mid-40s, and I just can’t deal with my mom’s fear of everything, including using technology because she might “click on the wrong thing.” I’ve asked her what the worst-case scenario is – maybe she gets billed for something or sent something unexpected – and reminded her I’m here to help make things right. I’ve also reminded her that she’s spent so long resisting this stuff that it gets harder to learn each day. It just doesn’t settle with her.”

Do you think it’s important for them to familiarize themselves with all the tech-related stuff?

12. Being Up to Date With the Weather

Senior Woman Resting After Exercising In Park
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Weirdly enough, they like to stay updated about the weather conditions where they live and their loved ones live. One Redditor points out, “My partner’s grandmother house sat while we were away for a trip and made sure to record the weather details for us of every day we were gone.”

Sounds a tad bit crazy but come to think of it, she did her job really well.

13. Chilling in a Recliner

Man sleeping in his lounger chair.
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Recliners are their best friends. They love to chill on their chairs and consider them to be their comfort zone. An oldie Redditor comments on this by saying, “Oh my god, just sitting down in my recliner is glorious. Younger people may think I’m nuts but I have so much stuff going on, it’s nice to just sit down and relax.”

14. Walking Around Undress in Gyms’ Locker Rooms

an empty locker room in the sports club, school, section.
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Okay, yes, this one is very strange. Also, why? It is amusing how they find comfort in walking around naked and not feeling any shame or remorse.

Redditors are confused by this, “There is a big separation between getting undressed to change or hop in the shower after a workout and just hanging out naked in there. The old guys will sit around and chat like that. One guy is always standing in front of the mirror, brushing his teeth, naked. So weird.”

15. Using Social Media on Their Own Terms

Elderly teleworker smiling and looking at laptop while working from home
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IgorVetushko via DepositPhotos.com.

They don’t want to fit in, and they make their own rules, even if it is Facebook. They will use it on their own terms, creating their own trends and being proud of it. Redditors find it hilarious, such as “Adding your own name to a comment like “great photos, love Mum and John.” I ******* know it’s you, Maureen; it shows me your name when you comment.” Another one says, “My mom LOVES to wish people Happy Birthday on Facebook her page…..without tagging them.”

16. Televangelists

NEW YORK - JUNE 25: Rev. Billy Graham gestures as he preaches at his crusade on June 25, 2005 in Flushing, New York.
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Weird obsessions but true. They are absolutely obsessed with the televangelists. One of the Redditors finds their mom doing it, “Yes! My mother is 72 and is obsessed with the “good Godly man” Joel Osteen. She flips back and forth between televangelist channels and Fox.”

17. Getting Chill With Random Babies

newborn baby smiling wearing a baby hat
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In this day and age, touching babies is not cool since it could be dangerous for the baby’s health. However, old people don’t get this, and you won’t get why they can’t keep themselves away from babies.

A Redditor explains, “My husbands’ grandma will lunge towards a baby like a hyena trying to steal from a lion. She then starts getting in the baby’s face while dancing like an idiot and trying to smooch “their puffy baby cheeks.” She doesn’t care what the parents/guardians say either and will respond with, “It’s okay; they’re laughing.” She weirds me out as an adult cause she has no view of personal space. I feel bad for those parents.”

18. Nature Traveling

Tea plantation Cameron highlands, Malaysia
Iakov via Depositphotos.com

Older people certainly don’t need the adrenaline rush while hiking. They just want to stare at the scenery and cherish each moment as an older Redditor claims, “Now that I’m old, I just like to travel to places to look at the scenery. 20-year-old me would not understand the point of that at all.”

19. Driving Slow on a Highway

angry man driving car
Image Credit: vladacanon via DepositPhotos.com.

Young people would never understand this, but old people are very cautious about their speed on the highway. They drive slowly and steadily, unlike younger, reckless drivers.

One Redditor finds it annoying as they say, “Going 35mph on the highway. Just stay off the damn highway Margaret; you’re actually making everything worse for everyone, and clearly you’re in no rush”.

20. Watching Soap Operas

Couple watching tv
Image Credit: AlexLipa via DepositPhotos.com.

They love watching soap operas, and they have a reason for it as a Redditor explains, “My mom, who is in her 70’s and retired, explained this one to me: she enjoys her daytime soaps because so little happens that she can have them on while she cleans around the house and doesn’t feel like she misses anything. Some she’s been watching so long that she says they’ve recycled the same plot half a dozen times over the past 20 years.”.


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