Success Is the Best Revenge

If revenge is on your mind for any reason, you may be wondering what to do about it. Of course, you’re above the common means of revenge, and you’re not out to cause conflict or start a fight.


So, what do you do? How do you feel better about a situation or about people without doing something deceptive, mean, or sneaky?


The answer is to be successful.


How To Use Success as the Best Revenge


Everyone’s definition of success is unique. While one person may think that success is making a lot of money, another may see success as completing a task or goal, or even reaching a certain level of achievement.


Success gives you something tangible, whether that’s a business or something else. It allows you to move forward with contentment, getting revenge simply by living your best life and accomplishing your goals.

Why Is Success the Best Revenge?

By simply becoming successful, you are proving yourself to naysayers and adversaries. It’s the perfect way to show them who you truly are and what you can accomplish without having to do anything sketchy. Instead of purposefully harming, shaming, or embarrassing someone, you merely have to work on your goals, reach them, and gain the following positive attributes as a result.

10 Reasons Why Success Is the Best Revenge


Instead of sitting and dwelling on negativity, take action to become successful. Reaching success will take care of those negative feelings and will give you the satisfaction of proving whomever wrong.


Here are 10 reasons why you should use success as a means of revenge:

Personal Fulfillment


Personal fulfillment is the feeling of having reached something you were striving for. When you reach success, you’ve made it, you’ve gotten to a level that you’ve been dreaming of. The feeling of personal fulfillment is powerful. It helps to turn you into a person of vision, of integrity, and of success.


In terms of revenge, personal fulfillment puts an end to the discouragement you had been feeling. When the other person’s words, thoughts, or actions no longer have a hold over you, you’ve had the perfect revenge.

Positive Energy


Having positive energy creates a lifestyle that is productive, motivated, and upbeat. It has the opposite effect of negative energy, which causes pessimism and produces a limited mindset. When you have positive energy, you are better able to deal with stress, especially the stress that comes with the drive towards success. You also have greater resiliency which helps you to keep going and pursuing your goals when up against challenges.


As you pursue and reach success, your positivity becomes a force to be reckoned with. At the same time, as your adversary sees your positive energy, you’ll be getting your revenge.



When you achieve your goals, you’ll increase your self-confidence. You might never step beyond your comfort zone and realize your full potential if you lack confidence. You can be the best version of yourself if you have a healthy amount of self-confidence. The greater your confidence, the more you will accomplish and succeed. The self-confidence that comes from success is a sure-fire way to get revenge.

Motivation for Improvement


Success increases motivation for further success. As you reach your goals and see the positive results of your actions, you’ll gain motivation to continue improving, growing, and being successful. This motivation and continual growth becomes a source of revenge as you continue to do more and become more.

Influence and Respect


Becoming successful will help you gain influence and respect. Other people will see what you have accomplished and look up to you as a source of encouragement and drive. When you reach goals and showcase success, people see you in a new and positive light. Even those on whom you would get revenge will likely come to respect you, which is quite a bit of revenge in and of itself.

Turning Negativity Into Positivity


The negative experience that made you want to get revenge can be flawlessly transformed into a positive experience with success. Success has the ability to change your perspective and cause you to view things in a whole new light. When you begin to view that negativity as positivity, you’re loosening the hold that the negative experience had on you. And THAT, is getting revenge.

Inner Peace


Finding inner peace is important for your overall well-being. However, when you are consumed by negativity and thoughts of vengeance, it’s almost impossible to find. Letting go of your hurt and frustrations in order to focus on reaching your goals is essential. When you let go, you’ll have an easier time reaching goals, which will lead you to inner peace.

Setting an Example


Successful people become models for success. They become leaders, mentors, and guides. As you reach your goals and become successful, you are becoming someone to be looked up to. You get to set an example of hard work, determination, and integrity. This is a great way to get revenge.


Creating Your Own Narrative

Reaching your goals means not living anyone else’s story. It means being the author and the illustrator of your life. Your narrative becomes your own, and you get to progress as you choose. This, the creation of your own narrative, is your best revenge.


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