20 Ridiculous Things People Waste Their Money On

A post that went viral on Reddit after someone wanted to know what stuff people waste money on that amaze others had very interesting responses. What do people waste money on that amazes you? Here are some of the best responses from this thread.

Designer Clothes for Kids/Babies

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Why spend so much when they will outgrow them soon? Asked one user, “Designer clothes for kids/babies when they will grow out of them within a few months. My wife works at a nursery; she has parents who do this, and she tells the nursery staff to not let the child ruin their clothes!”

Not Tracking Monthly Paid Subscriptions

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According to one user, these subscriptions can rack up to a nice figure, but some people do not seem to care, “Spotify account that you forgot you had, gym membership that you used once, etc. It’s unbelievable to me that people just aren’t aware of something they’re being billed for on a regular basis.”

Credit Card Interest

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Some people never factor in these interest rates on their credit cards “I know a bunch of people who are SO SHOCKED by their high-interest rates. They thought it was like an interest-free loan to yourself and then are surprised when making teeny payments doesn’t do anything,” said one user

Stuff People Leave in a Cinema

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One user gives real-life experience of how much people waste when they visit the cinema, “Used to work in a cinema, and it amazed me how much stuff people would leave behind once the film was over. I’m talking the vast majority of a large popcorn or large drink. Sometimes a Baskin Robbins tub would still have most of it in, melted, obviously. There would also be full unopened packs of chocolate, sweets, crisps, sometimes unopened drinks. One of the reasons people preferred working on floor rather than concessions was you’d often find stuff to eat when you were cleaning the auditoriums between performances.”

Paying For Facebook Games

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These games can quickly rack up money, according to another user, “The people who spend thousands a month on Facebook or Kongregate type games. I’m an avid video game player, but yeesh, get some value for your bucks.”

Expensive Appliances on Credit

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These appliances on credit can be quite costly in the long run “Buying expensive appliances on credit with a high-interest rate. My wife and I went out to buy a washing machine the other day – the price nearly doubled if we wanted to pay over 12 months. Don’t do that, we will just save up for a few months and buy it outright.”

Brand Name Over-the-Counter Drugs

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Counter drugs work the same way as brand name drugs, yet people always go for the brand drugs, “Advil is the same as ibuprofen. Benedryl is the same as diphenhydramine. Advil pm is just the combination of the two. Save yourself some money and buy generics. If you’re not sure what the generic is, just read the label and find the active ingredient,” said one user


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Weddings are money pits as well, says another user. “Don’t get me wrong; I think having a wedding “event” is important and sharing that with friends and family is great… But there is so much unnecessary excess that goes into it, and people feel so pressured to Pinterest the event that it loses its meaning. It ends up costing so much money that it delays other things like buying a house, traveling, kids, etc.”


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Smokers are always broke, but they find money to buy cigarettes. “The family members who are constantly broke and asking for money are the same ones who smoke two packs a day,” added another user


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One user wonders how people keep drinking frequently every week “Bars. I mean, once a week/two weeks is fine, but people that are up there several days a week, running up big tabs every night…”

New Phones

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Unless one’s phone is outdated, one user does not get why one should get a new phone every year. “I mean, I can understand if your phone is busted or outdated like you’ve got the iPhone 4 and want to upgrade to the iPhone 7. I just don’t get why people get the iPhone 7 and then immediately get the iPhone 8 a year later.”

Pet Spas

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Some people go overboard when taking care of their pets, “Our local dog grooming place offers a “blueberry facial treatment” as part of the services. My husband’s expression when he read the invoice was well worth the extra $5.”

Eating Out for Lunch for Most of the Workweek

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Eating out is expensive; as one user illustrates, “A modest bought lunch is maybe $10 but usually more like $15+ once you add on a drink and whatever else. I can literally make an entire week’s worth of lunches for two people with that.”


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Many people cannot afford basic needs, but they can afford tattoos, says another user, “I know people who can’t afford to buy their kids winter coats but get a new tattoo every couple months.”

Cable/Satellite TV

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Paying cable TV and watching just several channels is a waste of money; according to another user, “Pay >$100/mo to watch 3 shows a week. You have 150 channels, and nothing’s on.”


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Women go crazy on expensive purses, as one user notes, “Look, if you are super rich, good for you. But it seems I know women who are always broke but just HAD TO HAVE a $200 purse or something. It’s like, how many do you really need? Like I kind of get having a lot of shoes, but purses, it seems like 2 would be more than enough.”

Mega Mansions

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Buying large homes that cost a fortune to heat is counterproductive; according to another user, “OK, so you drop $500k on an obscenely large house that costs a fortune to heat, and now you need to waste gas driving an hour to work, half an hour to the store, and your kids can’t even walk or bike to school. It’s gross.”

Beauty Treatments

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These occasional treatments are expensive in the long run “Hair, makeup, tan, nails…I know women who do this multiple times per week, spending hundreds per month. I’m a woman, but I just can’t even imagine spending that amount of money on my appearance,” notes one user


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Another user has a problem with a common Christian practice “Tithing, that same money could do so much more good in the hands of a legitimate charity and not tax-sheltered private corporations,” he says

Bad Toys

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If you want to buy toys for your kids, buy something that is not easily destructible, says another user. “So many toys are poor quality and will break after a couple days of kids playing them. Parents know this, and yet keep on buying crap toys when there is high quality out there. It’s not even about the savings – some of these crap toys are super expensive.”

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