14 Powerful Frugal Living Tips That Have Changed People’s Lives For The Better

Want to live frugally? Need to save some money. Here are some great ways to live frugally that we learned from one of our favorite online communities.

Someone wanted to know the life-changing frugal tips other members of the community used, and the response was overwhelming.

Here are some of the best frugal living tips in this thread.

1. Being Extremely Picky

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“Being extremely picky and scrutinizing potential purchases before buying,” one said, “I used to buy things that were not quite what I wanted, either because I thought “oh well, it’s the closest thing I can find,” or just because it was on sale and therefore a “good deal.”

2. Get Rid of Quick Online Payment Methods

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Quick payment methods can make you spend unnecessarily; according to one user, “I’ve removed all the quick payment methods from the sites I used to impulse purchase from. Having to physically pull out my card to type in the info is usually enough to talk me out of it.”

3. The 48-Hour Rule

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“I have a 48-hour rule. Anything I see and think, “I want that,” I wait at least 2 days. If I’m still thinking about it and want it, then I wait for another 24 hrs. If I STILL want it, then I get it,” added another.

4. Stop Drinking Alcohol

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Another member said, “I. Stopped. Drinking. Alcohol. Everything in life is better and more affordable.”

5. Look at Every Expenditure in Terms of Time

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“Looking at everything in terms of time. If you make $20/hr and want to buy something that is $100, it’s no longer $100 in my mind. It’s now roughly 6 and a half hours (thanks to taxes) of my life that I will never get back,” said one user.

6. Cook at Home

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“Cook at home and plan your meals with the discounts of the week. I used to waste 15$ a day at least on takeout. Now I cook and tbh it’s almost always better unless it’s something very unique. I try to only eat out on special occasions,” said another user.

7. Foster a Pet

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People who love pets can also save; according to one user, ”If you want the companionship of a pet without the price and vet bills, foster them through an org that pays for all expenses. Most local shelters have these programs and are always looking for fosters. You get to do some community service while welcoming a furry friend into your life.”

8. Get a Credit Card That Gives Cash Back

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“Get a credit card that gives cash back for purchases, charge all items each month to it that you can, and without question, pay it off COMPLETELY each month. So all the cash back with no interest charges. A great win-win” added another user.

9. Do Not Own a Car

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This tip worked for one user, “Not owning a car is probably the big one for me. It removes a source of financial & other stresses, and I’m healthier because I walk more. Honestly, avoiding car ownership entirely would have meant I’d have waaaaaay more invested/saved by now, but I’m not sure you could have convinced college me about that.”

10. Track Your Budget Daily

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Daily budget tracking has been my true game changer,” said one user, “I used to be someone who checked my accounts frequently.. so more or less tracking my spending. But tracking my budget as it pertains to my spending and adjusting as needed – that right there is the secret sauce. Doing it daily makes sure nothing slips through the cracks.”

11. Do Not Buy Outside of Your Means

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“Never buy outside of your means. That goes for vehicles or really anything else. I think of it in percentages. What percent of my income can I afford to spend without setting myself back? I always want to be seeing my bank account grow. If there is something I really want and it is outside my immediate means. I save for it over time. Never impulsively buy something, and you won’t regret it. I don’t even know what it means to financially struggle because I always have a plan and a backup plan,” advised another user.

12. Avoid Waste

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Waste costs money, according to one user, “Not wasting anything, especially food! I usually have 4/5 ramekins of leftovers in my fridge, making for a good evening snack or lunch for work. I also save any fat/oil from cooking meat products to reuse cooking other things.

If I cook a steak (flank is my favorite) after I have hard-seared the steak, I will always dump several crushed garlic cloves, some herbs, and maybe a chopped-up cheese rind into the pan with about half a stick of butter. Then I save that butter for cooking other meals; this makes for some epic flavor  in other things I cook.”

13. Buy Things Out of Season

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Taking advantage of off-season can save money; according to one user, “I know that in a few weeks, the Wally Mart will have sidewalk salt, and hand warmers dirt cheap, and I’ll buy more than enough for next winter for less than $20, I’ll put it next to the big shade tents I bought back in October for $5 each that I will be using soon. As long as it’s stuff I’ll actually use and won’t degrade over time, it really does save me a lot long term.”

14. Save Up for Large Purchases

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“Save up for large purchases instead of buying on credit,” urged another, “You want a new computer? Start putting money aside and purchase it once you have the cash. I think we’re all taught this at some point, and it’s so simple but easily forgotten. If you cannot save, then you’re probably going to have a hard time paying the CC bill, especially with the addition of 15-30% interest.”

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