15 Things People Are Too Embarrassed to Admit They Do to Save Money

Have you ever done something ridiculous to save money that you feel ashamed to talk about? A Reddit user wanted to know the extremes people have gone to save money. Here are some of the best responses from the post.

Sleep in To Eat Fewer Meals

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A user said they try to sleep more to avoid eating several times a day, “Sometimes I have sleep for dinner because I don’t have money for groceries. Or sleep in so that I have fewer meals I need to eat.”

Skip Eating for a Few Days

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Others go on a forced fasting period when things are tough. One said, “If the end of the month is approaching and I can see I’ll go over budget, I’ll skip eating for a few days.”

Another ate only twice a week, “When I was young and wanted to spend money on something, I would simply stop eating. Only eating twice a week leaves you with lots of money to do fun stuff.”

Prefer Living a Lonely Life To Going Out

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Another member has no social life, “I just never go out and do anything. I live a lonely life of video games and cats and just never spend money.”

Hate Braking Down To Save on Gas

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Another member thinks applying brakes makes them lose money because of lost kinetic energy, “Avoiding using the brake pedal because that would mean wasting the gas I burned for that kinetic energy.”

Using Public Restrooms To Save on Water and Tissue Paper

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Some people never go to the toilet at home. One user said, “Poop in public restrooms as much as possible to save water and TP.”

Living in the Car

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This is a common activity in the US. A user shows how it’s done, “Live in my car. Not proud, but not ashamed either. After you get a gym membership for the shower and get a little system going, it really ain’t that bad.”

Buy Nothing; Hate Yourself

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Another user has an unorthodox way of saving – by hating themselves and never spending anything, “I save money to a fault. Not sure if it’s a legitimate mental problem or what – (though it’s definitely not just how I was raised), but I find it very, very difficult to spend even a little bit of money, even when it’s for something I know I need (like food) and the money is just going to sit around and do nothing else.”

Use School’s Laundromats

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Why pay for laundry when your school has free laundromats, wonders one user, “I live off campus but do laundry at my school’s dorm because it’s free and laundromats are about $7 per load.”

Sneak Into Hotels To Eat Continental Breakfast

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This is not exactly legal, but it worked for one member. She said, “In college, when I was broke, I’d go to the nearest hotel in the morning and eat the continental breakfast. Most hotels would assume I was a guest.”

Avoid Doctors and Dentists

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Probably not a good idea and the member acknowledges this. Still, they cannot stop, “Avoid the doctor and dentist at all costs- I know it’s gonna bite me in the ass one day, but unless it’s TOTALLY covered by my bad insurance, I’m probably gonna avoid going.”

Scout for Free Samples

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As long as there are free samples, one member lacks for nothing, “Thirsty? There’s a tea shop around here that allows you to sample some of their tea. So I go in, have a few sips of their range of teas, look suitably interested, then walk out.

Feeling like some chocolate? There’s a place that sells gourmet food that offers free samples of their chocolate. So I walk in and take a small handful. There’s also free dips and spreads, so I might take a few nibbles if I’m peckish.”

Take Home Leftover Food

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One member and her husband hung around until the ceremony was over to carry leftover food, “My husband will hang around til the very end of company picnics and take home leftover food. It was kind of embarrassing to me, but we ate brisket and smoked chicken for a good month off of it. Came in handy when he was an entry-level engineer with a family.”

Skipping Medication

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Another bad idea that works for a member here is “I skip my medication. It’s been three months so far, but people from third-world countries don’t get anxiety meds, so I can make do.”

Smoking Other People Half-smoked Cigarettes

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Another user has a disgusting habit that helps him save money, “I smoke other people’s half-smoked cigarettes. I find them in ashtrays and on the ground in my town. I’m really not proud, but I haven’t bought a pack in like 8 months.”

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