12 Things You Can Cut From Your Shopping List Without Even Noticing

Does being frugal save you money? Someone pointed out online that simple savings, such as canceling monthly subscriptions or cutting back on coffee, could make a difference.

Other internet users chipped into this discussion and offered insights on what they did that helped them save money over time. Here are some of the best takes from this conversation.


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Some users say they saved a lot by quitting alcohol and drug abuse. One said, “I quit drinking for health reasons (mental and physical) and quickly noticed how much money I was saving. Seriously blew my mind and also put into perspective how expensive it was to destroy my body! Props to people who can have one or two and stop, but I am a textbook alcoholic and spent every extra penny on alcohol. Was definitely a pleasant surprise!”.

Another gave an exact figure of the savings, “Alcohol. I’ve saved over $1000 this year so far.

“Weed, alcohol, and cigarettes also moved into a more affordable part of town. I took part of the money I was saving and invested in myself. Personal training, acupuncture, therapy. The ROI is undeniable. I’m far more productive and happier than ever before. Plus, it’s still cheaper than the vices and living in the “cool” part of town,” another user added.

Working Remotely

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Another user said he was able to save substantially when he started working from home full-time. He says he pays less on utilities now, “My biggest savings happened when my job went fully remote. I save on gas, clothes, coffee, and food. I sold my car, so now we also pay less for insurance and maintenance. I also have the energy to work on my garden and business. It’s kind of insane how much difference it’s made in my savings account.”

Rotating Streaming Services

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Entertainment is costly, but one user found a way to save some money, “We’ve started rotating our streaming services. One month we’ll do Netflix, then the next Disney or whatever, so we’re only paying for one service per month instead of 4-5.”

Canceling Food Delivery

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According to another user, picking up the food yourself is cheaper than requesting a delivery, “Food delivery is definitely something that is a huge money sink. Uber Eats, for example, is typically 2x the price of picking up yourself (once you add a tip, markup, and Uber fees), and the restaurant is typically 3-5x the cost of making it yourself. So all in, you are looking at 6-10x the cost,” he added, “Add on to the fact that if you have to order it for delivery or pickup, it’s not going to be the freshest vs making it at home.”

Stopped Buying Things Recommended by Influencers

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Buying products recommended by influencers could be really expensive; according to another user, “Stopped buying things because they were recommended by influencers and started buying things because while doing my makeup I realized I didn’t have them and they’d be useful. Saved a TON of money. Shopping’s an expensive hobby.”

Packing Food Instead of Eating Out

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If not controlled, takeaway food can eat deep into someone’s budget. A user said they noted significant savings when they started carrying packed lunch to work, “I now pack my own sandwiches. Every time I open that baby up, I feel like I’m saving about 10 euros… I used to be fairly lazy and would buy takeaway 2-3 times a week. Then additional fees started appearing, and prices and delivery increased. So I started meal planning and prepping, and now I order takeaway maybe 3 times a month. Nice to have a treat, but I actually prefer my own food most of the time, and when it’s already made and just needs heating, it’s even easier than ordering. Saving many €100s!”

Going Digital When Collecting Video Games

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A frugal gaming enthusiast said he spent a lot of money on video games. Things changed when he went digital, “I stopped collecting videogames. I mean… I still collect the ones I love, but I don’t need to own every video game ever; I’m not holding a goddamn museum after all; that was delusional. Also leaning more and more towards digital games when before it was a no-no. When a game I like is worth 5€ digitally but 150€ in the physical version, yeah, now I’ll make do with digital.”

Baking Supplies

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A baking enthusiast spent a lot of money buying baking essentials. She saved money when she found a way around these expenses, “Vanilla extract. You’d think those little 1 oz bottles were liquid gold at the prices stores charge for them! I now make my own using cheap vodka and vanilla beans. Takes a bit of time to start up, but overall I think I’ve spent $20 per two or three quarts of the stuff rather than $6 per tiny smackerol of it.”

Red Meat and Steaks

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Who knew red meat and steaks could eat into someone’s budget that much? A user said they started saving a lot when they cut back on buying meat, “Red meat. Most decent steaks in my area are in the double-digit range, compared to chicken drumsticks which were 59 cents a pound last week,” he added, “I’ve used the increasing takeout prices as an excuse to cut back on eating out and focus more on cooking healthier things for myself. Since my grocery budget is mostly cheaper poultry and veggies now, I’ve saved a pretty penny for myself.”

Internet and Cellular Service

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Another user said they get better service at lower rates after switching their internet and cellular service providers. He said,” Switched from Starlink “Best Effort” to T-Mobile 5G hotspot. Paying $50 per month instead of $110, and getting better service,” and added, “Switched from AT&T to Mint. I pay $34 per month instead of… (checks last invoice)… $174 for two lines.”

Saving by Decluttering

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Moving out into a smaller apartment helped this user save money and declutter his life. He said, “I moved to a smaller apartment. Saved myself $800/month. Bonus was I got rid of so much “stuff” and decluttered my life. Better bonus, I have soooo much less to clean now, happy mama.”

Health Insurance

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Although I would not highly recommend this, some people found a way to save money by cutting down on what they spent on health insurance. “Health Insurance. I was spending $180 a month and getting nothing out of it. Can’t afford to go to any doctors, so it’s really only for emergencies,” said one user, “I cut down to the cheapest insurance, $7 a month, and absolutely nothing has changed. I still can’t afford to go to the doctor, and I’m still covered in case of an emergency.”

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