12 Things You Should Stop Spending Money On (If You Want to Save)

Have you ever spent money that turned out to be a big fast waste? What should you stop buying if you want to start living a more frugal lifestyle?

Modems From Internet Service Providers

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A technical Reddit user thinks people spend too much money renting out modems and routers from ISPs every month, “Renting modems/routers from ISPs. Last I checked, Comcast charged $7 a month, and I keep seeing articles about prices going up. Spend about $100-$200 on a router and modem (possibly a 2-in-1), and you can start saving a bit each month while getting much better WiFi coverage and network features.”

Any Service With a Subscription Fee and Advertisements

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Another user thinks that some companies cross boundaries as they try to make money, “Ads with a free service? Fine. They need revenue somehow. Ads with a paid service? No thanks.

Maybe it’s just a pet peeve. IMO, more consumers need to be made more aware of how influential advertisements are and what a negative impact they can have on your life. You can’t just ignore them; you have to reduce your exposure by avoiding ad-ridden content.”

Dogs and Cats From Pet Shops

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One user says spending money at a shelter would be cheaper, “Dogs and cats from pet shops. Money is better spent at a shelter where you only pay a small amount to go towards the shelter care, immunizations, neuter/spay fee, etc. Pet shops charge an insanely high amount of money for the animal, and the way they get said animals is not very moral.”

Antivirus Software

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According to one user, this is a waste of money since there are many free alternatives “Because there are free alternatives that, as far as I know, are just as good or better than commercial software. I’ve never had a problem with a virus while using free anti-viruses…”


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“Since I quit smoking, I’ve had a lot of extra money to spend on things that are actually worthwhile and won’t kill me,” observed another user

Convenience Fees

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One person does not feel obliged to pay fees for something they did not send, “I don’t want to pay for the fact that you emailed my bill to me.”

Lottery Tickets

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A user puts it bluntly that lottery tickets “They’re very inexpensive daydream enhancers.”

Cable TV

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One person wonders why anyone would pay for what is now a dying business, “That’s obvious. Ever since Netflix came to Canada in 2010, I never had Cable. The world has changed so much in 5 years; all Television stations are now switching to digital. Cable companies are a dying business – but it still surprises me to see people pay $100 a month for that nonsense.”

Credit Cards

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According to this user, the interest rates are not worth it, “It’s gotten a lot better since the recession, but I still see people use credit cards as if they had infinite money. My opinion is that if you don’t have the money to buy it, you shouldn’t buy it. To me, the only reasonable excuse to own one is for emergencies.”

Fast Food

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One user is infuriated at how people spend money and complain about being overweight, “Go to the grocery store, buy a ready-made sandwich, an apple, and some water, and then shut up about your weight and/or money problems.”

Bottled Water

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Many people on this thread do not see the value of buying bottled water. One user said, “You’re spending money on one of the most plentiful resources in the world just to get it in a container that’s probably poisoning you.”

Apple Products

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Another thinks that these products are overrated and expensive, “Exclusive, overpriced, and underpowered. If you want an iPhone, get a Nexus. Nicer, cheaper, and I vastly prefer Android. If you want a Mac just build a hackintosh for triple the power for the same price.”

Processed Foods and Microwave Meals

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“Food that is processed. Rather than buying ingredients and cooking yourself, which can be both cheaper and healthier,” says one user

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