13 Money-Saving Tips That Are More Trouble Than They’re Worth

Some tips help save money, while others are not worth it.  Someone wanted to know what tips to save money people had that were not worth the hustle. According to the OP, it does not make sense that people drive out of their way to save 50 cents in gas.

The internet did not disappoint, and people gave what they thought was just not worth it.  Here are some of the best responses.

1. Being Miserable To Save Money

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A user notes that “You can’t buy back time. You can’t buy back the joy you missed out on. Balancing saving with enjoying life is critical to your mental health and well-being for the long run.”

2. Low Balling Other People

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“If I find a good deal, I always just say I’ll take it. Countless times I’ve gone to pick stuff up, well worth what I paid… and the seller was like, “You won’t believe that people still tried to lowball me,” added another user.

3. Switching off the Fridge and Causing Food Wastage

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One user said, “Switching off your electricity when going away for a week and accidentally switching off the fridge as well and causing $400 in food wastage.”

4. Cheaping Out on Certain Consumable Items Like Garbage Bags

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“Always do the math to sort out the unit cost; the cheap bags aren’t actually as low-priced as they seem; they often just have an odd low number of bags in a box. Moreover, the headache of having a garbage bag break open on the stairs of your apartment building and turning a 2-minute dumpster run into a 30-minute ordeal is definitely not worth a few pinched pennies,” noted another user.

5. Refusing To Pay for Maintenance

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One user does not like DIY stuff, “When it comes to maintenance, I’m of the mindset that I would rather pay just to know it’s done right. Unless it can be fixed with a screwdriver, a wrench, some glue/tape, or is a turn-it-off-and-back-on situation, just fix it and tell me what your time’s worth.”

6. Eating Healthy Costs More Than Fast Food

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“Always prep fresh fruits and meals. Eating healthy doesn’t mean fancy smoothies or grocery shopping only at Whole Foods Market. Not to mention how expensive fast food is nowadays, and the cost of medical bills and side effects to your health after weight gain,” said another person.

7. Looking for Coupons

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“I have a friend who loves spending so much time looking for coupons to save an extra 0.5-2, and it makes no sense to me,” another user pointed out.

8. Buying Cheap Products

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According to one user buying cheap products only leads to wastage, “I used to shop at the discount big box store, and within a couple of days, my fridge would be full of limp rotting produce. Now I shop at a more expensive grocery, and my fruits and veggies last an additional week or two.”

9. Spending Money on Junk Because It Is on Sale

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“Stop spending money on junk just because it’s on sale. You know those bins at the front when you walk into Canadian Tire!!” observed another person.

10. Buying an Old Car To Save Money

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One user debunks that buying an old car (particularly a Corolla) saves money in the long run, “Any car will have parts that start to wear out and need replacement if it’s this old. Rust will kill even a reliable car, and Toyotas are particularly vulnerable to rust. I’ve owned a Toyota, a Ford, and a Volkswagen, all in the 10-15 year age range, and guess what? They all cost the same amount per year in repairs. To make things worse, the reputation of Toyotas means that used prices are very high.”

11. Showering Together

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“Showering together so both of you can use the same shampoo and hot water. Temperature is never right for one person,” noted another user.

12. Parking Free and Walking Further To Avoid Paying For Parking

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One user used to do this but changed, “I used to do this when I was a student, but now I’m like screw that, I will park in the parking garage next to the building I am going in instead of circling the streets to find something free and walking half a km.”

13. Not Buying a Coffee

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One user points out, “If you’re lower on the earning scale, maybe it’s reasonable advice, but comparing about $1000 per year grabbing it when you want one to $250 buying your own beans/cream/sugar and the time to make it, it’s not that big of a difference.”

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