10 Craziest Things People Watched Non-Frugal People Use Once and Throw Away

Rich people live differently than poor people, and frugal people live differently than non-frugal people.

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen a non-frugal person use once and throw away?

A popular online frugal forum answered this, and some confessions are shocking.

1. Leftovers

Someone explained that her friend’s in-laws immediately threw away the leftover pot roast after dinner. So it was two pounds of delicious roast they tossed because “they don’t eat leftovers. The next day, they bought shredded BBQ beef at the grocery deli.

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2. Natural Gas Furnace

Somebody reported seeing someone throw away a several thousand dollars, brand new natural gas furnace you use to heat an entire house! Then, they elaborated that the company only used it once for advertising photos and then tossed it out. Finally, they noted an employee rescued it and sold it to me for 0.

3. REI Camping Gear

REI camping gear, including a tent, sleeping bag, and pad! One man confessed he and his partner did a 400-mile bike ride fundraiser, carrying the camping gear overnight from spot to spot. However, after only the first night, she said, “screw this,” and walked away, leaving it all behind.

4. Nice Set of Pots and Pans

Someone’s roommate’s mother sent them a new set of pots and pans. However, they weren’t the exact size of the burners on their stove, so he watched him throw the entire collection into the dumpster.

5. Christmas Tree and Decorations

Somebody out there buys a new artificial Christmas tree and decorations every year and then tosses them out, and he is on Social Security. Many people in the thread agreed this was maddening before one suggested it may be a mental illness.

6. Coins

Oof. Someone explained there was a status symbol with their fellow high school peers to throw their change in the garbage cans or down the hallway after buying food from their lunch canteen. They would only “pocket the notes.” Additionally, they mocked the ‘poor’ classmates who picked up the coins.

7. Full Cans of Expensive Sealers, Stains, and Paints

One man shared that he lives outside the city limits and takes his household trash and recyclables to the county convenience center, which they dispose of for free. Additionally, there is a shed for paint drop-off, and he has scored full cans of expensive sealers, stains, and paints, noting he hasn’t paid for those goods for 20+ years.

8. Thanksgiving Dinner

Okay, this one hurts. One woman witnessed her father and his wife throw away an entire Thanksgiving dinner, including a thirty-pound turkey. Several people agreed that Thanksgiving leftovers are the best part, and this admission hurt their hearts.

9. Bed Sheets

In an unbelievably infuriating story, one person shared that their coworker had a considerable inheritance. However, she still worked to receive her allowance. She casually told her coworkers that she only used a set of sheets once.


Meaning every day, she strips her bed and throws the bedding away. While they were skeptical, she was adamant. She provided images of her cupboards packed with unopened packages of brand-new sheets. WOW, and not in a good way!

10. Socks

Similarly, another knew someone who would only wear socks once and then throw them away. He discovered it doing the collegiate Habitat for Humanity week when he confessed that he doesn’t worry about washing socks because he never wears the same pair twice.


What do you think? Did this Reddit confessions list drive you mad?

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