4 Household Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier and More Convenient

Everyone is trying to exist and thrive in their day-to-day life. Certain hacks can help you save time, money, and your sanity. Everyone wants to make their life a little easier!

If you are one of the many people constantly trying to get their life under control, then you will love these life hacks that will help you optimize your life and make yourself more productive, save money, and live your best life.

Someone asked on Reddit, “What are some good household hacks that would make my life much easier and more convenient?”

These are some of the hacks that Reddiotrs shared that will make your life so much easier!

1. Set a Timer

“Whenever you are waiting for something in the kitchen…like waiting for water to boil or microwave or oven to preheat, for example…use that as a timer to clean and get a bunch of small things done. I used to stand there, waiting for my food to heat up, and now it’s like a race to organize something, and it’s really satisfying.”

This is such a great idea because if you can get things done during this time, you will have more time to do whatever you want!

2. Clean During Bathtime

“When my kids are in the bathtub, I clean. They’re little, so I need to be there to supervise, but I can clean the toilet while they play.”

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your kids in the bath at all times; otherwise, this is a great way to multitask those tedious chores. Keep a station with all the cleaning supplies you need, so you don’t feel tempted to leave the bathroom while supervising your kids.

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3. Know Where To Put It

“Never buy anything unless you know exactly where you’re going to store it. If it doesn’t have a place to “live,” it tends to become clutter. And clutter tends to lead to more clutter!

In essence, have less stuff. Trust me, it’s great! I always know where things are and what I actually have.”

This is a great rule to have! The more you have, the more you need to take care of.

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4. Hire Help

“Get a maid,” wrote one person.

While this isn’t advice for everyone for obvious reasons, hiring help and outsourcing tasks IS a great idea if you can afford it. Hiring cleaning help, getting a food subscription box, or saving time is a great idea if you can afford it.

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