10 Big Frugal Myths That Need Debunking

Are you searching for the most significant frugal myths out there? Then, look no further. After someone asked a frugal online community, “What do people swear is frugal and you just shake your head at?” Here are the top-voted responses.

1. Bundles Are Cheaper

“Bundles are cheaper.” One clarified things such as fast food bundles, cable and internet packages, and ski, amusement, and hotel packages are rarely a deal anymore. “Now all the packages do is rope you into buying more, not discount both package items.”

2. Dollar Stores

Do you mean $1.25 stores? That’s right, even the dollar stores no longer sell things for a dollar. It’s essential to be vigilant about each item. Sure, a can of tuna “only” costs $1.25, but the same can is only .77$ at Aldi.


So it’s not always what it appears to be. Additionally, many cleaners and bathroom toiletries are smaller, so it tricks you into believing you’re saving money that you’re not.

3. Buying the Larger Size

Buying the larger size isn’t always the best deal. For example, someone explained that buying two 16oz blocks of cheese at the store was cheaper than the 32oz she had in her hand.


So she swapped it out. However, when she attempted to tip off another shopper, their response in a snotty tone was, “I don’t need two…”

4. Buying Things on Sale

The myth of getting a good deal, so needing to buy it because it is on sale costs you more in the long run. For example, if you go to the mall every weekend to hit clearance racks. Instead, you waste money on items you don’t need for the sake of being “on sale.”

5. DIY Projects

The myth of doing things yourself as being a cheaper alternative hit the comment section. One joked, “The $100 I just spent on DIY supplies will save me money in the long run.” Another added the myth of growing your food being cheaper. It’s not necessarily so.

6. Fast Food Is Cheaper

While dollar menus may have helped add to the rumor, those days are long gone. Someone explained their last trip to Five Guys: “the burger was $12, fries were $9, and the drink was $3.”


Another added they could get a delicious meal at a Thai restaurant with a drink included for $10. Additionally, eating that non-nutritious food will cost you more in the long run.

7. Gardening

As mentioned above, gardening is an expensive hobby. Although several people explained it might cost a little more, the recreation is enjoyable, and the food is fresh. However, many shared that it was not for them and that the “grow your own food to save money myth” needed to be debunked.

8. Buy One, Get One Free

Buy one get one free, or BOGO sales can cost more than they’re worth. Sure, if it’s an item you use frequently and costs less, it’s a deal. However, if you’re grabbing two because it’s on sale, and don’t end up using something before it spoils, you cost yourself twice as much.

9. Low-Quality Anything

One noted that Low-quality anything costs half as much, but you must replace it ten times as often. It’s not frugal. Sometimes you have to go with what you can get but otherwise, look for quality.

10. Incognito Browsing

Finally, one questioned using incognito when browsing for flights. “It will not save you any money. You save money on flights by flying at less popular times and being flexible.” However, they suggested VPN’ing from another country may save you money.


We hope you enjoyed this Reddit discussion about frugal myths that need debunking.

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