10 Best Budgeting Tips From the Frugal Community

Budgeting is so important! The best people to get advice from are those people who are already doing it successfully.

That’s why I like to check out forums where people live frugally and share their experiences for the best advice.

While scrolling through a popular frugal living forum, I discovered the question, “What are some of your handiest budgeting tips?”

The frugal community responded by delivering this list of best budgeting practices.

1. Create a Budget

“Greatest budgeting tip is budgeting and planning. If you have Excel, use it. Look at the money you have, estimate as much as possible the money you will have, and overestimate your monthly costs,” expressed one.

“Then, line it up and calculate it all out. Finally, portion your money to sections of need.”

2. Find the Deals

“Cheap meat is also possible to obtain. Many stores have manager specials on meat that will expire soon if it isn’t bought and frozen. I have gotten a few pounds of steak for only $3,” one user confessed.


A second added, “I have also purchased a dozen fresh chicken thighs for $2.50. Take them home, portion them out, and freeze them until needed.”

3. Plan Weekly Grocery Trips

I buy all my groceries every week. It allows me to manage my budget better, and most major grocery chains have weekly sales on different items, allowing me to have variety in my weekly menu,” a third user replied.

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4. Always Shop With a List

One person noted, “Always make a list and never deviate from it when you are in the store unless there are some great going off-counter deals you can freeze, etc.).”


“When you get home, put the products that caught your eye onto the next list, and before going back, just think about whether or not you need them,” a second suggested. A third added, “It’s important to have occasional treats, so don’t feel guilty if you buy something on offer and can treat yourself out of the budget.”

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5. Don’t Overindulge With Entertainment

“Read books and find cheap hobbies. Entertainment can kill a budget quicker than anything,” suggested one. “Invest in one streaming network only. It could be useful for the thousands of titles on instant streaming, especially if you have a family. Additionally, Pluto TV and Tubi are free.”

6. Find the Free Events

“Museums often have free days, and sometimes, especially in big cities, you can find free movie screenings,” expressed one. “Entertain friends at home, and if you must go out, keep a list of all specials in your city for that day of the week.”

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7. Open Multiple Accounts

“My budgeting tip is to take this one step further: open multiple checking accounts, one to cover fixed and variable expenses,” one explained. “Then, never spend money out of the fixed expenses account; you will seldom have to worry about not having money for monthly bills.”

8. Shop Thrifty

“Shop at your local thrift store. You’ll find what you’re searching for if you put in the time and effort. I see many like-new condition clothing (some still have tags), including professional attire and loungewear,” informed another.

9. Stay Under Budget

Someone shared, “When budgeting, always over budget. For example, if you budget $100 for your food but only spend $80, you now have an extra $20 to put into savings.”


Another added, “My budget calls for $200 a month for food, but I only use all that if I go out to eat. So if I only use $20 a week, I’m averaging only $80 to $100 monthly and saving that extra $100.”

10. Invest in Better Quality Clothing

“Buy durable and quality clothes that keep their shape and can be worn a few times between washes. More durable clothes will maintain their shape and color from multiple washes,” a final user commented.


We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of the best budgeting tips the frugal community provides.


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