10 Best Frugal Laundry Tips That Aren’t Making Your Own Soap

Doing laundry is one of the most common household chores, but it could be cheaper. While many people have resorted to making their laundry detergent to cut laundry expenses, you can go even further than that!

Hundreds of people have come together to reveal their favorite frugal laundry tips that they swear by. After reading these tips, we’re sure you’ll have a newfound respect for frugal laundering – and save some money, too.

1. Avoid Excessive Washing

Here’s the dirty (no pun intended) secret about doing laundry: you’re probably washing too excessively. “I know so many people who just throw things in the laundry as soon as they take it off regardless of how long they wore it and how dirty it is,” reports one frugal housecleaner. Also, please consider only washing full loads of laundry through the machine. Anything less than a full load could be more efficient.

2. Don’t Use Fabric Softener

Contrary to popular belief, fabric softener is a waste. Think of all the money you would save by not buying fabric softeners regularly. It’s not just the money you’d be saving that’s important, either. We have it on good authority that fabric softener breaks down the fabrics in your clothes over time and is horrible for your machine.

3. Use Wool Balls in the Dryer

Add dryer sheets to your “do not use anymore” list. The benefits of wool balls are clear: they’re better for the environment since they’re reusable, better for your clothes, and you’ll save money in the long run by not purchasing so many boxes of dryer sheets.

According to one woman, they’re also for sanitizing pillows in the dryer. The only downside is the sound, of course. We hope you can block out the sound of wool balls flying around the inside of your dryer. 

4. Use Less Detergent

Face the facts: You’re probably using too much detergent. Take it from a washing machine expert: “I use 1-2 tablespoons of liquid detergent per wash, and it’s plenty, to be honest.”

The vast majority of modern washing machines dilute the detergent on its own. Therefore, if you’re filling the cap with detergent to the maximum level, you’re likely using too much. Conversely, using less detergent means spending less on each wash.

5. Fasten All Buttons and Zippers

This tip may seem like a needless chore, but it’ll prolong the life of your clothes. Remember to button up your clothes and zip up all zippers before you start your next laundry cycle. Garments with loose buttons and unzipped zipper teeth cause extra wear and tear on other clothes.

We get it, though: this tip will be the hardest to implement because nobody wants to button up their shirt buttons. We feel your pain, but do you know what will no longer feel pain? Your wallet!

6. Hang Dry Whenever Possible

Only some people have space in their homes to hang dry clothes, but this is arguably the essential frugal laundry hack because it renders your dryer moot. In addition, you’ll reduce static among your drying clothes because they won’t be subject to so much static electricity when tumbling around the dryer. So we strongly advise giving this tip a shot.

7. Wash in Cold Water Only

There are many benefits to only using cold water when washing clothes. First, cold water saves energy because you’re not using your water heater. It’s also saving you money – for the same reason. Finally, washing with cold water is as effective at cleaning clothes as hot water, especially with today’s laundry detergents. We couldn’t make that claim 20 years ago!

8. Get on a Laundry Schedule

Let us spell it out plainly: Have a consistent laundry routine and only wash full loads. By getting into the habit of only doing laundry one day of the week, you’ll be more mindful of what truly needs to be washed – and which pieces of clothing can be left to wear another day.

9. Consider Airing Out Dirty Clothes

If you want to avoid washing clothes after each wear, try airing them out instead. Many frugal people say this can help remove odors and refresh the fabric. (A little Febreze goes a long way!)

In addition, many types of clothing – like denim jeans and sweaters – can be washed less than underwear, socks, and t-shirts.

10. Invest in a Quality Washing Machine

This is one of those tips involving investing in your future, but it will pay off. A high-efficiency washing machine can save money in the long run by using less water and energy,” says one housekeeper. In 2023, countless technological advances have been made in the world of home appliances, and the modern washing machine has come a long way from the loud and inefficient machines of our childhoods.

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