10 Best Frugal Tricks To Keep the Cost of Moving Day Down

Let’s see those hands: does anybody enjoy moving? At best, it’s an inconvenience; at worst, it’s a back-breaking day of labor. While the prospect of moving is exciting, doing it is something else entirely.

Luckily, we’ve gathered plenty of tips and tricks from a frugal forum to take the sting out of the moving day by saving you serious money.

Let’s put it this way: by incorporating even a few of these moving hacks that keep your costs down, you’ll ensure the entire ordeal will go much smoother than you think!

1. Start Early

Even if your moving day is weeks away, you’ll save plenty of money by looking at what you already own and deciding whether or not you want to include them. “Start early and go through your things!” says one enthusiastic woman.

Don’t pay to move things you don’t want, need or use. It’s crazy how many little things we accumulate over even a year or two. It’s true. Doing an inventory of what you have to move may make you realize that there are some things you shouldn’t have anymore.

2. Acquire Those Boxes

According to countless people, if you’re paying for moving boxes, you’re doing it wrong. A user who moves frequently suggests you go to large stores and ask the back department workers if they have any boxes you can get. “Saved me plenty of money.” Why pay for boxes when you get them at no cost, right? It’s one of the most no-brainer moving hacks we’ve come across.

3. Sell or Donate

When you discover something that won’t be included in the move, you have options other than throwing it in the trash. “If you haven’t used it in the past year or so, then you don’t need to move it,” reveals a savvy mover. “Donating these items makes a lot more sense.”

If donating used items doesn’t interest you, don’t hesitate to sell them. If you keep in mind that nearly everything you own has value, it will be easier to part with it – and in the end, you’ll have a more-expedited move and make some money, too!

4. Use Tape Sparingly

We were surprised to find out that many people suggest skipping packing tape when moving boxes. “I went through a ton of tape last time I moved and ran out before I finished packing,” confesses one man.

He notes he should not have used tape on most boxes. Instead, he should have just done the fold thing to hold the box together. So do yourself a favor and heed this advice for serious savings – packing tape is getting expensive.

5. Have a “Day One” Box

A panicked grocery store or Target run in the middle of moving day can put a serious damper on your day. So you’d appreciate a particularly clever hack to ensure your move runs smoothly. First, make sure you have a “day one” box!

One recent mover lauds its advantages. “It got moved in my vehicle right next to the extremely fragile stuff and lockboxes,” he says. Include everything you’ll need in the first 12/24 hours, from toilet paper and shower curtain to pajamas, toiletries, and pain relievers/meds—no need to run to Target for something you don’t want to dig in boxes for urgently.

6. Use Clothes and Blankets to Wrap Fragile Items

According to many, bubble wrap is overrated. Instead, using shirts and blankets instead of bubble wrap is a favorite moving hack. You save money on bubble wrap, and you’ll spend less time packing blankets since they’ll already be packed!” We can’t argue with this logic.

7. Do Research on Moving Companies

We’ll give it to you straight: hiring a moving company will be more expensive than doing it yourself. However, if you choose this route, research – shop for the best rates; sometimes, you can save money.

One notes they used a moving service that college athletes staffed staffed. “If you live in a college town, there should be some of them. So I could sit back and ENJOY my moving day, and it wasn’t crazy expensive! I moved from a one-bedroom apartment to a townhouse for $800. Only took about 2 1/2 hours.”

8. Consider Moving Everything Yourself

If hiring movers is out of your price range, don’t worry. “Offering beer and pizza to your friends is the cheapest way to move,” one man states. “Just make sure they have a big truck.” This method may only work if you’re in your 20s. We’ve discovered it gets harder to ask friends and family to help you move the older you get.

Side Note: Some platforms like TaskRabbit allow you to hire people to do everything from loading the moving truck to mounting TVs.

9. Sell Anything That Is Easily Replaced

One trip to the post office or the UPS Store can make you realize that shipping costs are expensive. For example, shipping $100 of linens may cost as much as you paid, so be prepared to sell anything easily replaceable. A frugal user confesses, “This is a great time to purge.”

10. Put Valuables in One Bag… And Keep an Eye on It

Make sure you organize anything of high value and put it all into one bag or box ahead of your move. If it will be expensive to replace or has real sentimental value, put it in the bag. “Get your valuables and put them in one bag – do not let them leave your sight,” says one woman. If you don’t lose something, you don’t have to repurchase it; thus, it’s frugal.

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