The Top TikTok Laundry Hacks That Actually Work

TikiTok is filled with advice, tips, and tricks for doing things “fast and easy.”

In the world of cleaning on TikTok, there is a subcategory full of laundry hacks and tips that are supposed to make things easier or better than traditional laundry methods.

While those cleaning videos can be fun to watch, some aren’t always so magical when you try to do them yourself. So before you go and ruin your favorite shirt with a hack you saw on TikTok, here are the top TikTok laundry hacks that do work.

Hack 1: Using up Laundry Detergent

When you reach the bottom of your liquid detergent, you’ll find a long slow battle between you and the last bit dripping into the cup. Chixy38 found the perfect way for you to use up every last bit of detergent! Using a wrench, she detaches the pour spout making it easier to get the last bits of detergent from the container.

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Hack 2: Skip the Fabric Softener

Carolina.mccauley answered the question we were all thinking. Do you really need to use fabric softener? Her video talks about its effects on your clothes and towels. Fabric softener makes them less absorbent, and they can make the fibers of your clothes wear more easily. However, instead of avoiding fabric softener, she uses white vinegar for a better swap.

Hack 3: Skip Bleach

Pairswellwithwhine shares a tip to brighten your whites without using bleach! Swapping bleach for Dawn detergent will brighten your whites without the harsh chemicals or smells that come with bleach.

Hack 4: A New Way To Clean the Lint Trap

We all grab the wad of lint from the lint trap or use a cool scrapper we saw to get the lint remnants from the lint trap. But when was the last time you actually cleaned it? The_spin_cycle uses an easy cleaning hack to deep clean your lint trap. Just emptying your lint trap can leave it still clogged with film. Scrubbing it in the sink will help remove ALL the lint and reduce your drying time.

Hack 5: DIY Dryer Sponges

Single-use products are expensive, and we know the damage using fabric softeners in your wash can do. Homewithesther had a great idea to make your own dryer sheet swap! If you’re stuck not wanting to completely forego fabric softener, this tip was made for you! Replace your dryer sheets instead with sponges that are soaked in the softener. This will give you the same scent and all the benefits of dryer sheets in a more natural way.

Hack 6: Find Your Long-Lost Socks

Two things just seem to get up and walk away in your home: Tupperware and socks. While we don’t have a hack for your Tupperware, you can use this tip from gilandalv to help you find some of those long-lost socks! You may be shocked to find that the very place your socks have run off to wash your washing machine all along! This video is a quick one-minute guide showing you how to find those lost treasures.


You can find everything on TikTok, whether you are looking for a delicious recipe, a book recommendation, or a new way to clean something simple.

These hacks are the ones that actually work and will help you find new ways to clean that you might not have thought of already.

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