7 Frugal Living Tips That Will Make You a Better Mom

Being a mother is a hard job, especially when it comes to money. Managing all those expenses and savings is a tough job for moms. But when you also need to live frugally, then it gets even harder to deal!

Be a Frugal Mom

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It becomes tougher when you must fulfill everyone’s needs and keep a tight budget in mind. Money management can overwhelm you, but if you try to implement some of the best tips, you will find it easier to be a frugal mom.

Not every tip is good for everyone, which is why I try to share as many tips as possible on my blog. Read all the tips, try them, and keep the ones that work for you.

Most importantly, it must make sense for you and your family. Choosing which frugal measures to keep and which ones to discard is key to living an intentionally frugal life.

7 Ways To Be the Best Frugal Mom

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Today’s economy requires everyone to save money. Helping our families stretch a dollar helps us all. But living a frugal life is not only about not spending too much money.

When you live a life of simplicity, you can spend time and money on what’s important to you. The best frugal living tips are the ones that work the best for you- the ones that will help you start living frugally and make your life easier.

I want to share my favorite tips that help me be a frugal mom and hopefully help you manage your finances like a pro.

Be Money-Wise

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Yes, the first you to do need to do is change your mindset regarding money. You need to become serious about your money and your finances. It is so easy to become careless or carefree about money, and you will quickly find yourself spending all your money and not leaving anything for later.

Being money-wise is definitely a must-do thing in the first place. Have a money plan, and tally your daily earnings and expenditures to avoid unnecessary expenses from your list. YOU NEED A BUDGET. You need to stick to that budget.

Look for Coupons and Cashback

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Most of us prefer shopping online. However, while you may feel tempted to shop from the comfort of your home, ordering too much stuff too quickly can also be tempting.

Feeling guilty after every shopping can be avoided if you find discount coupon codes and cashback offers before placing an order. It can help you save a lot every time you check out your cart.

If you find yourself making too many impulse purchases, consider putting a waiting period on any purchases you buy online. Make a rule that you leave everything in your cart for at least 24 hours before clicking buy.

Shop From Thrift Stores and Garage Sales

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One of the best ways to save money as a frugal mom is to buy things second-hand. You can save money on furniture, books, clothing, and other items by shopping at thrift stores and second-hand stores.

You will find some great, gently used goods for sale at discounted prices at thrift stores or garage sales.

Never hesitate to purchase these preloved goods that are still in excellent condition and can be used without feeling cheap. Goodwill is a great place for that.

You can check out the best ways to save even more money at Goodwill here: Frugal Mom Shares Expert Tips On Saving Money At Goodwill. 

Have a Savings Account

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Whenever you save some money from your daily expenses, put it away in a jar and deposit it in your bank account whenever you can. This way, you will earn some interest on your savings and make them grow better and faster.

It is also more motivating to make small cuts in your budget to see the money actually grow. So open a good savings account and deposit any small amounts that you can.

Use Money Saving Apps

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When you want to spend your money wisely, using some of the best money-saving apps can help you save a good chunk. For example, apps like Ibotta can help you save a decent amount on your monthly grocery shopping.

Ibotta is an app that lets you earn cashback on purchases. You can use it in person at malls, big box stores, grocery stores, online at Amazon, and even on a few travel websites.

Make a Grocery Shopping List and Stick To It

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When we go unplanned grocery shopping, we tend to buy a lot of unnecessary things. As a result, we may fall into the trap of lucrative offers and end up buying things that are not necessary.

The best solution to avoid all these temptations is to make a grocery shopping list before heading to the supermarket. Sticking to your list will help you avoid all unnecessary spending.

Reduce Shopping Trips

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It is time to spend more time with your family and less time shopping.  Frequent trips to the grocery store can waste your hard-earned cash. Meal preparation is key for a frugal mom.

Plan meals that consist of leftovers, meats, and vegetables so you don’t have to go to the store every day and spend too much money. I am a big fan of cooking double recipes and putting meals in the freezer to have a quick dinner ready whenever needed.

Pick a Cheaper Brand

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If you can’t live without a specific product but don’t want to spend huge on well-known brands, go for a cheaper brand instead. You may find some of the quality products at cheaper rates.

However, you don’t need to compromise on quality when you buy a generic product that helps you save extra cash.

How To Be a Frugal Mom

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Opting for a frugal living can be overwhelming at the start. But when you implement it sensibly, it will soon become second nature. So try what works, and feel free to discard the rest. Only you know what will work for your life.

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