5 Best Thrift Stores Worth Checking Out (2023) 

Looking to spice up your wardrobe without breaking the bank? Why not try thrifting?

Thrifting has become such a popular trend recently. And why not? It’s an eco-friendly way of reusing clothing and an insanely affordable way to get unique items. Thrift stores are a treasure trove of vintage, retro, and one-of-a-kind pieces.


There is only one problem with thrifting – knowing where to start, especially with the many options out there.


To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the five best thrift stores worth checking out. So whether you’re on the hunt for a statement piece for your capsule wardrobe, looking to upgrade your wardrobe, or simply love the thrill of the hunt, this list has got you covered.


Get ready to explore the best thrift stores and see what fashion treasures you can find.


1. Poshmark

Poshmark is one of the largest thrift stores, with over 60 million members and over 100 million thrift items for sale. It is a seller and a buyers market, which means you can list your clothing for sale and still buy from others.


Poshmark has literally everything, from clothes, bags, and shoes to belts. It’s not uncommon to find designer items like a Chanel bag or vintage pieces. It is the best place to find unique and affordable clothing.


Buying on Poshmark is pretty easy. Simply browse through the listings, find what you like, and make purchases. You can communicate with sellers directly through the app and take advantage of the various features such as virtual try-ons, bundled purchases, and discounted shipping. However, keep in mind that Poshmark takes a commission on each sale, so if you are planning to also sell on the platform, that’s something to factor in.


You will love how interactive the platform is. For instance, you can like and share listings, follow other fashion-savvy individuals, and even join virtual themed parties where you get to showcase or discover other cool items.



You’ve probably heard of ThreadUp. It’s also a very popular thrift store for fashion-savvy ladies who want to look stylish on a budget. They offer a pretty large curated selection of secondhand clothing and accessories for women, men, and children.


ThreadUp gets its inventory from various sources, including donations and resale partners, and rigorously inspects each item for quality and condition. You will find more than 30 thousand brands on this platform, from high-end designers to very low-scale brands.


Like Poshmark, the store has a pretty easy-to-use website and app that allows users to search and filter items by size, brand, style, and price. They also offer fantastic features such as personalized recommendations, virtual try-ons, and free returns in case something doesn’t fit well.


And the best part? Through their Clean Out program, you can sell your own gently-used items for cash or store credit.


3. RealReal

The RealReal is an online luxury consignment store that offers secondhand designer fashion, accessories, and home goods. If you are a luxury fashion lover, this is the place to go for affordable designer pieces. You will get items from all designer brands, from Chanel, and Gucci, to Louis Vuitton and Dior.


The store employs a team of in-house experts to authenticate each item for quality and authenticity, so you can be sure of getting something pretty decent, if not great. The store’s authenticity, transparency, and customer service are pretty impressive!


4. Swap Society

Swap Society works rather differently. They operate on a points system. This means when you swap a cloth, you get an item of the exact value. However, you have to pay a small monthly membership fee to access the online store. You can opt for a monthly, quarterly, or yearly membership.


You can swap your clothing items from all sorts of brands, and similarly, you can be sure of getting pieces from all your favorite brands. When shopping, you must keep checking for the SwapCoin value of each item to ensure it matches the value of the clothing you are swapping.



5. Swap.com

Swap.com is entirely different from Swap society. They are separate entities. Swap.com is a much more affordable online thrift and consignment store compared to many others. They have unique, quality clothing items for women, men, and kids.


Even though they are headquartered in Downers, Illinois, Swap.com also has offices in Helsinki and Chicago and mainly serves the continental U.S.


Their only downside is that it’s an invite-only platform, so you have to find someone who is a member to help you join.


Thrift stores offer a unique shopping experience and allow you to find one-of-a-kind items at a fraction of the price. So you get to save money and contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly fashion industry. So next time you’re looking for a new addition to your wardrobe or home, consider checking out one of these thrift stores – you never know what treasures you might find!