20 Popular Fads and Trends That Are Actually Terrible

Have you ever been curious to try new trends? Something that people around you do and excite you to also try? Well, if that is the case, there are a few things that you would definitely want to avoid.

Nay-ay! Not everything popular or trendy is supposed to be adopted for various reasons. Here is a list of the top 20 trends or popular things that you may want to avoid trying.

1. Sports Betting

Senior grey-haired man wearing suit holding dollars and using smartphone
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Betting is a sport for adventurous risk-takers. Sports betting is altogether a different level of adventure involving huge risks.

According to Redditors, it is one of the top trendy things these days but too risky to get into. One of the Redditors says, “Sports betting, that’s it. I’ve seen friends lose a lot and go into debt behind it”.

A lot of Redditors back it up by sharing their own 2 cents, some with their anecdotes of how dangerous it could be for mental and financial health. Someone shared one of their personal stories: “I’m a sports betting addict that goes to therapy every week to stay out of it. I have a huge debt that I’ll pay off for a couple of years, but at least I’m nine months without putting a bet; hopefully, I never will again.”

Hmm, it might be popular and appealing, but sports betting is definitely too risky to get into!

2. Worshipping Celebrities

Taylor Swift performs at her concert in Shanghai, China, 30 May 2014.
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Some people go as far as to worship their favorite celebrities. They lose their mind if they find anyone criticizing them and are willing to die for them.

It is this unhealthy obsession with people that makes one go completely crazy and blindly trust and follow anything they say or do. As a Redditor says, “Sometime last year or so, I commented somewhere how Swift’s “Red” album, the 2012 one, is her best work to me. Oof. Imagine the level of vitriol that came my way. I was labeled all sorts of things; sb called me a “White talentless, tasteless b****.” I’m literally black😂. I honestly didn’t imagine my liking that album meant I was supporting the drama that followed. Most of her fans are so TOXIC, it’s really sad.”.

Another one jumps in to share their opinion, “My city just had its comic con type expo thing. People go nuts over the celebrities there, pay hundreds just to take a picture with them, etc. it’s something else.”

Do you know someone who follows celebrities to some crazy extent and can’t look beyond their fandom?

3. Lip Injections

Portrait of woman close-up look aside red lips
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To be honest, the idea of fuller lips does attract almost every other woman. However, with their insanely increasing popularity and affordability, lip fillers or injections are becoming a huge health and financial problem for many women.

Redditors back its negative effects by quoting their experiences, “I keep seeing college girls getting lip injections, and I can’t help but to think what are the long term effects.. like will lips be saggy? Will the filler migrate?”

Another one added, “I don’t have lip fillers, but I’ve heard it’s extremely common for filler to migrate to the upper lip (as in the mustache area). They can just dissolve the filler and re-do it, but a lot of girls end up looking a mess because they don’t have the money to do touch-ups like that.”

It is evident that these injections are one risky business you must not get into just because they are trendy and seem super cool.

4. Annoying/Pranking People for Viral Videos

man wearing red tshirt looking upset
Image Credit: vova130555@gmail.com via DepositPhotos.com.

Come on, think about it! How messed up is it to cause someone so much trouble to get a few likes or subscribers?

One of the Redditors share, “I’ve seen two videos recently where someone shouted “he’s got a gun” to inspire panic and make people stampede. How is your life so meaningless and disconnected that you think that’s funny, witty, entertaining or has any positive aspects?”.

Another one shares a similar opinion, “There’s been at least one instance of a prankster getting shot. I hope they stop.”

No bro, not cool!

5. Credit Card Debt

young curly girl posing isolated over yellow wall background holding credit card and money
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It might sound weird, but some people are indeed okay with huge mounting debt on their credit cards. Sure, it feels euphoric in the short term, but in the long term, it is going to drive one crazy and stress you out.

Redditors believe the same, “Credit card debt is not fun. But you should be using credit cards if you have any discipline. You’re missing out on rewards.” It is a great tool to help you meet your sudden expenditures; however, misusing it could get you into serious issues.

Better stay within budget, fellas, and not overspend.

6. Smoking Up

cool grandma
Image Credit: oneinchpunch via DepositPhotos.com.

Yes, smoking up might be trendy and popular, with almost every other person doing it. But let’s not forget how unhealthy and dangerous it is for anyone consuming it.

One Redditor says, “Yeah, I’m all for adults doing what they want. That being said, the sentiment that smoking weed is totally awesome and nothing but healthy, yet tobacco is beyond stigmatized. I don’t get it. Nicotine is addictive, and carcinogens in cigs are awful, but the idea one is fine and the other isn’t is so weird to me. I know too many people personally who messes up their whole sitch with weed, like get a hobby.”

7. Chatting With AI Characters

Young beautiful woman using tablet at home
Image Credit: lcrespi via DepositPhotos.com.

While so many of us complain that we lack true friendships and crave caring and fun human interactions, it is becoming excessively popular, weirdly enough, to chat with AI bots. It says a lot about how we are truly forgetting the essence of human interaction and choosing to find those missing pieces of our social lives in AI bots.

One Redditor thinks, “Maybe the worst form of para-social engagement. It’s bad enough that people think they’re friends with streamers and content creators. Now they’re just talking to themselves.”

Even though AI is up-and-coming in this rapidly changing world, human interaction and knowledge will always be more important.

8. NFTs

Vilnius, Lithuania - March 8, 2021: A non-fungible token(NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique. NFT blockchain marketplace.
Image Credit: Rokas Tenys/Shutterstock.

It’s not worth spending so much on a digital image that holds almost no value in the physical world. A Redditor finds it funny how people get into NFTs, “Justify my impulse buy for a digital image! It’ll be like Bitcoin, bro, I swear! Buy it from me!”

Another one states, “It’s a laundering scam. Don’t bother.”

Seriously, you could use the same amount of time and money to start a side hustle instead that is more productive and profitable.

9. Cheating On Your Partner

third wheel in couple
Image Credit: Tverdohlib.com via DepositPhotos.com.

This one might sound funny, but we find it increasingly common today. It is becoming popular, and some people feel proud about it. Many go back to apologize to their partners; however, it violates the crux of the relationship, which is loyalty. Ethically speaking, very wrong!

Redditors believe the same, “This struck a weird cord with me. I was recently at a party, and everyone was talking about “that one time they cheated” and I was made to feel like an oddball because I hadn’t cheated but to me not cheating is normal.”. Do NOT cheat on your partner, no matter what, even if it is trendy and “cool.”

The basic ethic code and morality should always be adhered to regardless of how trendy or cool a thing seems.

10. Fast Fashion

Shocked woman with curly Afro hair stares bugged eyes drowned in huge pile of colorful clothing.
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The environmental threat, capitalist scheme, and a burden on your finances; fast fashion is not worth spending money on. You might be compelled to buy tons of new clothes each time you see a new outfit trend, which is almost every week, but you can really do mother earth a favor and not engage in these fads.

A Redditor explains how you could stay away, “You choose whether or not to engage in fast fashion. If you wear your clothing until it’s too worn out to use, whether it was intended to be used for fast fashion or not, then you haven’t engaged in fast fashion. You just bought cheap clothes.”

Our best bet is thrifting; try that!

11. Fake Lashes

Woman performing eyebrow hair removal using tweezers on clients face
Image Credit: pxhidalgo via DepositPhotos.com.

Honestly, it is much better to embrace your own beauty than go for those huge, fake lashes that outrightly look artificial and a nuisance to your real lashes (especially when that glue doesn’t come off).

Redditors agreed to it, and one person said, “They never look real! I feel like this is one of those fashion trends that we are all going to look back on and laugh later.”

Someone else added, “I hate the ones that look obviously fake. Like the ones that look like you have tarantulas on your eyelids.”

12. Astrology

Woman look at starry sky night astrological concept
Image Credit: Imaginarium_photos via DepositPhotos.com.

Well, some people certainly believe 100 percent in it. These days more and more people are taking it seriously, leading to instances where they are refusing to date people just because they happen to be a certain star or wasting away their days worrying about something bad that was predicted by astrology (which never really happens).

It’s never 100 percent accurate and also not worth stressing over. Redditors also believe the same, “Yeah, like people say it’s real while telling me things like “Oh you’re such an (insert sign)!!!” And they never really get it right soooo…” and “Yeah, there’s a difference between looking at it for amusement and actually thinking it’s serious and really accurate. I’ve heard people say, “I won’t date any Leos/Virgos/Taurus/etc.…..again”.”

13. Tattoos

unsatisfied negative person closed eyes open mouth scream raise arms
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No matter how popular they get, tattoos come with their own set of risks. The first one is infections and pain, and the second is their permanent nature. In this fleeting life, it is challenging to believe you are going to like something so much to get it imprinted on your body…that too forever.

Someone on Reddit said, “My wife loves them, and I think her ink is beautiful, but I’m too scared of needles to ever get one myself. Plus, I’m super indecisive and can’t think of anything I’d want on my body forever without second-guessing myself and regretting it.”

Another one has a funny take and says, “When asked if I’d ever get a tattoo, I always say, you wouldn’t put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari.”

14. Minecraft

Young man playing video games
Image Credit: belchonock via DepositPhotos.com.

This one is really addictive. One should definitely stay away. Many Redditors have shared their personal experiences about it, “I have OCD. I know I would lose years of my life to the cubes. I just know it’d be like heroin to me, so I won’t ever try either of them.”, and “I lost my entire childhood to the cubes. 8+ hours playing that every day. My sleep schedule never existed.”

15. Cancel Culture

Mommy Shaming Concept Portrait of a Mother and her Baby
Image Credit: nicoletaionescu via DepositPhotos.com.

While its popularity is on the rise, and many people are quick to cancel someone who is just misinformed and willing to learn and re-educate themselves about a particular topic, canceling someone just because of one comment or opinion is just not right.

A Reddit user said, “It’s unfair to hate someone for a single comment they made 20 years ago, whether it was racist or not.”

People certainly evolve, and one should focus on helping people overcome these thoughts rather than completely canceling them and not giving them a chance to change.

16. Crocs

Happy young woman shopping for sports footwear
Image Credit: michaeljung via DepositPhotos.com.

Some people find them comfortable, but seriously they don’t look good, and they do not enhance the look of any outfit.

One of the Redditors dropped some truth bombs and said, “They look like the ugliest things in the world, provide no support, and they ruin any outfit. I’ve yet to see ANYONE make them look good.”

17. Colourless Toys

Little girl in modern brown and white scandi bedroom.
Image Credit: Ground Picture/Shutterstock.

This one is surprising as this new mom trend of buying toys in neutral colors is getting popular day by day. Many parents wish to set up their houses in the most aesthetically pleasing manner but let’s be honest, kids are kids and do not need to play with boring beige and white toys.

Many Redditors are against this trend, “Scientifically proven that colors have an impact on mood. Your colorful kids are going to be more well-regulated and experience emotions than sad beige babies who will be overstimulated as adults in the real world.”

Someone else added, “Beige trends make me miserable. Colors help children develop. Prioritizing your aesthetic over your child’s development is poor parenting.”

Are you in favor of neutral-colored toys, or do we need to stop stereotyping with the pinks and blues?

18. TikTok

shocked girl holding smartphone with tiktok logo isolated on pink
Image Credit: IgorVetushko via DepositPhotos.com.

It sounds crazy, but this one particular social media app has just become so addictive to people from all age brackets that it needs to stop. (full caps!!!)

People would do anything (read: everything) to get famous on TikTok, which is dangerous. A Redditor says, “It’s just really addictive and bad for many other reasons. I deleted it because it was impossible to stop looking at it.”

Another supports their fellow Redditor by saying, “I went onto it during lockdown to mock it, and I’ve doom-scrolled hours of my life away. Urgh, it’s horrible!”

19. Pickleball

Two Pickleball Paddles and pickle ball on court.
Image Credit: JennLShoots/Shutterstock.

A cross between tennis and ping pong, pickleball doesn’t settle well with the Redditors. They believe that it is not as rewarding or demanding, “I play pickleball and tennis, but I played pickleball first. Tennis is so much harder but so much more rewarding, pickleball is so easy, so low barrier of entry, and it’s fun; I get it, but I want my tennis courts.”

20. Elf on the Shelf

Holidays and presents concept. Guy with beard and concerned face dressed like Santa.
Image Credit: Just dance/Shutterstock.

It just terrorizes kids, and it is NOT okay.

One Redditor narrates their personal experience, “I had a bit of a traumatic experience with my first experience with an elf on the shelf. Visiting my boyfriend’s niece and playing with her, and we knocked over some bowl of crackers or chips; she started crying and then immediately bent down to clean them up whilst glancing nervously in the direction of the ‘elf.’ See, it’s okay .it’s okay. We’re cleaning them up so he won’t have to tell Santa..it’s okay, it’s okay. She was mumbling to herself like a woman suffering through domestic abuse. It was frightening. Like Santa watching us while we were sleeping was enough, but now this snitch who lives in your home is terrifying.”

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