12 Unsuspecting Items That Can Save You a Bundle

A post shared by a Reddit user acknowledged how small changes add up to big savings and was eager to hear what other people in the community thought about this.

According to him, sticking to seasonal and local fruits has enabled him to save money while improving his health at the same time. He argues that imported fruit and vegetables take a long time to transport, and poor storage conditions compromise their nutritional value, unlike locally produced fruits. The money he saves is invested in digital currencies.

Members from the frugal Reddit community also shared their stories about the seemingly insignificant things they did that saved them money.

1. Cutting Old Sheets To Use as Clean Clothes

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“I use old sheets and clothing/socks cut up as cleaning cloths, especially for really dirty jobs that ruin the cloth like toilet, oily pots, and pans, rusty outdoor furniture, etc.,” said one.

2. Delayed Purchasing

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One user noted, “It’s amazing how quickly the savings add up when you wait a bit longer to buy or replace things. I feel good about the savings, and I enjoy the anticipation of the items on my wish list.”

3. Bringing Lunch to Work

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“I bring my lunch to work every day instead of getting fast food or something from vending machines. I make my own snacks (beef jerky and dehydrated apple slices) and do NOT buy the single-serve bags of pretty much anything,” added another user.

4. Got Rid of Social Media To Avoid Being Influenced

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“I got rid of Instagram! It was just a nonstop barrage of being told I NEEDED to buy things I didn’t know existed,” added another user.

5. Growing Fresh Kitchen Herbs

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One user notes, “Growing my own kitchen herbs. I don’t know whether or not growing my own produce saves me money in the long run, but growing herbs definitely does save me a ton. Fresh herbs are expensive, and it’s cheap and easy to grow them in a pot.”

6. Not Having a Car Payment

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“Nearly everyone I know besides myself and my wife has a car payment. They also look at me like I’m insane when I mention buying a cheap daily driver and ditching the 2019-2022 car with a huge monthly payment. Shrug,” one added.

7. Buying Everything Used

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Another user prefers pre-owned stuff, “I buy consumables in bulk (negligible savings), and nearly everything else is secondhand. My wife’s outfit for our wedding cost about $40. Neither of us has spent more than $9 on pants in years. Secondhand works for the fun stuff like home decor, hobbies, and entertainment, and practical stuff like towels and blankets.”

8. Only Flush if It’s Poop

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It might sound disgusting to some people, but it works for one user, “This one may be controversial, but I only flush if it’s poop. I live by myself, so it’s not a problem. ” If it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down”.”

9. Grab Stuff From Hotel When Traveling

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“When work pays for my hotel room due to travel, I grab the toilet paper and little toiletries that are in my room. Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash go into a drawer in my bathroom at home, and once they’ve accumulated, they get squeezed into a larger bottle. Also, the little body wash tubes are good for road trips- when you go to a public toilet, and there’s no hand soap,” said another user.

10. Cut Your Own Hair

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Who knew cutting one’s own hair could help save some money? “I cut my own hair. 🙂 Saves me about $18 every two weeks or so. Outside of saving money, my haircuts now always look the same, and the quality isn’t that far off from a barber’s.”

11. Count Your Calories

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“It’s a two-fold thing. First, it saves by not overeating and spending money on food I don’t need anyways; second, it results in better health. So, not as sick, not as many doctor visits. The snowball effect was clear to me once I started,” said another user.

12. Shop Grocery Sales

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One user plans their meals according to the sales schedule, “Well, I consider it “insignificant” that I always shop grocery sales (we plan our meals based on the sales flyers, and not the other way around) and don’t spend money I don’t have. But lots of people think that is pretty restrictive.”

13. Never Buy Drinks at Fast Food Type Restaurants

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Another person added, “I always carry a bottle of water or tea. Of course, I don’t do this at an actual restaurant, but no one cares at Wendy’s. Another one is to make your own coffee. My coworkers spent $5-$10 every day or so at coffee shops. I spend about 50 cents a day making my own chocolate mocha.”

14. Use Credit Cards for Purchases

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One user debunked the myth about using Credit cards, “I don’t think I’ve seen this said, but I think using credit cards for purchases is an underrated way to save/ get money back. You can pretty much get 3-5% cash back on any category of purchases you can think of. Obviously, you need to pay the balance right away, but I use my reward points to fully fund vacations yearly.”

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