Men, Listen Up! These 11 Things Infuriate Women, But You’re Probably Doing Them Without Even Realizing It

Here are ten common behaviors men often do that they may think are innocuous but can actually be infuriating and dangerous for women. These actions aren’t harmless and can actually be harmful to women- and men don’t even realize it.

Harmless Actions

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In today’s society, it’s crucial for men to be aware of how women can perceive their behavior and actions.

Unfortunately, some men may not realize that certain behaviors or comments can be offensive or hurtful to women, even if they don’t intend them to be. This article will explore some common things that men think are harmless but can actually infuriate women.

Baby or Sweetheart

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Calling a woman “baby” or “sweetheart,” especially right after the meeting, is something that infuriates a woman. If you aren’t close to the person, you should not call them terms of endearment. Women find it condescending and infantilizing. Sometimes, they find it just plain creepy.

Interrupting or Talking Over Women

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Women want to be heard and respected just as much as men do. Interrupting or talking over them can make them feel like their opinions don’t matter or that they’re not being taken seriously. It’s important to listen to what women have to say and give them the chance to express themselves fully before responding.

Invading Personal Space

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Women value their personal space and often feel uncomfortable when it’s invaded. This can include standing too close, touching without permission, or making unwanted physical advances. It’s important to respect boundaries and ask for permission before getting too close or touching someone.


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Mansplaining refers to when men explain something to women in a condescending or patronizing manner, assuming that they don’t know what they’re talking about. This can be frustrating and demeaning for women who are knowledgeable and capable in their fields. It’s important to listen to women’s opinions and expertise without assuming that they need to be taught.

Making Sexist Jokes or Comments

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Sexist jokes or comments can be hurtful and offensive to women, even if they’re meant as a joke. They can make women feel belittled or objectified and perpetuate harmful stereotypes. It’s important to be mindful of the language and jokes used around women and avoid making comments that could be perceived as sexist.

Assuming Traditional Gender Roles

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Women are just as capable as men when it comes to work, household chores, or parenting. Assuming that women should take care of the home or children or that they’re not as capable in the workplace, can be demeaning and offensive. It’s important to share responsibilities equally and avoid assuming traditional gender roles.

Ignoring Emotions

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Women are often more in touch with their emotions than men. Ignoring or dismissing women’s feelings can make them feel unheard and undervalued. It’s important to listen to and validate women’s emotions, even if you don’t understand them.

Interrupting With Advice

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Women often just want someone to listen to them and understand their problems. Interrupting with unsolicited advice or solutions can be frustrating and dismissive. It’s important to listen first and ask if they want your advice before giving it.

Making Assumptions

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Assuming that all women think or act a certain way can be offensive. Women are individuals with their own beliefs, desires, and opinions. Making assumptions based on gender can be hurtful and dismissive. It’s important to get to know women as individuals and avoid making broad generalizations.

Objectifying Women

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Treating women as objects or sexualizing them can be extremely offensive and dehumanizing. Women want to be valued for their intellect, personality, and accomplishments, not just their appearance. It’s important to treat women with respect and avoid objectifying them in any way.

Not Taking Responsibility

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Women appreciate men who can take responsibility for their actions. Refusing to take responsibility or blaming others can be frustrating and dismissive. It’s important to own up to your mistakes and take action to make things right.

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