20 Splurge-Worthy Purchases You Should Never Regret

In a world that often pushes us towards quick fixes and bargains, it’s important to remember that there are certain things in life that are truly worth the investment.

A Redditor asked, “What’s a thing that’s always worth spending more for higher quality?”

Now this received thousands of comments, but we have listed the most interesting items for you!

1. Shoes

Young man wearing formal pair of leather loafers with metal bit.
Image Credit: Ryan Garrett/Shutterstock.

Let’s start from the ground up! Investing in a good pair of shoes can make a world of difference. You might find cheaper alternatives, but high-quality shoes offer comfort, style, and support.

One user said, “Tell me about it! Last year I also got customized inserts to go with the shoes recommended by my podologist. It’s so liberating to be able to walk as long as I want and not wake up with pain in my feet.”

Another replied, “I feel like I’ve become a bit of a shoe snob the past few years, but not because of designer details or anything like that. The shoes that I thought were good quality kept getting beat up or becoming uncomfortable after just a few months of wear. I now have shoes that may have been over $200, but they look as good as new, and my feet thank me even after many miles.

Many of my close co-workers are cheap rather than frugal, and they turn their noses up when I recommend something else instead of their Kohl’s sale finds. I don’t want to rain on their parade that they thought they found a mega-deal, but those shoes will be peeling and replaced by next season.”

2. Mattress

Young beautiful woman sleeping on bed on blue background
Image Credit: belchonock via DepositPhotos.com.

Ah, sleep! We spend a significant portion of our lives in bed, so investing in a quality mattress is essential. A good night’s sleep is crucial for our physical and mental well-being. So, waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day is worth every penny.

Someone wrote, “Recently got a new mattress, I wake up pain-free 😭😭😭. That’s priceless. I’ll gladly pay thousands of dollars for that, but in reality, it cost me like $2k.”

Another added, “Same here. A good mattress, pillows, and comfy sheets are so worth it. Especially when you consider how much of your life you spend in bed.”

3. Repairs

Panoramic shot of cheerful repairman holding ladder and smiling
Image Credit: HayDmitriy via DepositPhotos.com.

We live in a fast-paced world where time is a precious commodity. So, choosing higher-quality repairs often means fewer return trips to the shop or less time spent fixing the same problem repeatedly. It also means that you can get back to your day. And hey, who doesn’t want to save their time?

A person said, “Yup, and furthermore: Pay professionals to do things that are above your skill level so that you don’t have to pay them more to clean up your messes.”

Someone commented, “Or any contracting/repair work. You do get what you pay for. My parents learned this lesson the hard way after always seeking out the cheapest contractors.”

4. Paint

Smiling African American woman redecorating
Image Credit: racorn via DepositPhotos.com.

Someone said, “Paint (for interior and exterior walls).”

Another user shared their personal experience: “I’ve painted sooo many houses with super paint, and it’s such good quality! Every now and then, we’d get a job where someone would supply their own paint, and it was just rubbish.”

Someone wrote, “There’s a hidden property in paint that has nothing to do with how it lasts but will affect your time. Behr is similar to Elmer’s glue. It takes longer to apply because you repeatedly go over it to get the paint spread out evenly. Quality paint has quality chemistry with additives to improve every aspect. Including application properties. Who wants to paint longer?”

So never go cheap on paint!

5. Toothbrush

Playful Young Woman Holding Toothbrush in Bathroom
Image Credit: racorn via DepositPhotos.com.

Here’s to brushing smarter, not harder, and achieving a brighter, happier smile!

One person said, “Electric toothbrush & use it regularly.”

Another shared their insight: A sonic toothbrush is a must. I had a ”regular” electric toothbrush before, and the difference was huge. My teeth became a lot whiter, and I suddenly felt water flowing between my teeth; they were so clean and smooth.”

Someone else replied, “Agreed. It will save you thousands of dollars in dental bills.”

6. Tools

woman working home on her couch on a laptop
Image Credit: PeopleImages.com via DepositPhotos.com.

A person said, “This is an excellent point. I work from home in my own business and have for many years. Over the years, I’ve learned that the cheaper the equipment, the sooner I have to replace it. A powerful laptop, an all-in-one printer, and a mobile phone are all necessary for my work. I buy the best I can so that I don’t have to replace them all the time when they break.”

Another Redditor shared, “Nurse here; good pens and a quantity stethoscope are worth their weight in gold.”

Quality tools are the backbone of every successful project. So, the next time you shop for tools, remember to invest in quality ones!

7. Bras

Skeptical brunette woman looking at camera
Image Credit: HayDmitriy via DepositPhotos.com.

Let’s face it: bras go through a lot. They endure frequent washing, stretching, and general wear and tear. So, when it comes to bras, comfort is the key, and sometimes you might have to pay a little extra for that!

A person said, “Bras, from my experience. Good quality ones that are more expensive usually pay themselves back in terms of comfort and longevity.”

Another replied, “This 1,000%. I tried to go cheapo for the longest time. Finally got better quality ones. Not only was I way more comfortable, but they also make you look better too and are more flattering.”

8. Knives

Close up Colorful Kitchen Knives with Different Purposes on Top of a Wooden Cutting Board,.
Image Credit: Ozgur Coskun/Shutterstock.

Regarding durability, quality knives are tougher than Chuck Norris in a steel cage match. So you won’t have to worry about them breaking or bending on you. These knives can handle whatever you throw at them!

A user said, “To a certain degree, knives. They need to have a deep enough edge to be able to sharpen them for many years.”

Another Redditor commented, “Ages ago, I tried using the knives owned by a friend of mine who happens to be a sous-chef. They weren’t ultra expensive £1000 ones, but they were still higher quality than what you’d find in 99% of kitchens. Using them for the jobs I was doing was so nice because they were actually sharp and took away part of the work of chopping from me.”

9. Car Parts

The beautiful girl at a car wheel
Image Credit: belarry via DepositPhotos.com.

It’s time to ride to new heights with quality car parts.

Someone said, “Tires too. Especially if you live in the land of ice and snow.”

A Reddit user wrote, “This 10x. My mechanic friend beat it into my head that tires, brake pads, and windshield wipers you do NOT skimp on. For a driver, probably the most important but not-obvious thing (airbag, seat belt, etc.) you can get for safety. Don’t skimp on it! Don’t do it!”

So don’t compromise regarding the well-being of yourself and others—choose parts that prioritize safety and peace of mind.

10. Cheese

sliced cheese.
Image Credit: Chatham172/Shutterstock.

When it comes to cheese, quality makes all the difference. Quality cheese is a perfect partner in crime for exploring the world of food and flavors!

A person said, “Same! I used to think I hated Parmesan but good Parmesan is legit and it lasts forever so I buy a $10 piece from Costco like every four months”

Another added, “Fresh mozzarella too. For most applications, I’d rather not have mozzarella if I can’t afford the fresh stuff.”

11. Dental Work

Portrait of a woman bares her teeth and looks aside a grimace.
Image Credit: ShotPrime Studio/Shutterstock.

Someone shared, “All dental work, but especially restorative work – crowns, implants, bridges, dentures. My mom spent thousands on crowns that were poorly done because she didn’t want to pay too much and didn’t go with a dentist specializing in restoration.

She went to the same guy, got those teeth pulled and replaced with a bridge, and the bridge messed up the surrounding teeth. Half of her upper teeth had to be replaced as a result. The specialist she thought charged too much only cost $200 more than her reg guy.. and the specialist did free adjustments, etc. Seeing the specialist probably would have saved her teeth and the 13k she paid for implants. Thank the stars for kick a** dental insurance.”

Another wrote, “Yep, don’t go cheap in dental. It’s part of your face!”

Quality dental work is an investment in your happiness and the key to unlocking your full smile potential!

12. Tupperware

Plastic containers for food on wooden background.
Image Credit: Africa Studio/Shutterstock.

Let’s face it; we’re not all chefs in the kitchen. Accidents happen, dishes drop, and Tupperware goes flying. But fear not, quality Tupperware can take the fall.

Made from sturdy materials that can withstand your clumsiness, it won’t crack or shatter at the slightest mishap. So, feel free to dance around the kitchen, sing into your spatula, and let your Tupperware handle the occasional tumble. It’s built tough, just like you!

A user commented, “Tupperware. I prefer glass containers and get the sets from IKEA; they last much longer and help keep my food fresh/frozen well.”

Another added, “Silicone collapsible containers changed my life.”

13. Toilet Paper

Man with roll of toilet paper in WC, closeup
Image Credit: serezniy via DepositPhotos.com.

Have you ever experienced the dreaded “toilet paper disaster” where a single ply just won’t cut it? We’ve all been there, right? But fear not! Quality toilet paper has got your back.

Someone said, “Toilet paper. I have to use double of the cheap two-ply stuff, so I might as well make my bottom happy with the good stuff, which takes less to get the job done.”

Investing in quality toilet paper may seem like a splurge, but trust us; it’s an investment that pays off.

14. Clothes

Adult man in formalwear and eyeglasses on yellow background
Image Credit: olenahs2.gmail.com via DepositPhotos.com.

You know that feeling when you put on a shirt or a pair of pants that fit like a second skin? Quality clothes prioritize comfort, so it’s a win-win for you.

A user wrote, “Everyone should have 2 or 3 sets nice sets of clothes that fit well. No need to spend $1000, usually you can get sales but don’t get the cheapest clothing. For men, a fitted suit is a must for formal occasions (weddings, job interviews etc.).”

Someone said, “The biggest thing is fit, you’re 100% right. For men, take your dress shirts along to the tailor and have them altered as well, it makes a huge difference in comfort and look.”

15. Tattoos

young adult girl with baseball hat and tattoo
Image Credit: AndrewLozovyi via DepositPhotos.com.

Regarding tattoos, you want a piece of art that’s as unique as you are. High-quality tattoo artists are the Da Vincis of the tattoo world! They have the skills, creativity, and experience to bring your vision to life.

A user commented, “Yes! Good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good!”

Another added, “If they’re going to be on my skin forever, I ain’t skimping on that.”

16. Laptops

African american woman in eyeglasses obscuring face with laptop on blue
Image Credit: HayDmitriy via DepositPhotos.com.

Someone said, “To some extent: a laptop. I’ve seen loads of people get super cheap laptops like Chromebook, only to consistently struggle with their very limited capabilities. The average person doesn’t need like a $1,000 laptop, but they do need one that can actually do what they need where they actually need to use it.”

Another Redditor wrote, “A nice laptop can last you 5+ years – especially if you spring for more storage and RAM than you think you need. I used to repair computers on a college campus and saw lots of students needing to replace their cheap HP/Dell by sophomore year. Of course, this is one of those thing where it really matters how well you take care of it.”

Remember, your laptop is more than just a tool—it’s your digital sidekick, creative companion, and portal to the digital universe. So, choose wisely and invest in quality.

17. Houses

San Francisco travel tourists couple looking at houses landscape banner.
Image Credit: Maridav/Shutterstock.

They say location is everything, and they’re not wrong! High-quality houses often come nestled in prime locations. So, say hello to a home that puts everything you love within reach!

A person said, “Homes. Never cheap out and live in the ghetto. Always worth it for nice, clean, respectful neighbors and a good school system.”

Another agreed and replied, “Absolutely. I’d much rather have less square space in a good neighborhood than a mansion in the jects.”

Investing in a high-quality house isn’t just about having a roof over your head—it’s about creating a lifetime of memories!

18. Trash Bags

Partial view of cleaner with trash bin isolated on grey
Image Credit: AntonMatyukha via DepositPhotos.com.

A user wrote, “I agree. I tried getting dollar store trash bags, and they were terrible. Anything even slightly pointy would poke right through the tissue-paper-thin plastic.”

Another commented, “Cheap trash/recycling bags are especially cumbersome if you eat canned food. My cat’s food cans slice the cheap ones open 🙁 “

Regarding trash bags, strength is the name of the game! High-quality trash bags are built to withstand the weight and messiness of everyday life.

19. Winter Gear

Family Outdoors.Happy Family with kid blowing Snow
Subbotina via DepositPhotos.com.

Winter brings many adventures, from skiing and snowboarding to ice skating and hiking. Quality winter gear combines functionality with trendy designs, allowing you to embrace the chill in style. It’s like having a fashion runway amid a winter wonderland!

One Redditor explains, “Winter gear. $200 waterproof boots are a world away from $60 fashion boots that will soak right through. A 0 coat is a world away from a $60 coat, and if you want to really buy it for life, you buy Canada Goose.”

20. Furniture

Recycling furniture pieces and work
Image Credit: photography33 via DepositPhotos.com.

Furniture is not just about looks—it’s about making your life easier and more convenient. Quality furniture is designed with practicality in mind, so it has more storage space and is sturdy.

Someone said, “Furniture. Never buy the particle board furniture they sell on Wayfair.”

Another shared their personal experience: “My grandmother bought an oak sideboard when I was 15 and I thought she was ment*l for spending so much money. Long story short, I’m now roughly double that age, and it’s still solid as a rock. It’ll probably outlast me….”

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