14 Things People Do That Appear Extravagant but Are Actually Frugal

Have you ever done anything that appears to be extravagant but actually turns out to be frugal?

Someone shared that they hire people to deep clean her bathroom every two weeks even though it is a task she could do herself comfortably. She reasons that since she is highly sensitive to the smell of cleaning products, whenever she cleans, she gets a migraine.

Her husband would have to leave work to take care of the kids, and this would reduce their income. The husband could also do the cleaning, but he would instead work another hour and earn more. 

Her question to Reddit users was: Are there things people do that may appear extravagant but end up being frugal?

Here are some of the best responses to this question from the Reddit community;

Paying $10,000 To Save a Marriage and Prevent Murder

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A user hilariously quips he spent 10k to avoid disastrous outcomes, “Living in an apartment while waiting for a new house to be built instead of staying with in-laws who offered. On paper, losing $10,000. In reality, saving my marriage and 4 people dead in a murder/suicide.”

Replacing Cheap Stuff With Quality Ones

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Cheap can be expensive in the long run, “I am slowly replacing all my cheap s*** – vacuums, blenders, cookers, ladders, anything- with high quality used items found at estate sales.”

Spending To Improve Health

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One user outsources tasks that could lead to health issues, “If we outsource tasks we viscerally hate or that make us ill for the same amount of money ordinary spenders thoughtlessly throw on pointless material items, and that expense improves the quality of your life, preserves your health and is represented in your thoughtful budget, then that is frugal.”

Professional Deep Cleaning Is an Investment

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One user argues that as long as the house is yours, deep cleaning is a plus, “I actually think getting your house occasionally deep cleaned professionally if you own it is an investment. As a single homeowner who works full time- there is always a backlog of cleaning to get to. I tend to prefer to spend my time on garden work, minor repairs, and painting since those things tend to cost more than a once-a-month deep clean.”

It’s either the Massage or Skipping Work

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One user has a real dilemma: “Getting massages (hooray, Groupon!) I have back pain due to a car accident, and it’s either I spend an hour relaxing and getting rubbed on, or I end up having to take a day or two off from work because of the pain. Tough choice.”

Mental Health Therapy

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“It’s expensive, but the improvement in my quality of life makes me more stable financially,” explains another user

Owning an Espresso Maker

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Coffee is expensive, and one user found a way around this, “So much cheaper to make at home. And I find it so much more convenient. I can wake up and have my great coffee sitting around the house or make it and drink it on my way to work without having to detour to pick one up. And to add, make sure you have a good coffee grinder.”

Grocery Delivery

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You can save on gas if you order groceries; as this user noted, “Even with the delivery fee and tip, I save money by not actually going inside the store and impulse buying. I don’t have them delivered every single time, but I do enjoy the convenience.”

Home Cooking

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Home-cooked meals are delicious and frugal, “People think I have all this money with the nice dinners I prepare. But really, it’s much cheaper to make tenderloin and nice pasta at home than it is to eat out every week. Save tons and let your creativity flow,” notes one user

Delta Sky Club at the Airport

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What is $29 if you get an open bar and get work done? “if I’m stuck at the airport long enough, I’ll pop for the $29 for the open bar, free food, semi-private bathroom, WIFI and plenty of places to charge and get work done.”

Living on a Sailboat

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Imagine the freedom that comes with moving with your home wherever you want. “I bought and lived on a small sailboat. No property taxes, my mooring (rent) is a tiny fraction of what I was paying for a condo, I can move for work and take my home with me, and I always know what I’m doing on the weekends. It also saves money traveling to see family because they always want to come visit me, at least while I’m still in the US.”


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“I bought a sauna. I got lots of feedback from people thinking I’m bonkers and just swimming in cash. The reality of it is: it’ll cost me less than $5 per month in electricity, it’s usable all year long and an absolute fraction of the cost/maintenance of an in-ground pool and/or hot tub,” highlights another user.

Owns a Plane in His 20S

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If you own a plane in your 20s, people will think you are extravagant, “I wanted to learn to be a pilot, and the cheaper route long term was to buy an older airplane with a friend… So I’m in my 20’s and have built up a few hundred hours towards my commercial pilot license with an airplane that cost me the same amount as a Honda Civic. People hear I own an airplane and think I’m a money bag… Nope, just following my dreams!”

Cruise Vacations

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One couple found a way to travel on cruises at a discount, “All-inclusive and my wife and I vacation in the tropics for a week at a time for under $1000 total.”

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