These Women Are Hacking the System and Saving Money in Ways You Never Would Have Thought Of

In these days of unpredictable inflation and constant advertising, saving money goes a long way for many people.

After one internet user asked about the best ways to save money, a few women explained their best practices, tips, and tricks.

Cut Down on Eating Out

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Eating at restaurants is a delicacy that adds up quickly. The overpricing of culinary items helps keep the establishment’s lights on and pay its workers. However, eating out a lot depreciates your savings rather quickly. Try to limit restaurant days to once or twice a week.


Limit Small Purchases

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We’re all guilty of making small purchases. For example, you buy a coke or a bag of pretzels while filling up your gas tank. While these ideas sound great, the $2 or $3 purchases add up. If you fill your gas once a week and buy a snack and drink with each visit, that’s $20 to $25 extra dollars you’re spending a month. That’s $240 a year.

Separate Savings

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When you receive a paycheck, allot a certain amount to your savings account, credit card, bills, and spending money. This method reduces extraneous spending and gives you a bigger emergency safety net.

Make a Budget

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Budgets sound daunting. Trust me. But approaching the money-saving tactic can save you thousands of dollars and so much time. Budgets work when you treat them realistically. Evaluate your spending habits and nix the extra spending where you can.

The next step is to stick to the budget. Making a budget is the easy part. To best stick to your budget, account for spending money, exact rent, bills, and credit card payments. You will thank yourself later.


Grocery Shop Online

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With the media generation, everything has an app—even grocery stores. Ordering groceries online help you narrow down what you need and what can wait. When grocery shopping online, add everything you want to your virtual cart. Then, before checking out, study your pantry and refrigerator. Get rid of everything you already have or don’t think you will use.

Don’t Go Shopping While Hungry

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Let’s not lie; flaming hot Cheetos macaroni and cheese is tempting while you’re hungry. Throwing that cardboard box into the cart sounds like a great idea until you get home and try to eat the fiery meal.

Maybe you actually like Flamin Hot Cheeto Mac, no judgment here. The point is, when you’re hungry, your eyes eat for you. To avoid this, go grocery shopping after you’ve eaten a meal.

Make a List

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Like budgeting, list-making helps you reduce spending on what you don’t need or use. As my dad says, if it’s not on a list, it doesn’t exist. So write down the necessary items to avoid doling out money you could use on bills or rent.

This goes for clothes shopping, too. Everyone needs a new wardrobe at some point; note the articles of clothing to purchase so you don’t spend $100 on a pair of sneakers when you already have a great pair of running shoes in the closet.

Only Buy Sale Items

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Who doesn’t love a good coupon? I know I do! Grocery stores, retail, and department stores all have some form of coupons throughout the year. Pick up the physical flyer at the front of the grocery store, or scour the online recesses for Target’s deals.

Meal Plan

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Meal planning goes hand-in-hand with budgeting. Decide an appropriate menu ahead of grocery shopping for the week. Stick to the ingredients on the grocery list and stick to your meal-planned menu to conserve funds.

Freeze Extra Food

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Meal planning is excellent for many reasons, but if you have leftover prepped food, throw it in the freezer to eat later. Freezing food preserves nutrients and prolongs your finances.

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