11 Ways To Save Money on Vacation Without Feeling Like a Cheapskate

How do you save money when you go on vacation? As a frugal person, you seek to maximize experiences without indulging too much. It is about getting value for your money. How do you ensure that you enjoy and save money in the process while on vacation? Here are some tips we have scoured from frugal travelers across different social media platforms.

Buy Simple Groceries and Fill Up

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If your hotel has a mini-fridge, buy groceries and fill up instead of going to eat out. You can save substantially by doing this. Eat the free breakfast if available, go to the grocery store for snacks or lunch, and indulge at dinner time.

Have a Bag of Dry Foods for the Car

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You can save a lot of money by having a sandwich whenever you are hungry. Room service is quite expensive in some hotels. Keep a bag of dry foods in the car or in a place you can access easily when hunger pangs creep up.

Buy Drinks at a Gas Station Shop

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You will find drinks at a hotel are priced way higher than the same drinks at a gas station close by. Buy drinks from these shops to save money if you plan on indulging.

Ask the Hotel for Free Stuff

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If your room does not have a microwave or mini-fridges, ask whether you can get one. For instance, you could tell them you have medication that must always be frozen. Sometimes, they will avail these items freely, especially if you have booked the space for several days. If they do not have such, ask for free ice, put it inside the sink, and keep your groceries frozen for the duration of your stay.

Cook for Yourself

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This is easy if you book into an Airbnb. You buy all the supplies you need from local shops, cook great meals, and still enjoy a much-deserved vacation. You can save substantially if you book an Airbnb close to a major discount outlet like Trader Joe’s.

Eat Healthier

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Most restaurant menus are dull and repetitive. Sometimes it sucks eating the same meal over and over again for several days. Go out, buy supplies, and eat healthier meals while saving money in the process.

Use Gaff Tape to Seal Sinks

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Many hotels do not have sink plugs, which makes it hard for one to wash their own clothes. This is by design since the hotel wants you to use their laundry facilities and pay more. Carry gaff tape with you. Seal the sink holes and do your washing comfortably inside the hotel. You can hang the clothes to dry on racks inside the bathroom or closet.

Travel With a Camp Cooler

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If you will be outdoors a lot during your vacation, it is advisable to travel with a camp cooler. You can comfortably cool the drinks you bought cheaply at a gas station store, enjoy your experiences, and save money.

Walk and Use Public Transport

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Walking is healthy. You can spend a fortune if you decide to use taxis while on vacation. They will always take advantage of you because you are a tourist. They assume you have a lot of money to spend.

Avoid Tourist Traps

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Try to avoid tourist traps because you will not have an authentic experience. You will also pay more to visit such places. Try visiting like a local. Eat local food, enjoy local culture, and you will have first-class, untainted experiences.

Stay in a Hotel Chain

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Pick a hotel chain, sign up for their reward program, and every time you travel to one of their locations, you get discounts or free offers for being a loyal customer. It won’t cost you anything extra, but you may get preferential treatment.

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