12 Ridiculously Expensive Things Rich People Buy That Will Make You Feel Poor

Do you know that there are things rich people buy that you never thought were available for purchase? According to a Reddit post, some people live a crazy lifestyle where money is no object.

The OP asked Reddit community members to talk about things rich people bought that others did not even think were available for purchase. Here are some of the best responses from this interesting conversation.

Renting Celebrities for Your Event

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A user pointed out that celebrities are available for rent at the right price, “You can rent celebrities for your private events. Not just musicians but bona fide actors & actresses. Super rich guy in Bel Air used to host his kid’s birthday party in late October, so they went all out for a Halloween-themed party. Everyone at the kid’s school was invited, plus their own friends. Each year they’d hire some fantastic athlete to appear at the event; 1 year it was Tony Hawk, another year it was some Olympic gold medal gymnastic winners.”

A Person To Go to Jail for Them

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One user said, “This is a known phenomenon in Latin America, but I imagine it happens in other places as well.” Another agreed, saying, “Certainly, amongst the yakuza, it happens. I knew a guy who did 8 years for his boss and got PAID.”

Best Financial Products

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One user noted that the rich get the best opportunity to invest before other people, “I don’t see it on here, but the vast majority of financial products are out-of-reach for all but the rich. One reason the rich get richer is that they have access to investments that we’ve never heard of.”

Private Banks


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“Rich people use banks like Chase, but they don’t bank through regular branches; instead, they use Chase Private Banking. They never wait on hold for a banker to pick up the phone; they get same-day access to their deposits, lines of credit, etc. Deposit $3 million into your checking account, and you’ll get a call from your Bank’s private banking group,” illustrates another user

Private Boarding Gate at Certain Airports

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These airports are designed to offer pure luxury for the rich, as one user points out, “Complete with showers, a spa, full bar, lounge, food, a bed, gym, sauna, etc. Total privacy. Your luggage is scanned and taken through security by a concierge, and you’re driven to the plane in a BMW 8 series.”

Actual Smart Homes

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The rich can afford to have smart homes and access to every gadget they want as this user points out, “The Alexa/Google Home market is bringing it more mainstream, but for decades the wealthy elite have had smart home functionality through companies like Crestron. The controls go far beyond controlling your lights and thermostat and integrate with more technologies.”

Hiring Chauffeurs So They Can Drink in Peace

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Others do not compromise on their comfort, “I had a buddy who hired a driver, got him to get a chauffeur’s license, and then made sure his jaguar was long enough to meet criteria as a limo, and then he could legally drink in the backseat.

When I traveled with him internationally, someone met us at the door when we were dropped off, and they walked us to our plane. None of that customs/security stuff occurred,” said one user.

Private Trains

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Yachts aside, some rich people prefer private trains; as this user notes, “Everyone knows about mega yachts, but the very rich also enjoy their own trains, or at the very least private super luxurious train cars. With their budgets it isn’t expensive to rent space on freight lines and an engine, assuming they don’t own their own. Sometimes a group of friends will hook their private cars together and motor around a continent having a big party.”

Pet Cloning

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Others love their pets too much they want exact versions through cloning, “Ex-boss was getting his dog cloned for $100k,” said one user

Prima Cinema Theater Experience at Home

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Rich people do not need to line up with regular folks to catch the latest film at the theater; as this user points out, “If you’re willing to fork out $35,000 for the player and $500 per showing, you can watch films that are currently in theaters in your own private home theater.”

Specialized Household Staff

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Their homes are run like companies, according to one user, “When someone is truly mega-rich, running their household takes the same complexity as running a small to midsize company, and management is skilled and compensated accordingly. Don’t think “butler” – think “head of operations at a luxury hotel.””

Buying Entire Libraries

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Some people love books too much, “My sister used to work at a bookstore and told me someone came in and wanted to furnish their library with a library-size purchase of books. They just wanted cherry-picked best sellers left to the discretion of the people working there. It sounded wild,” says one user

Private Performances With Big-name Artists

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“I was on a yacht in the Virgin Islands, and some mega yacht owner pretty close to us had Christina Aguilera flown in to perform for his guest on the mega yacht,” said another user

Private Jet Timeshares

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This is for the frugal rich people, as one user puts it, “For those not quite rich enough for their own private jet, or those rich people wanting to be a bit frugal.”

Luxury Ice Cubes

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Some people will spare nothing to get the best-looking ice cubes, “Gläce Luxury Ice Co produces perfectly square ice blocks for “minimum dilution and maximum cooling”. Hand-carved and completely clear, these cubes are sold in bags of 50, and each bag costs $325.” Says one user.

Cloud Seeding

Lightning Strike
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Did you know that you can control the weather briefly? The rich do so when they are having events, according to one user,” …for a perfect rain-free wedding day or other events to high-end customers that promises to control the weather for just over $100,000.”

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