How Much Money Would You Need to Win the Lottery to Quit Your Job?

How much money would you need right now to completely transform your life? One Reddit user was curious to know what amount of money people thought would transform their lives. Many people chipped into this conversation, and we have sampled some of the best responses here. 

500K-1 Million

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One user said half a million will get them a house and clear all their debts, “Enough to finish off, paying a house, cars, debts.”

Another user falls in this category, “$500k (after taxes) would buy me a house so I could actually save for retirement.”


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Others require much less, “God, it would probably only take 10 or 20 thousand dollars to have me in a much better place.”

Another added, “10k would almost pay off my student loans, so after that, I could finish the rest on my own within the year, which would be huge! Debt-free for the first time in 15 years!”


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This amount would also give this user some monthly income, “That would pay off our mortgage and free up roughly $2k/month, and then I wouldn’t have to stress about still being unemployed after being laid off earlier this year.”

5 Million

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Another may appreciate 1 million, but they need much more to change their lives for good, “1 million would change my life but not drastically. 5 million, and I could probably make some decent changes.”

Another wants to disappear from the face of the earth, “5 mil+, and I’d be a completely different person. Go into hiding. Change my name, my fingerprints…”


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One user knows exactly home much they need to cover their interest rates and inflation, “At current interest rates I’m seeing on any current investments, I’d need roughly $3M-$4M spread out working for me to be able to stop working now with no change in lifestyle on passive returns alone. I’d probably keep working because I like my job, but eliminating any anxiety associated with job security would be a huge improvement in my day-to-day mental health.”

Another adds, “No less than 3 million after taxes. You get that you should be able to easily set up some stable investments that are low risk and will provide an annual return of at least 3%, giving you a yearly income of $90,000.”


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Someone needs such a figure to buy a house, “Maybe like $40k. It’s enough for a down payment on a modest house.”

50 M Euros

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Some have a large dream and a lifestyle to match, “I guess 50.000.000€. it’s not that I am rich, but I love the work I do and the general lifestyle of mine. I guess it would take a lot to make me comfortable to do what I do but without any regard for money.”


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One user suggests that his life-changing money has to match what he gets as dividends and interest, “8 million or more. If it can replace my income from dividends and interest, then it is life-changing money as you wouldn’t have to work at that point.”


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This amount would comfortably sustain this user beyond the age of 100 years, “Assuming I (optimistically) live to the age of 100, $4 million would allow me to retire right now and maintain my current lifestyle.”


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One user who does not plan on living for more than 20 years has everything figured out, “I only plan to live 20 years. After that, I’m hoping to gently leave this world. I have no one left to love and no immediate attachments. A million dollars would mean walking away from so much pain I’m going through right now.”

2.5 Million

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“Pay off all debt; have roughly 2.0 million left. Sell contract premiums to generate interest from the remaining 2 million and make about 5-8 grand a week to live off of comfortably. Never have to work a day in my life again,” illustrates another user.


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This user just wants a car and to sort his homeowners’ issues, and 80k will do just that, “80 grand could pay off debt, get ahead of some homeowners issues and get me a reliable mode of transportation thus making my life soo much easier.”

20 M

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This user already knows how much life-changing money is because he had come into contact with such before, “For me, 20 million would be life-changing. I already came into a life-changing amount of slightly less than half of that, so it would need to be a fairly large number to change my life very much.”


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This millionaire wants another 10 to allow him to accomplish other goals without a worry, “$10m, as a millionaire already it would allow me to immediately move forward with more life plans while covering costs for others I care about right now that would be affected negatively if I suddenly stopped working.”


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This is the only user who had a different outlook on how much money one needs to change their life, “Money is not life-changing, maybe behavior changing but not life-changing at all. If you live a boring life while broke, your behavior may change when you get some money, but you’re still boring. When on the other hand, you face life’s adversity and come out the other life, rich or poor, your life will definitely change.”


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