11 Items That Are a Total Waste of Money Yet People Still Pay For It

There is no shortage of things people buy that makes one wonder whether it is by design or character flaw that made them waste their money on superfluous stuff. But as it happens, people will always keep purchasing stuff they do not need or stuff that adds little or no value to their lives.

A quick scout of social media revealed that people are more than willing to spend money without caring whether they will get any value from the purchase. Here are some of them.

MLM Products

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Most Multi-level-marketing companies are built on the same foundation of pyramid schemes. Sure, they offer and promote products they deem to cure a variety of illnesses, and most people believe them and purchase from them. However, most of these products are of poor quality, poorly packaged, overpriced, and look and feel cheap. And they expect you to sell to a million other people to earn ‘commissions.’ 

Extended Warranties on Cheap Items

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Some people argue that extended warranties offered on cheap items are designed to fleece people because companies come up with all kinds of excuses not to honor these warranties when someone makes a claim. For instance, why would anyone offer a $9.99 extended warranty on a pair of earphones worth $29.99? These warranties do not cover loss, theft, water damage, or misuse.

Internet Service Providers With No Unlimited Data Plans

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People say that some ISPs are very cunning. They will lure you in when they want you to become a customer, and they will offer you excellent deals. However, once you are in, they withdraw the deal without informing you. They reduce internet speeds to almost unusable speeds while others cap usage at a certain bandwidth.

Scientology and Mormonism

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Not much is known about these two societies, and they like to stay secretive for a reason. Some people argue that they are nothing but cults designed to fleece unsuspecting or trusting Americans (including celebrities). It is like they brainwash people. People throw money at them, expecting to go to heaven. They sell their merchandise at exorbitant prices to their members.

Money Given to Celebrity Preachers

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There is no shortage of preachers who promote the prosperity gospel. These preachers drive expensive cars, live in huge mansions, and some own private jets while their congregation members continue suffering.

Annual New Phone Replacements 

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Why buy a new phone every year? Phone companies have mastered the art of promoting consumerism. They produce different models of the same phone and promote them vigorously. And some people keep on pouring their hard-earned money into these gadgets.

Charity Runs

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Some people argue that marathons are designed to enrich the planners. Only a small percentage of the proceeds go to the actual cause the marathon was called for. The other amounts go to overpaid managers and organizers.

Gym Supplements

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Why would you take so many high-priced gym supplements when you get whatever you are looking for from fruits and vegetables?

Huge Weddings

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People pay ridiculous amounts of money to please people who do not care about them. They go into debt while doing so. Then they spend much more money going to expensive destinations for their honeymoon. 

Cigarette Smoking

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Millions of people know they are literally burning money and buying cancer whenever they smoke, but they gladly continue doing so.

Donating To Live Youtubers

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Streamers gain a lot of money from millions of people who willingly donate to support their content.

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