19 Overrated Things That Are Way More Hyped Than They Should Be

Overrated stuff- those things that everyone seems to be raving about, but when you finally give them a shot, you’re left scratching your head, wondering what all the fuss was about.

Someone asked, “What is extremely overrated?” This thread received thousands of comments, but we have selected the top 20 overrated things for you!

1. Social Media Influencers

Beautiful young woman selfie in the park
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Someone commented, “I cringe every time I hear the word ” influencer” I studied history, and there was a time when an “influencer” to me was people like Socrates, Ceasar Napoleon, or Einstein. Today, anyone who can point a camera at their bottom can carry the same title. I guess I’m just getting old, lol.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “”Influencers” is just another word for dumb. What do they even do again that actually contributes to society? Not trying to be a jerk, but I genuinely can’t think of anything.”

Some of them are genuinely talented and entertaining, but the sheer number of people pretending to live their best lives while promoting random products is mind-boggling.

2. Live Streamers

Girl Recording Vlog Video Blog At Home With Camera
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One said, “Live streamers, honestly. I don’t even get it. They just watch other people; it’s really bizarre. I guess it’s big business tho because these guys are signing 40-100 million dollar contracts.”

Another added, “As someone who spent years watching live streams on Twitch, it really is some of the lowest-effort content possible. 

Especially the big streamers, they are literally just filling as much time as possible to get to the next ad read, hit their hours streamed quota in their contract, and farm donations from their lonely parasocial viewers. Most of them have minimal talent; they just happened to have the right relationships to increase their viewer bases to become popular.”

Plus, the drama. Oh boy, the drama! Live streamers are like reality TV stars on steroids. Every little feud, every tiny scandal gets blown out of proportion, and suddenly, it’s trending on Twitter.

3. Social Media

Young pretty woman using social media on her smartphone
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First, think about the hours we spend scrolling, liking, and commenting. You plan to spend five minutes checking your feed, and suddenly, it’s three hours later, and you’ve seen 1000 pictures of your friend’s cat. Is that how you plan to spend your precious time? I didn’t think so. 

A discerning Reddit user commented, “Social media in general. Technologically-mediated links with people we like more generally.”

Another replied, “Genuinely think social media has started a mental health epidemic that is going to take a long time to come back from…if ever.”

4. Not Working 

man wearing red tshirt looking upset
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When you work, your job often defines a big chunk of who you are. Take that away, and suddenly, you’re just “the person with money.” 

A Redditor shared, “Being able to afford not to work sounds really great to me.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “In the words of Boiler Room, “Anyone who says money is evil doesn’t have any. Do you think money can’t buy happiness? Look at the huge smile on my face.”

5. Premium Handbags 

In a accessories store beautiful lady customer looking at the bags from the shelves while one charismatic salesman wants to help the customer
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Someone commented, “Designer purses and Handbags. All materialistic status symbols. . .”

Another added, “Watch YouTube channels where they cut up and tear out these premium bags and evaluate them. Yes, they’re better quality than a Kmart bag, but only worth about 0, including material and labor. Everything on top of that is pure badge only.

If you care only about quality, there are a number of artisan handmade options that are around the $500 mark or less, which will be even better quality but have zero status recognition.”

People go gaga over these designer bags because they want to show off. But seriously, does anyone really care if your bag has a fancy logo plastered all over it?

6. Luxury Phones 

woman smiling at phone in her hand
Image Credit: marinademeshko via DepositPhotos.com.

One said, “iPhone Pro Max and Samsung Ultra phones.”

Another replied, “The iPhone Pro and the Ultras with the better cameras. I can see if that’s job-related. But there’s no need for the pro max or the ultra plus.”

Every time a new one drops, people camp out like it’s the second coming of smartphones. Don’t get us wrong; these phones are great, but they’re not the only option out there.

7. Las Vegas

photo Las Vegas, Nevada, USA at the back of the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign reminding you to drive carefully and come back soon. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA at the back of the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign reminding you to drive carefully and come back soon. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA at the back of the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign reminding you to drive carefully and come back soon. images Download this image Image size / format Large · 8256 × 5504 pixels 28 × 18 in·300 DPI·JPG License type Standard license 1 credit Limited usage in print, advertising, and packaging. Unlimited web distribution. Plan FLEX 750 Subscription - Annual Billed Monthly Credits left 614 / 750 Plan expires: July 17, 2023 1 credit for a Standard License will be deducted from this plan. Used credits are non-refundable. Top choice! • High demand, loved by users Join the crowd, make this sought-after asset yours Stock Photo ID: 1925132639 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA at the back of the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign reminding you to drive carefully and come back soon.
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A discerning Reddit user commented, “But imagine Vegas before TV and in-home entertainment at our current level. It was the city version of social media-level stimulus dressed up in nightlife acceptance. Now that everything that made Vegas unique is in your pocket and, therefore, in your hometown, it’s just a cesspool of adultery and cash grabs.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “Oh, yes. I didn’t make it to Las Vegas until my late 50s, and then on business. My immediate reaction was, “Can I leave now?””

Sure, Vegas boasts some top-notch restaurants with celebrity chefs, but do you really want to go broke eating a single meal?

8. Starbucks

Hispanic young adult woman smiling confidently pointing to own broad smile. take away coffee concept
Image Credit: kues via DepositPhotos.com.

Starbucks doesn’t just sell coffee; they sell an experience. And apparently, that experience comes with a hefty price tag!

A Redditor shared, “Overpriced garbage. It tastes like dirty water. When I went to the USA, I was so excited to try something from Starbucks. But it was disappointing. I thought it was maybe the barista or that shop in particular (I can drink the iced coffee that comes in bottles; it’s good, but not the best thing I’ve ever tried). Then I tried in another Starbucks, same. Then I moved to Europe and tried it here, same. Always disappointing.”

Another added, “I don’t know why they insist on roasting their coffee beans to the point of it tasting burnt. To ensure you upgrade your coffee to a more expensive drink filled with whipped cream and artificial flavoring that masks the taste of their burnt coffee.”

9. TikTok

shocked girl holding smartphone with tiktok logo isolated on pink
Image Credit: IgorVetushko via DepositPhotos.com.

Someone commented, “I never understand what is the point of TikTok. I know of people talking about it.”

Another person pitched in to say, “Had to get rid of it, and my life has improved ever since that thing is a death sentence for your attention span and life just thinking about how many hours I spent on that app haunts me.”

Now, the endless scrolling. You open TikTok with the intention of watching a couple of videos, and suddenly, it’s three hours later, and you’ve learned how to cook a gourmet meal using only a toaster and a shoelace!

10. Politicians

Democrat Party and Republican Party Symbol on an American Flag Background
Image Credit: cowardlion/Shutterstock.

One said, “Politicians are generally rated very low… and you’re still right.”

Another replied, “Until you say you’d rather not vote, then suddenly one of the politicians becomes a moral imperative. I don’t care how low you rate them….it’s still too high.”

Politicians swoop in with their grandiose pledges every election season to change the world. But let’s be real here, people: How often do these promises actually pan out? 

11. The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian West at the 2017 LACMA Art + Film Gala held at the LACMA in Los Angeles, USA on November 4, 2017.
Image Credit: Tinseltown/Shutterstock.

First things first, the fame. The Kardashians are famous for… well, being famous. They became household names thanks to a reality show that documented their day-to-day lives. But let’s be real, is there anything extraordinary about their lives? Not really. 

Someone commented, “The Kardashians. Still don’t understand why women find them so entertaining and funny. I guess?”

Another added, “No media thinks we want to hear about them, but no one does. They just thrust down our throats by Middle Ages women who wore bedazzled clothes in the 2000s.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “Every time I ask my friends or family why they watch them,’ their funny’ is always the answer. I’m very sorry, but I consider people who enjoy watching them to be faulty in some way.”

12. Getting Drunk

man toasting with beer
Image Credit: DmitryPoch via DepositPhotos.com.

One said, “Hard agree. It’s a literal toxin for your organs and brain, which your liver has to go into overdrive to try and clear up. Also, the hangover afterward, and the bad behavior of everyone involved after a few drinks in, is just teenage try-hard mentality.”

Another replied, “Work drinking culture is just as bad as well, and I’m glad I’ve passed that phase and now can just confidently say “Nah, thanks, mate, I don’t drink anymore, I’ll just have some water” without feeling any sense of peer pressure or “shame” anymore.

It’s not worth destroying your body to try and “fit in” or think that you’re impressing anyone with how many shots you can have and still turn up for that 9 a.m. meeting tomorrow.”

The regrets! Oh, the regrets. Have you ever sent a cringeworthy text, made a questionable decision, or spilled your deepest secrets to a complete stranger while under the influence? Join the club.

13. Superhero Movies

Spiderman Marvel comics in Madame Tussauds Wax museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Image Credit: Alexander Tolstykh/Shutterstock.

A discerning Reddit user commented, A discerning Reddit user commented, “Holy moly, the good guy fought the bad guy, AND HE ALMOST LOST, but right at the end, dude, he did a super cool move that he only decided to save until the end and beat the bad guy and the theater clapped for 34 minutes.”

Another person pitched in to say, “Yeah, especially with fans. Superhero movies are nice to watch. Pretty brainless action movies. But I always wonder why people try to make some kind of overall story arc between all movies. 

Like if you talk to Marvel fans, they start to tell you how there are multiple timelines, and you have to watch movies in weird order that you really understand what is happening. Like, dude, please. I just want to watch Ironman’s laser hands go pew pew pew.”

How many times do we have to see Batman’s parents getting killed in an alley or Spider-Man being bitten by a radioactive spider? We get it; they had tough childhoods- can we move on to something new, please?

14. A Big House

San Francisco travel tourists couple looking at houses landscape banner.
Image Credit: Maridav/Shutterstock.

Someone commented, “Having a massive house. Cleaning it yourself definitely sucks the enjoyment out of it.”

Another added, “Right! I’m used to a cozy one bedroom basement apartment. I would feel out of place in something so large. Purchased my first home last year (2 bed 1 bath) and have zero desire to “upgrade” to anything bigger, even if I won the lottery. The one and only thing I’d like is more storage space/a 2 car garage instead of 1.”

The maintenance is another beast. When you’ve got acres of lawn, a gazillion rooms, and a pool that’s basically a small lake, you better have a maintenance team on speed dial.

15. Taylor Swift 

New York, NY, USA - December 13, 2019: Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 Z100 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden.
Image Credit: Brian Friedman/Shutterstock.

One said, “I will get hate for this, but Taylor Swift. Her music is extremely mediocre. Her lyrics are corny, and if anyone without her name and brand released her songs, then no one would bring this much hype to it. Folklore did not deserve a Grammy imo. I’ve heard so many other girls write songs with the exact same sound.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “I guess her huge following is not exactly because of her music; people who adore celebrities do it because they think of them as “friends” in this social media era; that’s why “influencers” also have huge followings even if they don’t have any talent. Taylor Swift is pretty, rich, and seems nice to her fans, so I guess that is what mostly motivates people to follow her.”

Taylor Swift has this image of being relatable and down-to-earth, but let’s not forget that she’s also a mega-rich celebrity with a squad that’s basically a who’s who of Hollywood.

16. Adulting

Face enraged infuriated woman screaming emotion
Image Credit: golubovy via DepositPhotos.com.

Remember when we were kids and couldn’t wait to grow up? Well, guess what? It’s a trap! Sure, you get to eat ice cream for breakfast and stay up as late as you want, but you also have bills, responsibilities, and taxes to deal with. 

A discerning Reddit user commented, “Adulting. It seemed so cool when I was young.”

Another replied, “I rmr telling my mom, ‘I can’t wait to have a job and work and not be stressed about tests, like at least I’ll get paid at work,’ and when she said she wishes she was a student again, I never understood. It clicked after a month at my first (post-college) job.”

17. Your 20s

Portrait of offended dissatisfied woman with stylish hairstyle wear purple shirt staring open mouth isolated on blue color background.
Image Credit: Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock.

A Redditor shared, “Your twenties. I was always told they’d be the best years of your life. I hope not because mine were brutal.”

Another added, “I’m halfway through my thirties now. I’m hoping it gets better but I’m not optimistic about the future at all. In your 20s, life is only tip deep.”

Your 20s can be financially tough. Student loans, entry-level jobs, and the cost of living can make you question your life choices. But hey, we’re all in this broke boat together.

18. Hookup Culture

Top view of young couple in love lying on bed indoors at home.
Image Credit: Ground Picture/Shutterstock.

In the age of dating apps and one-night stands, we’ve forgotten that relationships can be beautiful. Sure, casual encounters have their place, but they shouldn’t overshadow the joy of a meaningful connection. 

One said, “It’s one of the worst things in this generation. Too much and everywhere as well, just disgusting.”

Another replied, “It gets old and boring jumping from one person to the other, not to mention it can be dangerous. Just having one partner who genuinely loves and cares about you that’s enough for me. I like to be valued as more than just a “roll in the hay.” Just personally don’t understand the hype, but to each their own. It’s just overrated to me.”

19. Friends

group of friends looking at camera
Image Credit: IgorVetushko via DepositPhotos.com.

A discerning Reddit user commented, “Friends. The TV show, lol.”

Another added, “100% this. What a terrible show with terrible writing. It’s almost never worth a chuckle, let alone a real laugh. I love comedies and well-done sitcoms…but that isn’t it.”

And the laugh track! Don’t even get us started on the incessant laughter in the background.

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