12 Super Useless Items People Carry With Them Every Day

Carrying our daily essentials is a routine we all follow, but have you ever paused to think about the items that find a permanent place in your bag or pocket? It turns out that amidst the keys, wallets, and phones, some objects seem to have overstayed their welcome.

These seemingly harmless items have become part of our daily lives, often without us realizing their true utility.

1. Pocket-Sized Notebooks

Image of joyous woman smiling and writing down notes in diary book
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Many individuals can be seen toting around pocket-sized notebooks, believing that they are always on the verge of an ingenious idea or a groundbreaking revelation. In reality, most of these notebooks end up as a collection of half-baked thoughts and scribbles that never see the light of day. Despite the digital age providing convenient alternatives, the allure of putting pen to paper still lingers, leading to a plethora of unused notebooks cluttering bags and pockets.

2. Excessive Loyalty Cards

Close-up Of A Person's Hand With Loyalty Card Using Laptop
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The obsession with loyalty programs has turned wallets into a chaotic mess of plastic. People accumulate loyalty cards from every coffee shop, grocery store, and gym in the vicinity, each card promising discounts, freebies, and exclusive deals. However, the sheer number of these cards often leads to confusion and unnecessary delay at the checkout counter. The irony lies in the fact that in the pursuit of saving, people find themselves weighed down by these well-intentioned pieces of plastic.

3. Extra Phone Chargers

Smartphone charging with cable on light stone table
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With smartphone addiction on the rise, carrying around an extra phone charger has become a norm. The fear of being stranded with a dying phone in the midst of an important call or navigating unfamiliar territory drives individuals to carry bulky chargers in their bags. Yet, modern technology has improved battery life significantly, making the need for these backup chargers less urgent. Still, the peace of mind that comes with having an extra lifeline for one’s device often outweighs the inconvenience.

4. Multitude of Keys

Smiling blonde woman holding car keys isolated on yellow
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Jangling keychains with an assortment of keys for different locks and purposes have become a familiar sight. Whether it’s keys to long-forgotten padlocks, mysterious storage units, or old bike locks, many people cling to these metal artifacts. The rationalization behind it may be rooted in the ‘what if’ scenario, where the possibility of needing a certain key suddenly becomes crucial. Consequently, keychains have become a modern-day talisman, an homage to the unknown.

5. Overstocked Cosmetic Bags

Makeup mascara woman with hair rollers getting ready looking in pocket mirror.
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Cosmetic bags resemble a mobile pharmacy these days, packed to the brim with an arsenal of makeup products and toiletries. Carrying around a variety of lipsticks, eyeliners, and perfumes seems like a reflection of preparedness for any occasion. Yet, the reality often involves using only a fraction of these items daily. The compulsion to have every shade and scent on hand has transformed these bags into a repository of rarely-used products, complicating the morning routine more than simplifying it.

6. Outdated Gadgets

Modern gadgets with power bank on blue background
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From old iPods to forgotten digital cameras, many people harbor outdated gadgets that hold sentimental value or evoke nostalgia. These gadgets may have once been the epitome of modern technology, but in today’s fast-paced world, they have become relics of the past. Nonetheless, the reluctance to part with them often stems from the memories associated with their usage. Carrying these items can be seen as a tribute to an era gone by, an homage to simpler times in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

7. Receipts Galore

Man angry at bills he needs to pay.
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The habit of collecting receipts has transformed wallets and bags into veritable receipt repositories. The thought of needing them for returns, warranties, or expense tracking is often the driving force behind this accumulation. However, in practice, most of these paper trails end up crumpled and unreadable, lost among the sea of items. Despite digital options for organizing receipts, many people find solace in the tangible presence of these paper slips, clinging onto them with the hope of order amidst the chaos.

8. Entertainment Overload

Furious Lady Shouting On Smartphone.
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Carrying a book or magazine can be a wonderful way to escape into another world during transit. However, the prevalence of smartphones and e-readers has rendered physical copies somewhat obsolete. Yet, the allure of a tangible book or magazine, with its sensory experience and aesthetic appeal, continues to draw individuals. The practicality of carrying several forms of entertainment in digital format often yields the desire for a more traditional and immersive reading experience.

9. Tons of Loose Change

five US Cent Coins
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It’s a common sight to see individuals laden with pockets full of loose change, which accumulates over time from minor transactions. The allure of not breaking a larger bill often results in jingling pockets and the constant need to fish out the right coins. Despite the rise of digital payment options, many people still carry around this heavy burden of small change, possibly due to nostalgia or the belief that these coins might come in handy someday.

10. Unreadable Grocery Lists

Woman with notebook in grocery store, closeup. Shopping list on paper.
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Carrying around grocery lists can be a helpful way to stay organized, but some lists become more of a mystery than a guide. Illegible handwriting, cryptic abbreviations, and hastily scribbled items can transform a well-intentioned list into a frustrating puzzle. Despite the convenience of digital shopping lists and apps, the charm of a handwritten list often triumphs over practicality, leading to an array of indecipherable notes crumpled at the bottom of bags.

11. Excessively Loaded Keychains

Bunch of different keys on wooden surface
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Keychains have evolved from simple tools for organizing keys to flashy and often bulky accessories. The inclusion of various trinkets, novelty items, and extra keychains on the main keyring can transform it into a jumbled mess. Despite the inconvenience of a heavy and unwieldy set of keys, many people continue to carry these keychains as a form of personal expression or as tokens of memories, even if they impede the simple act of finding the right key.

12. Emergency Snacks That Never Get Eaten

Young fun happy woman wear white clothes hold in hand many protein bars look aside on area isolated on plain pastel light green background. Proper nutrition healthy fast food unhealthy choice concept
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In the pursuit of preparedness, many individuals carry emergency snacks, such as energy bars or trail mix, in their bags. These snacks are meant to be a lifeline during unexpected hunger pangs. However, these provisions often remain untouched, lost among the clutter of bags, and expire before ever fulfilling their intended purpose. The desire to be ready for any situation outweighs the practicality of regularly consuming these items.

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