12 Wholesome Frugal Wins (And How Much It Paid Off)

Ever wanted to share a frugal win?

Someone wanted to know the latest frugal hacks people did and how much it saved them. He stopped buying takeaway coffee ($10 saved per week), and takeaway food ($60 saved per week) and avoided food waste (saved $10 per week).

This wholesome post led people to share their frugal wins!

$50 per Month on Internet Charges

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One user saved $50 by changing internet companies, and the saved amount was spent for a better cause, “Changed the internet company, went from $100 a month to $50 a month. That’s a flight ticket to visit my parents.”

$20 per Month on Cable

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Another saved $20 per month by canceling cable, “I canceled my cable and kept my local channels and the internet. My savings is $20/month. From $200/month to $179/month. Ridiculous.”

Large Savings After Redirecting Investments

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One user saved a chunk after redirecting their investments over 25 years, “Redirecting my investments from a Financial Advisor who takes 2.6% MER fees. Self-managing ETFs at 0.5% annual fees. That adds up to a very large amount of cash savings over 25 years. Very large.”

Over 95% Savings on a $100K Pre-tax Income

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A truck driver says he saved a lot by deciding to live in his truck, “I started truck driving and living in the truck to avoid rent. No utilities, per diem, and insurance included discounted phone plan, no car payment or fuel costs. Saving 95% of my take home, earning over $100k pre-tax.”

$15 per Week on Coffee

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By buying coffee they love, they save $15 per week they would have spent on takeaways, “No takeaway coffee. I am only buying coffee I love and will want to use instead of mediocre, cheaper versions. That guarantees that I’ll make coffee at home and will be happy. I imagine this saves me at least $10-15/week.”

$50 per Week Saved by Gleaning

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One user saves $50 per week gleaning during the spring and fall seasons, “Gleaning. Collecting fresh extra produce from farms, farmer’s markets, and grocers. Local gleaners club found on meet-up. 30-50 a week late spring-early fall.”

$45 per Month for Giving up Sugar

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One user lost weight and saved money simply by giving up sugar, “I gave up half-n-half and sugar, and now drink black coffee. I lost a few pounds and am saving about $45 a month.”

$150K for Having a Roommate

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By staying with a roommate for over a decade, one user saved over $150k, “I had a roommate for 13 years, and it saved me about $150,000.”

Over $1200 on Gas and Gym

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After swapping his car for a bike, one user saved a lot of money, “Been biking to work for the last year. $600 was not spent on gas. $600 was not paid to the gym.  And since time is money, I got 260 hours back by combining my workout and commute. Calculate that value as you wish.”

Over 57K on DIY House Renovations

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After buying a house, a couple went the DIY way on renovation, saving over $50k in the process, “I did $75k worth of updates and upgrading, all DIY for $18k. The house is no longer stuck in the 70’s. (All Flooring, new kitchen, new Master Bath, new 3-season room, minor plumbing, minor electrical).”

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