19 Things That Are So Messed Up, You’ll Wonder How We Let It Happen

So much whacky stuff has become normal in our lives, but should we really be cool with it? It seems like we’re living in this upside-down world where things that used to be eyebrow-raisers are now just everyday things, and seeing them everywhere has kind of just normalized it!

One Redditor asked, “What’s something that’s been normalized, but you feel like it shouldn’t be?” Now, this thread has received thousands of comments, and we have listed the most upvoted ones for you!

1. Scamming

person hacking a computer
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A discerning Reddit user commented, “Scamming. I think it should be only punished via firing squad, on live TV and streamed to Reddit.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “I’m not saying we need to recognize it as a negative personality aspect and shame people who express it, same goes for scammers. Seriously! Business models are literally based off scamming people. If you make under $70,000 a year and you use turbo tax chances are you got scammed!”

Here’s the thing, though- scamming is not some harmless prank. It messes up people’s lives. Think about the elderly who get calls from “grandchildren” in trouble, asking for money. Or the single moms who get tricked into buying fake products that are supposed to save them money. It’s messed up, and it’s time we stopped treating it like a quirky plot twist.

2. Being Greedy

Greedy young man hiding money on light blue background.
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A Reddit user wrote, “Glorification of greed.”

Another added, “The whole “greed is good” thing said to me by people who claim to be Christians drives me up the wall. Greed is not good; it’s just predictable, and predictable is useful.”

Someone else replied, “And the idea that any sort of attempt to temper that greed with regulation is bad for society. Oh yeah, it’s bad for 90% of people to be poor; I’m sure they agree.”

And let’s not forget the crazy stories we hear about CEOs and Wall Street wolves. They rake in billions while their workers scrape by on crumbs. And yet, we’re supposed to look up to these guys?

3. Billboards

man wearing red tshirt looking upset
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One said, “Billboards. Everywhere: Billboards.”

Another pitched in to say, “This. I remember last year I went to Florida (it was my first time ever at a real beach) and they had literal SHIPS that had big *ss billboards that would sail across the horizon. I remember how annoyed I was. I can’t even look at the ocean without seeing an ad. It truly angered my soul.”

But you know what’s even crazier? We’ve gotten so used to billboards being everywhere that we hardly even notice them anymore.

4. The Hustle Culture

Handsome young man with phone and money in pocket
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Remember when weekends were actually for relaxing? Now it’s like if you’re not working on your side gig, learning a new skill, and optimizing your life down to the last minute, you’re somehow failing at adulting. 

One Redditor stated, “Hustle culture is destroying our mental health. And our physical health. I almost had a heart attack at 26 working as a restaurant manager.”

Someone else added, “Adding to this the glorification of burnout. Like you aren’t working 80 hours a week while having a side hustle, you aren’t living. And the shaming of burnout! You’re working 80 weeks and have a side hustle, and you’re mentally and physically exhausted and want a break? You’re a crybaby with no work ethic!”

5. Ads Being Everywhere

shocked woman watching tv by husband with remote control
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Remember the good old days when you could watch TV without being interrupted by a gazillion commercials? Now it’s like you’re watching a 20-minute show and getting hit with 10 minutes of ads. And don’t even get us started on YouTube- you can’t watch a funny cat video without sitting through an ad for the latest luxury car.

A discerning Reddit user commented, “Relentless advertising. Any site I visit, popup ads are literally everywhere.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “I’m sooooo sick of it, dude. The ads are all terrible and weird, and I have never purchased a product based on an ad. Every app and site has tons of ads. Watching YouTube feels just like being a kid and constantly having your TV episode ruined by ad breaks. Cooking sites are a disaster to navigate. It’s ridiculous and relentless, not to mention insulting.”

6. Social Media

Young pretty woman using social media on her smartphone
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Social media has this sneaky way of messing with our mental health. We’re glued to our screens, comparing our behind-the-scenes to everyone else’s carefully crafted posts. 

One said, “Being on social media all day long. I deleted my Facebook and Instagram last Monday. I feel better about my self. I like the privacy.”

Another added, “The other day, I told a coworker that I do not use tiktok, and they asked what else I do in my sparetime then…”

7. Unreliable Information

woman surprised.
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A Reddit user wrote, “TikTok being a source of information or news. Millennials and Gen Z watch Facebook become rife with misinformation and an echo chamber for the older generation.

Someone else replied, “Now they are blindly believing whatever they see on TikTok. Whether it’s news, current events, or “life hacks.” I’ve had conversations with people who are confused when I have disputed what they claim a video on TikTok said.”

And let’s not forget the power of social media in this chaos. Everyone’s got an opinion, and suddenly, everyone’s an expert on everything. We’re all sharing stuff without even checking if it’s legit, and misinformation spreads faster than a wildfire in a forest.

8. Being Nice

Photo portrait of mature handsome man arguing irritated face annoyed raise palm wear trendy green garment isolated on blue color background.
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Remember when being nice was just, well, nice? Now, if you’re not flexing your “tough guy” muscles and being all snarky and sarcastic, you’re not seen as strong. One Redditor stated, “That being nice is somehow a sign of weakness. Like, who the f started that?”

Someone else added, “My past “friend”-group actually kicked me out for that. Let me tell ya: Standing up for the guy who always got picked on if someone throws junk on the ground, picking it up for them, trying to mediate conflicts, … (yeah, I know I’m that one kid)

At one point, the sort of “leaders of the group” started slowly pushing me out and making an extra Snapchat group without me in it, that sort of thing. Until one day, I arrived at school, and they just said I couldn´t talk with them or they´d beat  me, so I had to sit somewhere else. I only still have contact with one of the nice guys in the group.”

9. Posting Children Online

three kids laying on grass in park, smiling and wearing sunglasses
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A discerning Reddit user commented, “People posting pics of their kids online and on social media”

Another person agreed to it and said, “Poor kids never had a single moment of privacy. I know one person kept posting nude pictures of her kid on fb. I never understood why”

Another added, “My kids were around right at the beginning of social media and I’m guilty of this. They’re adults now but, I feel guilty that those moments are out there. Looking back, I wish I hadn’t done it. Now I feel parents should keep their kids off the internet until they’re old enough to have a say.”

Privacy, anyone? Kids are being born into a world where their entire childhood is basically documented online. Would you want your toddler tantrums to come back and haunt you when you’re trying to land a job?

10. Less Vacation Time

Couple on a beach
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Imagine a world where you could take a proper break without feeling guilty, where you could actually unplug and come back to work feeling refreshed and ready to tackle anything. One said, “In the US, two weeks of vacation combined with the 40+ hour work week.”

Someone else replied, “Yep! At the company I’m at, you get 2 weeks for the first 5 years, then 3 weeks from the 5th year to the 15th year, and then 4 weeks once you’ve been at the company for 15 years. They previously had a shorter time frame for the 4th week and also went to 5 weeks and 6 weeks, but those went away, and 4 weeks is the max now. 

Unfortunately, it takes a LOT of years to get there! You can only carry over 2 weeks from year to year, but if you go past your “normal” allowance and dip into those 2 weeks, then you have to use less than your full vacation time each year until you save that 2 weeks back up.”

11. Using Medical Terms Wrong

Clueless Young doctor surgeon woman over isolated white background shrugs shoulders with hesitation.
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A Reddit user wrote, “The appropriation of medical/psychiatric/counseling language among ordinary people. Whatever gains we’ve made in destigmatizing discussions of mental health struggles have been lost to people who use that language for their own selfish ends. 

Not everyone who acts like an ***hole is a narcissist sometimes when you’re “setting boundaries,” you’re the one being unreasonable, and not everyone needs to capitulate to ridiculous demands for the sake of your mental health. Goes hand-in-hand with fake disorder attention seeking.”

Another added, “Yes! To add to it, you are not “totally ocd” just because you like cleaning and being organized. People with real ocd are really struggling to go through everyday life.”

But here’s the scoop- while it might seem all casual and cool to flex those medical words, it’s got some hidden hang-ups.

12. Anti-Intellectualism

young pretty blonde woman scheming and conspiring, thinking devious tricks and cheats, cunning and betraying.
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One Redditor stated, “It’s unreal. Just unreal how people just dismiss information seemingly only because they don’t understand it. Or it diverges from their opinion.”

Someone else added, “I was once reprimanded at a pizza shop I worked at for using Pi. We used notched pizza platters to guide us on where to cut the pizzas that were meant to be sold by the slice. We needed a new pan, and I didn’t use the string method they had cuz, well, I’m not a caveman. 

16-inch pain, time pi, and divided the result by the number of cuts to find out how far apart the notches should be. People were genuinely offended. I thought they were going to burn me at the stake for witchcraft and dark sorcery.”

So, how do we flip the script? Simple. Embrace curiosity, and don’t shy away from the rabbit holes of learning. When someone throws a “big word” your way, don’t pretend you’re allergic to syllables. Ask what it means, and hey, now you’ve leveled up your word game.

13. TikTok Challenges

young woman holding phone with TikTok
Image Credit: IgorVetushko via DepositPhotos.com.

A discerning Reddit user commented, “Especially since they get more and more dangerous. Like that trend where u drug people without them knowing anything. That’s messed up”

Another person agreed to it and said, “This is not normal. They make me cringe so hard every time. The dancing, the challenges all of it”

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt- or worse. And yeah, we get it; we all want those viral moments, but should we really be putting our safety (and dignity) on the line for a few seconds of internet fame?

14. Filming Strangers 

Teenage girl singing with people photographing her in smartphones.
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One said, “Filming/photographing strangers in public.”

Someone else replied, “I hate this so much! I remember growing up, I wouldn’t mind a quick change on the beach. Now, I wrap up and check if I’m not in someone’s video. My mom (young in the 60s and 70s) was wondering why topless sunbathing has almost disappeared now. Just so f*** rude.”

Now, sometimes, it’s harmless fun. Like capturing that adorable puppy doing a somersault or catching a street performer’s killer dance moves. But there’s a thin line between sharing a slice of life and invading someone’s privacy!

15. Expensive Trucks

Modern pickup in the middle of the desert. Car at the offroad. Big red truck stopped at the during off-road trip
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A Reddit user wrote, “70 grand for a truck. Looks like we gotta trade our house for a sweet ride.”

Another added, “Trucks are awesome. I cannot imagine my life without one. But they are getting ridiculously expensive.”

But here’s the twist- not everyone’s cool with this truckflation (that’s truck inflation, by the way). Some of us are raising an eyebrow and wondering if this whole trend is driving us down a road we might regret.

16. Justifying Your Rudeness

Furious,enraged man with grumpy grimace on his face,with mouth opened in shout, ready to argue and swear, wants to gain respect, show strength, isolated over white background.
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This person shared, “Being an ***hole under the guise of “telling it like it is.””

One pitched in: “Such people need to be called out and given a boot up their backside. Sorry, I have a coworker who is horrid to many people, but the manager just makes an excuse saying it’s his “Germanness”!”

You know what’s even crazier? Some people actually admire this “no filter” attitude. Like it’s cool to be the Simon Cowell of everyday life. But here’s the real deal: there’s a difference between being blunt and being a bulldozer. You can speak your mind without leaving a trail of crushed feelings in your wake.

17. School Shootings

Face enraged infuriated woman screaming emotion
Image Credit: golubovy via DepositPhotos.com.

One Redditor stated, “Got a promotion in my email from a body armor company with a “Back to School Sale” for armored backpacks and protective clothing. Seriously.”

Someone else added, “It’s so messed up that we even have to think about that. It would be better if we actually protected our children the way we protect our politicians’ children.”

We’re supposed to worry about grades, relationships, and what’s for lunch- not whether we’re going to make it home in one piece.


18. Alcohol

man toasting with beer
Image Credit: DmitryPoch via DepositPhotos.com.

One said, “Alcohol consumption. The part I hate the most is people being shamed for not drinking. As if your decision to drink or not is anyone else’s business.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “This, and the fact that it’s totally acceptable to get hammered at the bar with friends, but if you have a few drinks at home by yourself, you “have a problem”.”

Enjoying a drink or two? Sure, why not? But it’s time to shake up this cocktail culture. We need to stop seeing getting hammered as a rite of passage and start seeing it for what it is- a choice with consequences.

19. Not Caring About Others

Portrait of selfish senior man crossing hands on his chest..
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One Redditor stated, “The me, myself, and I attitude. People are so focused on themselves that courtesy has disappeared.”

Someone else added, “That’s my answer, too. Rampant individualism is a cancer of modern society. We’ve turned egotism into a virtue; no wonder any sense of community is dead and buried, and half of the population is lonely, depressed, or anxious.”

So, what’s the takeaway? Not caring about others might be the trend, but maybe it’s time to flip the script.

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