20 Things Millennials Will Say “I’m With the Boomers On This One”

Who said Boomers and Millennials can’t agree on anything?

Ah, the Boomers! They’ve lived through times of change, seen the world evolve, and shaped today’s society. While it’s true that generational gaps often give rise to different opinions, there are some areas where people can find common ground with the Boomers.

One Redditor asked, “What can you say “I’m with the boomers on this one” about?” This thread received thousands of comments, but we have selected the top 20 ones for you!

1. Automated Systems

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Now, you might think that Boomers and technology don’t mix well, but there are some areas where people from all generations can agree on the benefits of automated systems.

A discerning Reddit user commented, “Calling any business and getting an automated system that takes you 12 minutes to get through doesn’t answer your question, and you can’t get a real person.”

Another replied, “”Did you know you can avoid waiting for an agent by using our website? Just go to double-u, double-u, double-u, dot…” No, I can’t. That was the first thing I tried, and your website is useless. That’s why I’m calling you.”

Someone else added, “You can’t forget about these classic hits: “Your call is very important to us” “We are experiencing unusually high call volume” “Please listen closely as our menu options have recently changed” “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. Can you please repeat that?””

2. The Sound Issue

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One said, “Movies, and some TV shows for that matter, are mixed idiotically these days. I don’t appreciate having to crank the volume way up to hear whispered dialog only to have a music swell or explosion or something blow my head clean off. No amount of tweaking my sound system has fixed this.”

A Reddit user wrote, ““alright, so we are discussing supper important plot points, but we are doing it at a level only someone with supersonic hearing can hear; the viewer just cranked up the tv? EXPLOSIONS, GUN SHOTS, IF IT DOESNT SOUND LIKE THE ALLIES INVADING NORMANDY ITS NOT LOUD ENOUGH!!!””

Now, don’t get us wrong; music is a powerful tool in storytelling. It sets the mood and adds emotion, but there’s a fine line between enhancing the movie experience and drowning out the dialogue!

3. Concert Price

New York, NY, USA - December 13, 2019: Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 Z100 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden.
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A Redditor wrote, “Concert ticket pricing is too high. Once you get in, a beer is $17!”

Another added, “I’m GenX and was talking to a 19yo at work and was shocked he’d never been to a concert since I’d been to a lot of great concerts at 13 to 18. Then I realized just how absurdly priced they are. It’s sad they miss out.”

We love our favorite artists and want to experience the magic of a live concert. But when you have to sell your kidney to afford a decent seat, something isn’t right.

4. Apps

Portrait of astonished girl blogger use her cellphone
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One Redditor stated, “Any business which requires you to use an app. I don’t want to download an app, make an account, and remember said password for the account. Especially because the app doesn’t even work a lot of the time or is extremely convoluted with the frontend design.”

Someone else replied, “They really only want us to get their app so they can mine data from our phones when we blindly accept the terms and conditions.”

Seriously, do we really need an app for everything? It’s like there’s an app for waking up, an app for brushing your teeth, an app for tying your shoelaces. It’s getting out of hand! Sure, apps can be handy and make our lives easier, but let’s not go overboard, people.

5. Tips

The hand of the waitress takes the tip. The waiter girl receives a tip from the client at the hotel bar. A bartender woman is happy to receive a tip at work. The concept of service.
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We go out to enjoy some good food and have a good time. But when we’re expected to calculate percentages and feel guilty if we don’t leave a hefty tip, it takes away from the whole dining experience!

Someone commented, “Every business asking for tips at checkout.”

Another responded, “Yeah, stop that intentional social pressure. It was honestly jarring when Starbucks went from, you know, simply allowing you to tip to outright suggesting it at every single transaction. I don’t go much these days but I was kind of put off by that a bit”

Another person added, “Oh, the request for tip EVERYWHERE is wild. They will ask for a tip before you even have gotten your meal or coffee or whatever, so how do I know if the service was too worthy yet?!?”

6. Digital Menus

Customer ordering food at restaurant counter
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Imagine this: you sit at a table, and instead of a good old paper menu, you’re handed a tablet or a QR code to scan. You might think that Boomers and their love for old-school stuff would be all for this, but guess what? Sometimes, people from all generations can agree that digital menus at restaurants are just too much.

Someone on Reddit said, “Digital Menus!!!!!! Agh!! I need to take it all on at once. I detest digital menus.”

A user responded, “I also feel like everyone just zones out a little more when they’re on their phone looking at the menu. We’re on our phones long enough, I just want a physical menu, makes it a more social experience.”

7. Outdoor With the Kids

Image of happy children having water gun fight at house backyard garden. Family playing and having fun outdoors at summer.
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One said, “Kids do great with totally unstructured outdoor play. They don’t need an organized game or activity. If you take a bunch of kids to a park and keep an eye on them, they’ll figure out stuff to do together and often come up with creative and interesting things that adults wouldn’t have thought of. Just keep them physically safe and let them run around and do kid stuff. You don’t need to curate everything.”

Another added, “Using your comment as a springboard to say LET KIDS BE BORED!! Boredom breeds creativity and innovation! Making sure they have something to do every second of every day may reduce tantrums, but you are robbing that child of the ability to self-regulate, self-entertain, and come up with their own creative ideas!

That’s why I will never be okay with little kids being given tablets and unrestricted access to the internet. I think it’s good to distract kids in times of anxiety and in situations like waiting rooms where there is little they can do to self-stimulate. But other times are opportunities for the kid to find out what they really like doing.”

We love our kids and want them to have a good time, but do we have to turn into professional party planners whenever we want to take them outside?

8. Social Media

Young pretty woman using social media on her smartphone
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We’re bombarded with these picture-perfect lives on our feeds, making us feel like we’re falling short. Everyone seems to have these glamorous vacations and flawless bodies while we’re sitting here in our sweatpants eating cold pizza. Now, this constant comparison can be pretty deadly.

Someone shared, “Social media is unhealthy, and children shouldn’t have unrestricted access to the internet.”

One wrote, “People are already having posts they made as teenagers held against them as adults. Kids shouldn’t be putting their inexperienced opinions out there in perpetuity.”

9. Phones

woman smiling at phone in her hand
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People are so obsessed with getting the perfect shot to share on their feeds that they forget to actually live in the moment. One Reddit user wrote, “All the phones at the concerts and events.”

Another commented, “Exactly, enjoy the event; no one wants to see some 4×2 resolution video with bad audio quality that’s constantly shaking. It’s not “memories”; the memories are made from you actually enjoying the event.”

10. Repairment

Repairman with tools
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One wrote, “Built-in obsolescence is silly! We have 1,000% become more of a throwaway society than fix it and keep it going society.

I also firmly back Right to Repair laws, especially when it comes to farmers. John Deere equipment is code locked, so even if a farmer had the knowledge and tools to fix it themselves, they STILL have to take it to an authorized John Deere center for repairs.”

Someone else agreed and said, “Man, I watched a couple episodes of How It’s Made the other day. Funny how my perspective has changed. I used to love that show, now it’s depressing seeing “Each machine can make 3,000 [completely unnecessary disposable items] every minute.””

Can you repair any broken item in your house all by yourself? Or do you feel the need to seek professional help?

11. Noisy iPad Kids

Little girl watching mickey mouse educational program video on youtube using digital tablet. Mickey Mouse is a famous cartoon character from Disney.
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A Redditor wrote, “Parents who let their kids use tablets in public spaces with the volume all the way up, no headphones, and not doing it to stop an imminent tantrum (if they truly cannot get the kid out of that shared space for some reason) are trashy af. Fight me.”

Someone said, “It’s so annoying; I’m afraid the kids will have dependency issues growing up. They will and do. I work with kids, and some of them can’t tolerate a 30-minute therapy session without some sort of screen on. It’s also so strange to watch a tantruming kid suddenly stop tantruming the second a video starts playing.”

Kids these days are so engrossed in their screens that they forget how to interact with the real world. They’re sitting right next to each other but in their little digital bubble.

12. Other People’s Lawn

Attractive gardener with plants and flowerpots sitting on green grass
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Someone said, “Get off my lawn.”

Another person shared similar thoughts and mentioned, “I have my sprinklers on an app now, just because of the neighbor kid. I don’t care if he’s randomly playing, but they started coming over and looking in my windows and yelling stuff. Final straw was when he hurt himself falling in my sprinkler, so he stood up and kicked it until it broke, then threw the parts everywhere. Went to buy the stuff to fix the sprinkler, saw the controller. Problem solved. I’ve got that kid like 5 times; he’s a slow learner. Lol”

Why can’t we respect other people’s property and keep our games within the boundaries of our yards?

13. Being Loud

human on computer with megaphone sticking out screaming.
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One user said, “Everything is too loud and should be turned down.”

Someone else added, “Restaurants. Restaurants are far too loud. I want to be able to enjoy some conversation with my friends over dinner, not have to shout like I’m ordering an overpriced beer at a Slaughter to Prevail concert.”

Now, we are not saying we need to be silent robots. We can laugh, we can have fun, and we can express ourselves. But let’s find a balance. Let’s be aware of our surroundings and adjust our volume accordingly. It’s called being mindful!

14. Car Touchscreens

angry man driving car
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Car touchscreens can lead to distracted driving. You’re fumbling around, swiping, tapping, and trying to find the right menu option while keeping your eyes on the road. Someone commented, “Touchscreens in cars suck.”

Another replied, “I get a touchscreen to use a GPS interface or something, but radio and AC controls need to be physical buttons. That’s the stuff I’m likely to mess with while driving. I can use physical buttons and dials without taking my eyes off the road, but everything being touch controls is distracting.”

15. Being Mannered

Elegant senior lady in eyeglasses in beige shirt.
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Manners might seem old-fashioned to some, but they’re not just about being stuffy or formal. They’re about showing respect and consideration for others.

Someone said, “Manners! I agree that kids aren’t taught them anymore like they should be.”

Another responded, “This. Good manners and etiquette, social graces, taking a pride in one’s appearance and showing consideration for others.”

Another replied, “There’s inconsiderate people from every generation; if kids aren’t being taught manners, that’s the parents fault, and they probably weren’t raised right either.”

16. Paper Planners

Image of joyous woman smiling and writing down notes in diary book
Image Credit: Vadymvdrobot via DepositPhotos.com.

There’s something so satisfying about flipping through the pages of a paper planner, scribbling notes, and crossing off tasks with a pen. It’s like you’re in control and the boss of your schedule!

A discerning Reddit user commented, “I’m pretty senior in my job, and I use a steno pad and a pen for all of my notes and assignments. I have a great laptop (and phone) and use the right tool for the job. But for me, especially for taking notes and keeping track of my to-do’s, it’s best on a simple spiral-top notebook.

Exclamation points for things to remember, open squares for things to do. Finish it, check the box. Each new day gets a horizontal line across the page. Very easy to see week’s worth of data and to know what I did and didn’t do.”

A Redditor wrote, “I can’t have my phone in the workplace. I have a Leuchtturm 1917 for general planning/notes. It is always on my desk or at a meeting. I also carry a smaller notebook that fits in my shirt pocket for notes when I’m not in one of those two places. If I’m wearing work clothes, it’s on my person. I do use Outlook for scheduling meetings and information needed for my whole team, but I live by the book.”

17. The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian West at the 2017 LACMA Art + Film Gala held at the LACMA in Los Angeles, USA on November 4, 2017.
Image Credit: Tinseltown/Shutterstock.

Someone on Reddit said, “Anything that has the word “Kardashian” in it.”

Another replied, “The only time I see “Kardashian” is people complaining about. I’ve never seen an actual ad for the show, and I don’t even know how someone would watch it.”

Do you like to keep up with the Kardashians, or do you think they can be too much?

18. Physical Books

Photo of excited funny nerd lady read book open mouth wear eyewear blue pullover isolated yellow color background.
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Someone commented, “In my opinion, It is so much more satisfying to read a physical book than an Ebook.”

Another person pitched in to say, “I’m no boomer, but I’m in the middle of my first eBook, and it’s’ taken me FOREVER to get through. Just not the same. Physical books for the win.”

Now, we know that e-books have their perks. They’re convenient, portable, and they save space. You can carry a whole library in your pocket! But let’s not forget about the joy of physical books. They bring a sense of coziness and nostalgia that a digital screen can’t replicate.

19. Video News

Man in living room with laptop
Image Credit: monkeybusiness via DepositPhotos.com.

We are just trying to catch up on what’s happening in the world, and suddenly we’re bombarded with these autoplay videos, each one louder and more sensational than the last. Can’t we have a quiet moment to read the news?

One Redditor stated, “News stories or articles available only as video clips.  Just print what you’re trying to report.”

Another user replied, “I can read a lot faster than they talk. I want the information!”

Someone said, “Or all the d**n ads that make trying to read a story on a phone almost impossible.”

20. Spellings

Judgy and skeptical asian senior woman grimacing displeased, pointing finger upper left corner unamused, standing over white background.
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One user said, “Learn how to spell. If you can’t spell, you come off like an idiot.”

Someone else added, “We’re all typing on devices that sometimes automatically check spelling and even grammar. There’s no excuse. Especially on legal documents. I got a rental agreement yesterday that said, “Congrats your approved (name spelled wrong) yesterday, and it almost made me have a stroke.”

We live in an age of autocorrect and spell-check, where our devices practically do the spelling for us. But come on, can’t we at least try to spell things correctly on our own?

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