22 Things That Are Worth Every Penny, According to People Who Spent a Lot of Money on Them

Have you ever spent a lot of money on something, and when you look back at it, you go, “I’m glad I did?”

One Reddit user posted on the platform asking people to highlight things or experiences they spent a lot of money on and still felt were absolutely worth it. We have sampled some of the best responses from this thread.

Indestructible Cars

man very frustrated in car.
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A user bought a car that kept on giving and giving for many years “I have a 2008 Honda Accord. I treated it so badly in my teens and early 20s. Never changed the oil or did maintenance. Would leave the light on and have to jump-start it numerous times. Would always drive with the gas light on until it’s below the red line, once running completely out of gas. I treat it much, much better now, but surprised it lasted this long. Truly indestructible. Next car will for sure be a Honda,” he said.

Adding AC to Our House

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According to one user, summers are not tolerable after they added AC in their house, “100-degree summers aren’t nearly as bad as before.”

My Backyard

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One user now loves to relax in their backyard after landscaping. “It’s our sanctuary now, as well as the hummingbirds, bees, bunnies, birds, butterflies, and dragonflies that showed up to enjoy the landscaping. I’m a super pollinator now. We spend as much time out there as we can.”

Invisalign and Laser Eye Surgery

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Dental health and vision care changed life for another user, “My teeth are easier to clean, and I don’t get debilitating migraines anymore.”

Espresso Machine

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Who knew people were obsessed with good coffee? One user had to buy an expensive espresso machine just for that, “My husband and I agreed to a certain price, but when I got to the store, I REALLY wanted the nicer one. I had to call for Authorization, but he caved to my demands. No regrets. I use it almost every day. I just got off work and I’m currently sitting outside sipping on an iced mint latte- happy as can be.”


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Traveling is so important to these couples that they skip gifting each other to save for travel. One said, “My wife and I have stopped exchanging bday & anniversary gifts and have opted instead to set aside those dollars towards our travel budget.”

A Brand New Car

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This user does not worry about depreciation as long as they have peace of mind when buying a new car, “It’s off the lot, no issues, nothing to fix, nothing to diagnose, I have a maintenance plan. I don’t have to worry about the car starting. It’s a load off my chest, honestly.”


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Others cannot miss concerts and music festivals, “This year is our summer of concerts, and we have a lot lined up. Expensive, but these old rockers won’t be here forever, and neither will we.”

Breast Reduction and Lift

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Another user feels confident after spending a fortune on cosmetic surgery “Paid out of pocket to make sure I could pick the surgeon I wanted, and she did an incredible job and had a wonderful follow-up. My quality of life and self-image is so much better; I wish I could have afforded to do it sooner!”

A New House

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Building a new house changed the way of life for this user. He had it rough before. “Our house was over 200 years old and falling down. It was very tall and on a hill, and right on the street. It was impossible to keep up with maintenance, and all the problems added to my depression,” he adds, “We part exchanged with the company that built the new house, and they did a cursory inspection of the old one. They didn’t notice most of the problems with the house and offered us the full market value. We now live in a larger, new build house, and the depression is under control.”

My Roland Drum Set!

electronic drums Roland V-Drum set close-up
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Others spent a fortune on musical instruments, “I love it. I can play any time of day and night with my neighbors, and at certain points, if my family is not home, I can also rock ‘n’ roll whenever. I can plug in my phone and mix as needed on the board to adjust and feel like I’m playing whatever band that is on my playlist. Best thing ever keeps me in shape and bouncing around happily! Rock on!”

Philips Hue Bulbs

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Who knew lighting could bring such joy to some? “Maybe there are cheaper brands that work as well? But being able to control the light brightness and color in every room from my phone, and I haven’t bought a light bulb in 5 years since,” says one user.

Exped Megamat Blowup Mattress

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Not super expensive in general, but expensive to similar products, the EXPED Megamat blowup mattress. As comfortable as my bed and compact enough for motorcycle camping. Definitely not a backpacking rig, though.

My Headphones

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Another spent a fortune to enable him to enjoy music perfectly, “I was kinda scared of spending 350€ for a pair of wireless headphones, but now I am happy I did because they improve traveling and the general comfort of listening to music by a lot.”

Good Work Boots and Wool Socks

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Taking care of one’s body is essential, even if it costs a fortune. One user said they spent a lot on work boots and socks for a good cause “It was expensive up front but has saved me pain from blisters and frostbite. Also saved me money in the long term because I didn’t have to buy a new pair of boots every few months, just new insoles.”

Getting Dentures

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A good smile can open doors, as this user found out. After spending on dentures, they can smile better, and they have lost weight in the process, “I have lost a lot of weight since I got them. I have the Best smile that I ever had. I am at my lowest weight since a little after I was Born. I love getting on a scale these days.”


Couple on a beach
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Another took a loan to go on a honeymoon and cannot complain, “I’ll be paying that vacation off for years. But for a lower-middle-class couple, it really was a trip I’ll treasure forever.”

Hardwood Floors

Stylish living room with wood flooring and modern interior
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Hardwood floors are expensive, but they serve a higher purpose; according to another user, “Not engineered but actually solid hardwood floors on all of the main level of our house. Now the house stays cooler in the summer, and the house looks so much better.”

My Guinea Pigs

Guinea pig friends.
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Another user spent a fortune to hear guinea pigs squeak in delight. “Between buying them, setting up a cage, getting food and cage supplies, and buying tons of veggies every week, it’s a ton of money. But worth every penny when I hear their little squeaks every time I open my door.”

Laser Hair Removal for Wife’s Legs

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One person spent money to have his wife undergo a laser hair removal procedure and they couldn’t be happier, “We went to a quality place because I didn’t trust el cheapo providers, and we had to do several treatments because you can’t get all the hair in one pass. so it ended up costing $1500, which is a lot for a cosmetic treatment that most people won’t even notice.

She always hated the hassle of shaving her legs, so she got all that hair lasered off, and both of us were so glad. She doesn’t have to shave her legs anymore, and I get to enjoy her silky-smooth legs.”

Ghost Hunting Kit

man wearing red tshirt looking upset
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“I LOVE spooky stuff. I bought a “ghost hunting kit” (I am a skeptic, just a fun hobby, a conversation starter), But whenever I pull it out at a new hostel, the other guests, even staff, are all excited to do a “ghost hunt”. It was pretty expensive like a months pay total, but it has definitely been worth the good times and giggles,” said one ‘spooky’ user.

Business Class Flight Tickets

Emirates new business class. Emirates luxury travel. Boeing 777. Onboard dining, food. Renewed business class cabin. Brand new design. Inflight entertainment system IFE
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The comfort and prestige that comes with business class are worth the amount spent, according to another user, “Business class on British Airways Austin to London RT. Ten and half hours each way. Lay flat beds, real food, big TV screens. $4000 each but well worth it. We usually don’t even bother upgrading to “better” economy but for a long haul it was well worth it.”

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