10 Shows Like Hoarders To Get Motivated To Clean Up Your House

Do you watch shows such as Hoarders to help motivate you to clean your home? You’re not alone.

Several frugal people in an online community confessed to watching these to help eliminate clutter and chaos from their households. After someone asked for examples of shows like Hoarders, these were the best suggestions.

1. How Clean Is Your House?

There is a British show, How Clean is Your House? It follows two women who go into the worst houses to clean and teach people how to clean. One admitted watching it always made them clean or scrub something immediately. Several episodes are available to watch on YouTube.

2. Aurikatariina

Speaking of YouTube, one cleaner, Aurikatariina, was spoke of highly in the thread. She was labeled The best cleaner in the world, and one shared, “I bought pink trash bags because of her!”

3. Dana K White

Dana K White is a cleaner who motivated many with her YouTube videos and podcast; A Slob Comes Clean. Additionally, she has books with tons of great advice and cleaning inspiration. One user explained, “Watching her clean something reminds me of the places in my house I need to clean.”

4. Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners

A British show on YouTube called Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners was noted as excellent. People would go to a hoarder’s house and create order.


Alternatively, they’d visit the home of someone who obsessively cleans and tests different pieces of furniture, carpeting, etc., on how dirty they were. Sometimes the two would swap or help each other. They helped both parties find balance and order more long-term.

5. Clean Sweep

One reminded others about a show on TLC called Clean Sweep that would have people organize things to keep, sell, and donate. It was less extreme than Hoarders. They announced the show could be streamed on Hulu and is worth the watch for cleaning motivation.

6. The Carla Project

The Carla Project on YouTube comes highly recommended. Carla is going through a decluttering process in her life and it is fun, relatable, and inspiring.

7. Clean Avengers

Some Japanese apartment cleaners, Clean Avengers, are good to watch for inspiration. You can turn on subtitles if you don’t understand Japanese. One suggested, “They are so funny yet down to business and do a great job cleaning up a hoard.”

8. Consumed

Many users in the thread loved HGTV’s Consumed, hosted by Jill Pollack. The premise is making people realize they can live with less stuff so that they can declutter a ton, and it’s inspiring.

9. Big House Clear Out

A U.K. program with Nick Knowles called Big House Clear Out has episodes on YouTube. Knowles empties people’s houses, puts everything they own in a warehouse, and they have to get rid of 50% of it, and does a complete house makeover.

10. Marie Kondo

Finally, there are two Marie Kondo shows on Netflix that people love: Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and Sparking Joy. One expressed, “I love sparking joy with Marie Kondo. Perfect uplifting vibes.”


We hope you enjoyed these recommendations.

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