22 Weird Pieces of Random Advice That Are Also Strangely Effective

Have you ever heard some super random advice? Some advice is good advice. Some advice is bad advice. And some advice is just plain weird. But sometimes, that weird advice is also strangely effective.

Someone asked, “What Is the Weirdest Advice You Have Heard That Is Strangely Effective??” and the internet DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Some of the advice is weird, “You’re not a fish,” and some advice was powerful, but all are a good read.

Responses have been edited lightly for clarity and length. 

Pretend To Choke

man using inhaler as ASTHMA TREATMENT
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“From my 7-year-old daughter…I still laugh about it today,” one person stated, “If you’re ever in an awkward situation with someone or need to just go away- you could always pretend to choke on something. I don’t know where this came from, but it’s funny, AND it works. You just run away to get a glass of water.”

This is truly strange advice, but I can see why it would work! That seven-year-old is pretty smart!

You’re Not a Fish

woman professional chef holding fresh salmon fish afraid and shocked with surprise
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“A coworker told me that when someone has the hiccups, you tell them “you’re not a fish,” someone wrote.

They continued, “The amount of times this has worked has convinced me she’s a witch. I have texted her at least a half-dozen times whenever it worked. At one point, while I had the hiccups and asked a friend to tell me, ‘I’m not a fish.’ Worked.”

Falling Bricks

woman wearing glasses and bowler hat looking annoyed
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“Do you understand that if you try to endlessly stack bricks, no matter how perfect you do it, they will fall over?” one person wrote, “My boss told me this after I burned out. Just says that no matter how well you plan your work, too much is too much.”

Wow! That is such great advice. The analogy is a bit strange, which makes it even more effective.

Ask Questions

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“If you’re really shy or struggle with holding conversations or being social, just ask questions,” one person answered.

“This works in three ways as 1. the other person will be doing most of the talking, 2. they also leave the conversation with a positive feeling because most people enjoy talking about themselves, and 3. it gives the sense that someone is interested in them – bonus positive feelings about your interaction.”

Make Them Tell You No

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One person said, “Make them tell you no.”

They explained, “It’s great when you’re not sure if you should apply for a job, go for a promotion or a raise, or do something you’re afraid of. Don’t be so worried about getting told no or failing; you’ll surprise yourself.”

Mind Your Own Business

Old couple seating in living room glaring
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I’m unsure if this is great advice or a funny story, but here goes either way!

One person wrote, “My grandad lived to be 95. I asked him what the secret to a long, happy life was. He told me to mind my own business.”

Sit Quietly

Thoughtful man in the living room
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“If you sit quietly while everyone else F*** UP, you’re going to win big!” – John Oliver. I’ve gotten multiple jobs and school opportunities by just doing my work and not being a loud moron,” someone wrote.

Another added, “One of my axioms is that you don’t have to be perfect; you just have to let everyone be worse than you.”

Say It 3X

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“If you need to remember something, write it 3x or say it out loud 3x. Always weird when you repeat something verbally 3x, especially names,” someone said.

I’ve heard to always repeat a name out loud after hearing it, so I guess three times is more effective.

Use Your Peripheral Vision

Retro Geek Girl wearing glasses grainy vintage portrait
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“If looking for something in a low light environment, try to use your peripheral vision,” someone wrote.

He shared where he found this advice, “I read about it in an old WWII manual about aerial combat at night. It has something to do with how eyes work. It has helped me many times over the years. For finding stuff in a darkened room or outside in a field at night, not aerial combat.”

No Excuses

Stressed Fast Food Employee Feeling Desperate
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“Don’t give excuses unless they ask for it,” someone replied, “I.e., if you are late for work, just say that you are late. Not why you are late.”

Atoerh added, “Never volunteer more information than is needed to get through the situation.”

Somethin’ Ain’t Nothin’

Young couple doing laundry View from the inside of washing machine
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Someone wrote they got this advice from elderly southern relatives, “somethin’ ain’t nothin’— taking 5 minutes to workout, clean, work on a big project, etc. is better than 0 minutes. We often think we’ve got to do 2 hours of rigorous work or it doesn’t accomplish anything.”

Time Will Pass Either Way

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From the same relatives, “if you want to work to get better at something, accomplish a long-term goal, or change careers or credentials, don’t look at the 2-5 years and think you’ll be too old. If you’re 24 and want to go to college, you’ll be 28 in four years with or without a degree, regardless of what you do in that time.”

Anger and Remorse Are Shadow Companions

angry man driving car
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One person wrote, “Anger and remorse are shadow companions, with remorse always a step behind.”

This helped them, “I took control over my temper issues by reminding me of this one-liner. Hope this works for you, too!”

Only if You Are Embarrassed

woman with hands covering her face
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Ipatov via DepositPhotos.com.

“It’s only embarrassing if you’re embarrassed. The older I get, the more I understand this one,” someone wrote.

That is a great point!

Fail Quickly

Young woman portrait
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chaoss via DepositPhotos.com.

Someone wrote, “Fail quickly, as in: If your plan may not succeed, better to find out next week than next year. Helped me quit a suffocating job and dig into my own business 10/10.”

Better now than later!

Do It Scared

Scared screaming woman
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“If you can’t fight the fear, do it scared. Got me through a lot of anxiety,” someone wrote.

Someone added, “I tell myself my increased heart rate and racing thoughts are just signs that my body is priming itself to allow me to do something I didn’t know I could do. I used to think they were signs to quit, but they’re really an ignition sequence.”

Buy a Plunger

Man in apron holding kitchen cloth and detergent spray feeling overwhelmed
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“A wise man once told me: Buy a plunger before you need a plunger,” someone wrote.

That is a good piece of advice. Buy the items before it turns into an emergency.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up Forever

lady angry yelling
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“Don’t beat yourself up forever. Beat yourself up once, then move on. Mr. Homer Simpson,” someone responded.

You don’t need to dwell. Deal with it and then move on.

Look Back at the Lesson

Face enraged infuriated woman screaming emotion
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“Look back to revisit the lesson, not to revisit the shame,” someone wrote.

That is such excellent advice. I will be remembering that. Learn from the lesson but don’t sit with the shame.

Go Back to Basics

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“My mother always said “Go back to basics” whenever I was struggling mentally. I disregarded it for years, but now I live by it. I only utilise this way of living during desperate “survival” times, but it’s amazing advice,” someone wrote.

She explained in a later comment, “Basically, in other words; focus on what matters. If I was in a major depressive state (can barely function), it would mean don’t feel guilty about simply surviving until you’re back on your feet. Just do what you have to do and get through the day. During my manic states, it would mean focus on what matters and don’t fly off the handles.”

Wait 24 Hours

Greedy young woman holding dollar banknotes tightly
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One person wrote, “If you want to buy something, wait 24 hours, and if you still want to buy it afterward, then buy it. This has really cut my impulse buying down and has made saving money extremely easy.””

I don’t know if this is weird advice! I discussed this in a post about the best frugal living tips!

Leave Recipients Until Last

woman working home on her couch on a laptop
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“When writing an e-mail, leave the recipient field until last,” someone wrote.

If you get in the habit of doing this, then you’ll save yourself some awkward email exchanges.

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