12 Things People Regret Spending Money On

We all have something – experience, product, or service – we regret spending money on. One Reddit user wanted to know what other members regretted spending money on and why. Here are some of the best responses from this thread.


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One user spent a fortune on clothing they do not wear, “A lot of items of clothing that cost a lot of money but I just don’t wear.”

Video Games

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Another is addicted to spending money on the latest video games, “Basically any game on Steam that without fail goes on 75% off sale like a week later.”

College Classes for Career Path Not Taken

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A user regrets spending money on a course they never applied in real life. One gives a basic example, “Nursing. Grew up my whole life being told I was going to be a nurse, so I went to school to work towards that without any hesitation. I had done several classes before I started volunteering at a hospital. Once I saw someone die for the first time, I realized I wasn’t cut out to be in that setting.”


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According to one user, although gambling is fun, it is a money pit, “Gambling. Sure, it’s fun and exciting, but man, is it stupid.”

Another adds, “I brought 200 bucks to gamble in Vegas 11 years ago. I’m now an adult with a family and a nice house and have wasted much more money in bits and pieces since then, but man, if I don’t often think about that 200 dollars that evaporated in 15 minutes playing roulette.”

Going Out and Drinking

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One user wasted her parents’ savings on drinking and going out, “My parents had made savings for me that I choose to basically spend on going out and drinking when I was around 21. It had around 15,000$ in it, and it was gone in about two years.”

Subscriptions No One Uses

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Another user has a bunch of subscriptions they never use, “$10 – $15 bucks a month doesn’t sound like much. But when you forget about it and subscribe to a bunch of other things, it adds up really, REALLY quickly.

I was subscribed to World of Warcraft for 5 years when I wasn’t playing the game because I figured ‘I’d get back into it eventually.’ What a waste of money.”

Chinese Food

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A user is stuck on Chinese food because they have an ingenious way of getting to him, “Every time I get close to the place, they offer me a Cantonese chicken sample, and I take it and love it, and then I buy the god**** chicken and for some reasons is never as tasty. I fall for this twice a month.”

Craft Supplies

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Some hobbies can be expensive; according to another user, “I bought a lot of craft supplies I only ended up using once or twice. I thought it was going to be a big hobby, but it was just a short obsession that quickly passed.”


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One person regrets spending too much on their car, “The last car I had. It was a bad ‘09 Saturn aura hybrid that was perfect until I got it off the lot, naturally. Spent 4,900 on it when it was probably only worth a third of that. I had it for about 6 months when the hybrid engine went out, and I started having problems with the transmission and the starter and such.”


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People love pizza, and others think they spend too much on them, “Every time I order pizza and I eat it all, I regret it immediately. Then I have a bad day and do it again… Why don’t I have any willpower!?”

Beauty Products

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One user cannot help themselves when it comes to beauty products, “I have really bad impulses when it comes to beauty products. It’s been three separate occasions now where I bought lipsticks that weren’t flattering on me. I can’t even return them because I lost the receipt.”

A Trip to Vegas

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People love trips, but one member regrets a specific one, “I regret spending money on a trip to Vegas. It was fun, but I could’ve spent that money on a trip to a better city, and I would’ve gotten a lot more bang for my buck.”

Country Club

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One user says that these club memberships cost quite a bit, “Thought it would be fun to rub elbows with the people there. It was not. It was just like hanging with the cool kids in high school with them all looking around, making sure they were cool.”

My House

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Contrary to what most people think, one user does not consider his house an investment, “Houses are not an ‘investment’. It’s the least diverse investment you can own; you’re exposed to a single mailing address. The building depreciates. If you make money on a house, it’s either from inflation, putting in work yourself, or from the land appreciating under you. In that last case, you have to pay more property tax, a thing that doesn’t happen to any other investment.”

Luxury Watch

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Another member spent a lot of money on a luxury watch that turned out to be unreliable, “I blew some money on an Omega Speedmaster 1957 50th anniversary limited series, steel on steel, 311. Co-axial.

Probably the most beautiful sport watch ever made, but boy, is its Co-Axial mechanism unreliable. Apparently, everyone in the know has something negative to say about it. 750 euritos to have it serviced with a useless warranty of two years duration. It winds manually, and the inaccessible crown will hurt your fingers badly when you spend approx five minutes to get it primed. What c***.”

Pyramid Scheme

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One member was sucked into a pyramid scheme and lost a chunk of money, “I ended up getting sucked into a pyramid scheme in second-year college. Waisted 1000$. I know it’s not much in the grand scheme of things but it really screwed me over at the time and made life very difficult for a long time, and I swear it’s what started my credit card debt that I am still paying for 5 years later.”

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