10 Obvious Scams People Refuse To Accept

You consider yourself to be pretty savvy, right? YOU wouldn’t fall for a scam, right? You are way too sophisticated for that! Well turns out there are some things that are actually pretty obvious scams, but we all fall for them- even you! 

Have you fallen for any of these super obvious scams? 

1. Diamond Engagement Rings

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Diamond engagement rings have become a symbol of love and commitment in modern society. However, the diamond industry has created a successful marketing campaign that has convinced people that a diamond engagement ring is a necessary and valuable purchase. The reality is that diamond engagement rings are a scam for several reasons.

The value of a diamond is artificially inflated by the diamond industry. The industry has a tight grip on the supply of diamonds, which allows them to control the price. The diamonds themselves are not actually rare or valuable, but their perceived value is based on the industry’s marketing campaign.

Created by Diamond Industry

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The idea of spending two to three months’ salary on a diamond engagement ring is a marketing tactic created by the diamond industry. This arbitrary rule has no basis in reality and is intended to make people believe that spending a large sum of money on a diamond ring is necessary to demonstrate love and commitment.

The resale value of a diamond engagement ring is also extremely low. Once purchased, the ring immediately loses value, and trying to sell it later will result in a fraction of the original purchase price.

2. Private Health Insurance

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While the idea of having health insurance can be reassuring, private health insurance is often a scam that benefits insurance companies more than it benefits patients. Private health insurance is often expensive and unaffordable for many people. This can result in people choosing to go without insurance and risking financial ruin if they experience a medical emergency.

Limitations and Exclusions

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Private health insurance often comes with a variety of limitations and exclusions. For example, many policies do not cover pre-existing conditions or may have caps on the amount of coverage available. This can result in people being denied coverage or having to pay significant out-of-pocket expenses.

Private health insurance companies often also have complex policies and procedures that can be difficult to understand and navigate. This can result in people being denied coverage or paying more than they should for medical care.

3. Herbalife and Other Mlms

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Herbalife and other MLMs (multi-level marketing companies) are often marketed as legitimate business opportunities that allow people to earn money by selling products and recruiting others to join the company. However, in reality, these companies are often scams that benefit a small number of people at the top of the pyramid while leaving the majority of participants with little to no profits and sometimes significant financial losses.


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MLMs often require participants to purchase a large amount of inventory or sales materials, which can result in significant upfront costs. These costs can be difficult to recoup, especially for those who are not skilled at selling or recruiting others to join the company. MLMs often also rely on a pyramid structure, where a few people at the top of the organization make the majority of the money while those at the bottom struggle to make any profits. This structure is unsustainable and often results in a large number of people losing money.

MLMs often use deceptive marketing tactics to recruit new members. They may make unrealistic promises about the potential earnings or the quality of the products being sold. This can lead people to invest significant time and money into the company, only to be disappointed when they are unable to make a profit.

4. Donating Money to Preachers Who Misuse the Money

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While many religious leaders are honest and use donations to support their congregation and their community, some preachers misuse the funds they receive, resulting in financial and emotional harm to those who have donated. Preachers who misuse donated funds may use the money for personal expenses, such as expensive cars or vacations. This is a betrayal of the trust placed in them by their congregation, who donated the money with the expectation that it would be used for charitable or religious purposes.

Lavish Lifestyle

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Preachers who misuse donated funds may also use the money to support their own lavish lifestyles while ignoring the needs of their congregation or the wider community. This can result in a situation where vulnerable people are left without support while the preacher lives in luxury. Additionally, preachers who misuse donated funds could be using the money to support unethical or illegal activities, such as fraud or money laundering. This can result in people unknowingly supporting criminal activities with their donations.

5. The Lottery

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The lottery is often marketed as a chance for anyone to strike it rich and achieve financial freedom. However, in reality, the lottery is a scam that preys on the hopes and dreams of vulnerable people, often resulting in significant financial losses. The odds of winning the lottery are incredibly low. The chance of winning the jackpot in a typical lottery game is often less than one in 100 million. This means that people who play the lottery are statistically more likely to be struck by lightning than to win the jackpot.

Vulnerable People

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The lottery often preys on vulnerable people, such as those who are struggling financially or those with gambling addiction. These people may spend significant amounts of money on lottery tickets in the hope of achieving financial freedom, even though the odds of winning are extremely low.

It is also often marketed in a way that makes it seem like a harmless game of chance. However, in reality, it is a highly profitable business that generates significant revenue for the government and private companies that operate lotteries.

6. Working a 9-5 Job Your Whole Life

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Working a 9-5 job your whole life is often seen as the norm and a necessary part of achieving financial stability and success. However, in reality, this traditional career path can be a scam that limits your potential and prevents you from achieving true financial freedom and happiness. Working a 9-5 job often involves trading your time for a fixed salary, which can limit your earning potential and prevent you from achieving true financial freedom. The salary you earn may not reflect your true worth or potential, and you may be unable to pursue other opportunities that could lead to greater financial success and fulfillment.

Decreased Productivity

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It can also be emotionally draining and lead to burnout, stress, and a lack of fulfillment. This can result in decreased productivity, poor health, and other negative consequences that can affect your personal and professional life. Working a 9-5 job often involves sacrificing your personal and family time in exchange for work obligations. This can result in a lack of work-life balance and a sense of unfulfillment or regret later in life.

7. Marriage Is the Only Way To Validate a Relationship

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The idea that marriage is the only way to validate a relationship is a scam that is perpetuated by society and cultural norms. In reality, there are many ways to have a valid and fulfilling relationship that does not involve getting married. Marriage is often viewed as a necessary step in a relationship, even if it may not be the best choice for the individuals involved. This can result in people getting married for the wrong reasons, such as societal pressure, rather than because they truly want to spend their lives together.


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The emphasis on marriage can lead to people feeling that they have failed if they are not married, even if they are in a happy and fulfilling relationship. This can create unnecessary stress and anxiety and prevent people from exploring other options for their relationships. Marriage can also be a legal and financial burden, particularly in cases of divorce or separation. Couples who are not married may have more flexibility and freedom in terms of their financial and legal arrangements and may be better able to make decisions that are in their best interests.

8. ATM Surcharges

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ATM surcharges are a fee that some ATM providers charge for using their machines to withdraw cash. While this fee may seem reasonable at first glance, it is often a scam that benefits the ATM provider and can result in significant financial losses for consumers. ATM surcharges are often excessively high and can range from a few dollars to as much as $5 or more per transaction. This can add up quickly, especially for people who use ATMs frequently or who need to withdraw larger amounts of cash.

Charged by the Bank

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They are also often charged in addition to fees that the consumer’s own bank is already charging. This can result in people paying double or even triple the number of fees for a single transaction. ATM surcharges can be deceptive, with some machines displaying the surcharge only after the user has already entered their card and requested a transaction. This can make it difficult for users to avoid the surcharge or choose a different ATM.

9. Extended Warranties

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Extended warranties are often offered as an add-on to electronics or appliances, promising to cover repairs or replacements beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period. While the idea of having extended protection may seem appealing, in reality, extended warranties are often a scam that benefits the seller more than the consumer.

Significant Price

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Extended warranties are often expensive and can add a significant cost to the purchase price of an item. This can result in people paying more than they should for a product that may not even need repairs or replacements. They also often come with a variety of limitations and exclusions, such as only covering specific parts or types of damage. This can result in people being denied coverage when they need it the most and having to pay out-of-pocket for repairs or replacements.

Extended warranties are often sold using scare tactics or emotional appeals, such as telling consumers that their device is likely to break or that they will regret not having the protection. This can lead people to make poor financial decisions and spend money on a product they may not need.

10. College Tuition

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College tuition is often seen as a necessary investment in one’s education and future career prospects. However, in reality, college tuition is often a scam that results in significant financial hardship for students and their families while providing little to no value in return. College tuition is often excessively high and has been increasing at a rate that far outpaces inflation. This can result in students graduating with tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt, which can take years or even decades to pay off.

It is also often not a true reflection of the value of the education provided. Many students graduate with degrees that do not lead to well-paying jobs or that have little to no relevance to their chosen career paths. This can result in people paying for an education that does not provide a return on their investment.

High Cost of Tuition

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Tuition often perpetuates systemic inequalities, with low-income and marginalized communities being disproportionately affected by the high cost of tuition. This can result in people being unable to pursue higher education, even if they have the talent and potential to do so.

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