10 Most Miserable and Stingy Things People Witnessed Others Doing

What is the most miserable and stingy thing you’ve ever seen someone do? After someone asked a popular online frugal community, these are the craziest responses.

1.  Stealing Food From House Parties

Once at a house party, someone was caught stealing food from the host’s freezer before leaving. Although the culprit said their farewells before collecting a bag, they filled it and placed it in the alley behind the house.

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2.  Removing the Batteries From the Alarm Clock Daily

Have you ever known anyone to remove the “AA batteries from her little alarm clock every morning to preserve the battery?” It is stingy and obnoxious when you figure she has “to set the correct time and then set the alarm” daily.

3.  Aunt and Uncle Live in a Museum

Another person stated how their aunt and uncle are either the stingiest or most brilliant people they have ever met. It all “depends on what way you look at it.”


They have lived in the same house, untouched and unrenovated, since 1971. “They don’t have kids, don’t eat out, batch cook, barely turn on the heat, don’t go on holiday, and drive a 1993 sedan they got for free off another relative.”

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4.  A Gift That Was Theirs To Begin With

One’s aunt borrowed cutlery “because they were getting the house built, they were living in a prefabricated home with a young child.” Unfortunately, their aunt never returned the items, and when Christmas rolled around, she wrapped up the cutlery “barely even washed.”

5.  A Roommate That Steals Your Things

A roommate who was miserable to live with stole food from this user. They had access to a full-size fridge because the user had a mini fridge in their room. Nonetheless, even the nonperishables had to be stashed away from the stingy roommate because they began using them without permission. When confronted, the roommate would regularly deny it. Despite having a well-paying job, this awful housemate wouldn’t buy toilet paper even though he “didn’t drink, smoke, gamble, travel or have any hobbies.”

6.  Stealing Topsoil

Construction in a housing complex requires heavy equipment over a long period. The equipment was staged onsite overnight, so the heavy construction gear killed the grass over time.


The construction company laid down topsoil to help the grass regrow when construction was finally finished. The very same evening, a lovely old lady snuck up in the dead of night with a wheel barrel and two large trash bags to steal as much of the premium soil she could carry.

7.  Refused a Major Surgery for Their Child

After these parents were informed that their infant son was born with hearing issues that could be fixed if they pursued surgery through private practice, they opted out. “His son now has permanent hearing loss in his left ear” because the parents refused to pay for the surgery.

8.  Checking for Discarded Newspapers

Many people spoke about others they know who would go to extreme extents to avoid paying for the daily newspaper. Others discussed people who would search trash cans and recycling bins for the day’s paper and others who would hop fences and sneak around shops to get their hands on the day’s current events, hopefully.

9.  Bring Boiling Water From Work To Use at Home

Have you heard of this? Someone shared that a coworker regularly brought an empty flask to work to fill it with hot water to have a hot drink at home.  Another suggested that the stunt may have saved the coworker around $25 annually.

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10.  U-Turn on the Freeway to Avoid Paying a Toll

The final group of users complained about having at least one family member who would turn around in the middle of the freeway to avoid paying the toll fees. They continued how the front seat passenger usually had a giant paper map to help locate and circumnavigate the toll booths.


What do you think? Did Reddit get this right?

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