She Conveniently “Forgot” To Bring Her Wallet to an Expensive Restaurant To Avoid Paying the Bill and Got Furious When She Got Called Out

A Reddit user shared a story about how her sister-in-law booked expensive restaurants, invited them to dine with her, and always forgot to bring her wallet to avoid paying the bill, which quickly went viral.

You Earn Much More Than Me; You Should Pay

The OP describes how her sister-in-law (SIL) took advantage of her earning more to force her to pay bills in expensive restaurants. She would always ‘forget’ her wallet and ask her to pay – and she never paid back.

The OP decided to teach her a lesson. The SIL visited as always and made a reservation in a very expensive restaurant. She invited the OP and her husband for dinner. The OP had gone back to the house before they left and took her SIL’s wallet.

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When the time to pay the bill came, the SIL claimed that she did not have her wallet. The OP conveniently provided it to her. The SIL was furious that the OP had touched her stuff without permission. She stormed out of the restaurant and left the bill with OP and her husband. They paid.

The Masses Weigh In

The Reddit community overwhelmingly sided with the OP and offered her advice on how to deal with such a situation in the future.

One user urged her to flip the game on her SIL. She should also ‘forget’ her wallet and ask her SIL to pay…

“Don’t worry, Amy–you get this one, and I’ll pay you back.”

Another told her to decline such invitations because she would end up covering the bill…

“Next time she visits already have dinner plans each day she is there. If she wants to go to these restaurants she is on her own then. You have reservations/plans to eat elsewhere.”

And …. “Why are you not just telling her no? Did you kick her out for this afterwards? You told her in advance that you wouldn’t be paying and then she still left you with the check? Why are you just allowing this behavior? Why will you need to lie in the future rather than say “every time you’re here, you take advantage of me by tricking me into paying for you, saying you’ll pay me back but never actually paying me back. Therefore, you can get a hotel when you visit and we’re not going out to eat with you anymore.” Grow a backbone.”

And … “STOP going out to eat with her. Just stop. What’s wrong with your husband that he allows his sister to take advantage of his wife? This is your real problem. NTA.”

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The Husband Was the Problem

Other users thought that the real problem was OP’s husband. He never took her side at any moment, allowing her to be manipulated by his sister…

“For real – OP thinks she has a SIL problem but really has a husband problem. Like why is hubby so chill with Amy constantly making OP pay unless he implicitly agrees with his sister that since OP is so “flush with cash,” she should?”

And … “NTA leeches should be thought lesson and your SIL for sure deserve it! I just wonder where is your husband in this, why he allowed his sister(?) to behave like this and didn’t nip this behavior moment you realized what she is doing!?”

And … “I think you need to talk to your husband about this behaviour. I am very curious as to why he hasn’t stepped in and shut this down and wonder if he is the one encouraging her to do this behind your back.”

OP tried to defend her husband, claiming her husband’s family had manipulated him his whole life … “They’ve bullied and manipulated him like this his whole life. He’s gotten so used to it that he doesn’t see the bigger issue. Old habits die hard. Trying to help him stand up for himself, but it’s an uphill battle.”

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She Never Forgot Her Wallet – She Didn’t Want To Pay the Bill

Most users pointed out that the SIL never forgot the wallet. She just wanted to eat at expensive restaurants without paying the bill…

“She has never forgotten it. She has always purposefully left it.”

And … “NTA – I would have done the same. She’s only furious because you called her on her c*** and beat her at her own game. If she genuinely forgot her wallet she would be thanking you for having the forethought to remember it for her so since she’s so “forgetful.””

And … “NTA, she absolutely deserved it. She’s clearly been using you to go out to expensive meals and not have to pay for it, and you shut it down.”

If You Make the Reservation, You Pay the Bill

Many users agreed that, just like in dating, people who make the reservations should pay the bill unless expressly asked to make the reservation on behalf of the other person(s).

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In this case, since SIL made the reservation without involving the OP or her husband, she should have paid the bill… “ … She made the reservation and invited you. Etiquette says she would be responsible for 100% of that bill. NTA”

Another user chipped in …

“This! It’s the same principle with dates, the person who asks chooses the restaurant (ideally with the other person in mind) and then pays the bill. NTA”

The Op Gave Her Too Much Leeway

Some users felt that the OP was to blame as well. She should have put a stop to such behavior earlier and stopped defending her husband for the way her SIL treats her.

The user said … “… This is outta control. Even OP makes excuses and still allows the utter horse**** that goes on. It’s all so toxic and then there’s OP still playing along and putting all the fires out…”

Another user said that the OP should have handed her SIL the wallet as soon as they got into the car, not at the restaurant…

“NTA. Or YTA but in a good way. Probably would have been better to hand her wallet to her as soon as you got in the car, instead of waiting until the bill came. But I can’t really blame you.”

What’s your take on this? Do you think the OP was wrong in bringing her SIL’s wallet to the restaurant? How would you have solved this issue if you were in OP’s shoes?

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