Pursuits That Empty Your Pockets: 16 Money-Wasting Hobbies People Adore

A Reddit user who loves golfing posted a question on the forum asking other users the kind of hobbies they indulged in. Many users responded to this question showcasing how different people consider themselves wasting money when buying products or services.

Here are some of the best responses from this conversation.


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One user simply loves “sailing,” and others agree that this is one of the best money-wasting hobbies out there. One said, “Talk about a hobby that rips stacks like it’s toilet paper. This is it.” Another added, “In sailing, this is my experience, $100 is free, $1000 meh basically free, 10000$ is like “damn again?” $20000+ standard cost of new stuff.”

Car Racing

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One person offers a vivid description of how car racing could burn through your money, “I’ve been involved in auto racing to varying degrees for over 20 years; it’s no joke. I’ve seen people destroy their marriages and go completely broke over it. I used to race in a series where a single race weekend would be around $20k, and that’s pretty “cheap” for a certain level of racing. It goes up very quickly from there. Nowadays, it’s just the occasional HPDE, and honestly, it’s just fine, much cheaper and less stressful.”


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Some people spend a fortune on cars, as this user illustrates, “I own 6. 3 new VWs (family SUV, euro city SUV, and an Arteon R), Miata, 911 in a state of constant disrepair (I really have no time to wrench on it, and I bought it to do it myself), and 2CV I bought to build Burton SC out of it.”

Another agrees, saying, “Porsche. A used German car can keep your bank account active, especially BMW. Porsche is usually pretty solid; leagues ahead of every other German make from my experience as far as reliability.”

“I have a BMW Z4M coupe that I absolutely don’t need and am afraid to drive because I might scratch it. It sits in my garage under a cover. I have to force myself to drive it every couple of weeks,” adds another user.


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In sync with the OP, some members think golf is made to be expensive by the constant adverts from golf club manufacturers, “Golf club manufacturers come out with new models every year that are now the best thing ever! Don’t you want to add 15 yards to your drive? Then you need this driver with space-age tech to maximize sweet spot and spin. A driver could cost >$500, and so could a putter. Then you have to have a set of irons and, of course, a set of wedges and the woods/hybrids you prefer.”

Teenage Daughters

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Another parent says that his daughter ensures his money is spent well, “I have a daughter. A TEENAGE daughter. Nuff said on where my money goes. I know more about makeup, purses, clothes, and TikTok, than any man should.”

Another adds, “I’m at least a Tudor into Ulta/Sephora. Two beautiful daughters and an equally beautiful wife will do that to you.”

Sound Systems

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If you love music, be prepared to spend money on a good system, “I’ve spent quite a bit of money on a turntable and sound system set up. If you go with all analog equipment that’s beautifully engineered, there’s a lot of similarities to what I love about watches…”

Others spend a lot on music instruments, “vintage guitars, boutique amplifiers, custom acoustic guitars, custom road/gravel/mountainbikes, audiophile equipment.”


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One user states that these bikes can be very expensive depending on the make, “Bikes… road, gravel, mountain, etc… High-end ones can cost more than a low-end new car these days.”

Another user offers an illustration, “Well-known in cycling that the optimal amount of bikes is N+1 (where N is the number currently owned) or N-1 (where N is the number that would cause your partner to separate from you).”

“Cycling. It’s a money pit. Bike cost me $15k, but the clothes and accessories cost me another $5k then Each year it’s another $2k on upkeep,” agrees another user


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Some people love guns too much and do not shy from spending on them, “Guns and Night Vision. Knights Armament SR-15, Infinity IMM Open, Nighthawk TRS Comp, Etc”

“Between guns, suppressors, scopes, accessories,, I have well over $500k. Black guns only consist of 4,” adds another.

Card Collections

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Card collectors can spend a fortune accumulating rare cards. One user says, “PSA- Trading cards (NBA, MLB, Pokemon, everything under the sun lol).” Another adds, “Sending my collection to get graded and my comic collection. Mostly to protect after I’ve lost countless thousands through the years with moves/home accidents. I probably could buy something used or an AD explorer for the cost of this.”

Video Games

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According to one user, video games can also be a money pit, “Retro video games like SNES, and PS1 black labels. Also, consoles and retro strategy guides. Got in waaay before prices of used games became absurd. Also stopped before they became absurd. Collection went from maybe $3k to now $30k. The stuff now just sits in plastic bins in a closet back home-home.”


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One user urges people to refrain from smoking cigars as they will not go back, “Refrain from the cigar rabbit hole. While there are many cigars that will appreciate in value, those that do are highly sought after. If they’re sought after, it’s because they are amazing and there is a small supply. So rather than investing, you will hoard. After you’ve hoarded, you will literally light your money on fire and smoke it. And you will love it. And if you live in the United States, you will frame letters from customs. You will donate time and money to Dominican schools to get special access…you think Rolex AD’s are bad? Go talk to a cigar shop with an Opus account.”


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You have to be a wine connoisseur to have 2000 bottles at home, “Wine. I have nearly 2000 bottles. But I DO NOT consider that a waste of money.”

Gym Equipment

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Some people take their fitness and health seriously, “Have taken a little hiatus but probably gonna upgrade my squat rack, get a new weight rack, maybe other stuff.”


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Pets and animals we keep at home can also be expensive to maintain; as one user notes, “Animals, I’ve got an entire menagerie here at home, mostly reptiles, but also fish, tarantulas, and a few dogs.”

Camping and Outdoors

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This beloved hobby does not come cheap, as one user notes, “Camping and 4x4s. New camping equipment is always lighter; pack down smaller. 4x4s have more modification options than performance vehicles these days.”


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Many people love their coffee, but no one thinks about how this can be a money pit; as one user notes, “I’m surprised no one mentioned coffee and coffee equipment; I have two La Marzocco machines, one cost 8000$ and one 6000$ in two different homes, a 1700$, and a 1000$ grinder, all those gears just to make gross coffee and like coffee art….”

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