If You Had Unlimited Money, Would You Do These 16 Things?

The constant pursuit of daily bread has limited people’s imagination. One Reddit user wanted to know what people would do all day if they did not have the burden of having to look for money. Here are some of the best responses from this conversation.

Conserve Rainforests

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Some people would find ways to conserve the environment. One said they would “Keep buying swathes of rainforests for conserving them.”

Another gave an example of someone already doing this in real life, “It’s a BBC documentary about a guy who buys a piece of rainforest for conservation purposes and how the reality is totally different to what he imagined.”


Recycling furniture pieces and work
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One user would indulge in woodworking, “I’d make wood furniture. I love everything about woodworking, but I can’t afford the tools. I also secretly want to learn to make guitars, but don’t tell anyone.”

Recreational Auto Racing

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“I always said if I get mega-rich, I’m building a racetrack and then building houses for my friends all around it. The track will be our driveway, and then we can race whenever we like,” said one user

Fly Fighter Jets

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After one said they would love to fly fighter jets and eject at high altitudes, some people came to warn him how this would be damaging to their health, “You would get spinal damage very quickly. Ejecting puts a lot of stress on human body.”


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“Farm I suppose. Trade my excess food for other resources I needed from people within my community. Wait until someone discovers something better than bartering,” added another user


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One user said they would love to explore the world, “Travel the world, enjoy the best beach resorts, and make plenty of time to hear concerts, read, go to museums and have fun at night in a variety of ways.”


young man cooking
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“Cook. I love cooking, but I’m not good enough to make it a career. I don’t have the time or money to go to school for it, but it is my passion. If money was no object, I’d open a little restaurant that served homemade comfort foods, and I would just cook. Someone else can run the business side of it, I just want the kitchen,” said another user

Buy Gadgets

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Another would mix technology with charity, “Buy all the gadgets I ever wanted and then go around my neighborhood and give money to people who seem like they are struggling.”

Designing and Building Houses

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“I would start designing and building houses,” said one before adding, “Sounds dull, sure. But I’m kind of fascinated by how creative architecture gets. I’d also spend my days learning carpentry and woodwork, like those crazy Japanese woodworking projects. I’d real-life Minecraft on creative, pretty much.”

Become a Missionary

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Others would head to Africa to do missionary work, “Build schools in Africa, provide clean, fresh water reservoirs in India, Continually fund plasma converters until the energy produced from them became marketable, ending pollution forever.”

Craft Projects

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Others would spend time knitting, “I would work on my craft projects: knitting, sewing, painting, and then still have time for a nice run/workout without feeling rushed or stressed throughout the day.”

Buy My Own Private Jet

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Others have bigger dreams and imaginations, “Buy my own private jet, get licensed to fly said jet, & fly around the world on vacation. Most people can’t imagine how much those jets cost to operate per hour. But flying is awesome, & the ability to go almost anywhere you desire is hard to beat.”

Get a Yacht and Just Study Orcas and Dolphins

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One gave an example of someone already living the dream, “My cousin has a friend from college that, after graduating, took his family’s enormous yacht and is just sailing around the world with his friends. Been at it for a few years, partying and enjoying life. Also, randomly does marine biology research for fun? That sounds like a good time. I’d love to get a yacht and just study orcas and dolphins.”

Buy Crazy Expensive, Rare Artifacts

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Accumulating rare artifacts would keep another user preoccupied. “Buy crazy expensive, rare artifacts. Hire people to take these artifacts and hide them in random places all around the world (except the Parisian catacombs; I’ve seen As Above, So Below), then have expert riddle writers, historians, etc., come up with a long line of clues that lead to each item.”


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“Walk. Just go walking across America, seeing sites, meeting people. Randomly stop at stores or restaurants when hungry. If the weather is nice, camp, if not, a hotel,” said another user.


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“Sail. Everywhere and anywhere. With the people I love. Pay their debts in full for life and invite them along with me. This is my dream, and its exactly what I’d do,” said another person.

Pay off the Debt of Every Country

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This user would pay off every nation’s debt, “I’d then offer to pay off the debt of every country on the planet provided that they agreed to reduce carbon emissions by 75% or more as well as secure a lower birth rate, with my funding.”

Sampling World Cuisine

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“I would probably visit every country in the world and sample all of their cuisines and share it with everyone I met,” said another.

Be a Blacksmith

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One would continue a craft they love, “I’ve dabbled in metal fabrication a bit, but if I didn’t have to worry about making money, I’d spend every day in a workshop, hitting hot metal with hammers.”


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“I would volunteer at my local sharehouse. They desperately need proper management, and I have a ton of management experience and I think I could really whip it into shape, save them some money and help more people. I would just feel selfish keeping a job if money was no object, and I’m the kind of person that gets really bored without a job. But other than that, I’d travel and take awesome vacations,” explained another user.

Become a Dictator

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One user would ensure the world heeds to his beck and call, “Threaten the world’s governments with rampant inflation and anarchy by giving away money all day every day and demand that they make me absolute dictator of the world in exchange for stability.”

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