24 Hobbies That Are So Cheap, Even You Could Probably Afford Them

Looking for a hobby that requires little or no money? Here are some ideas from the Reddit community…


Carving tools, knife removing wood shavings from a block of basswood. Cutting mat with shavings, gloves, knives, and coffee mug in background.
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You do not need much to get started, notes one user, “You can start with a $3 knife from a gas station and some sticks. Learn the basics (take off the bark, make a point, make a sphere), then work your way up.”

Another warns that whittling could also be dangerous, “Whittling is how I cut through 3 tendons in my hand when I was 8 years old. Still recommend it; it’s a fun hobby. Just don’t be an idiot/child.”


Colorful paper origami birds tied to strings hanging in air.
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Origami allows people to be creative; according to another user, “There are tons of free patterns online, and you can even get whole books with a little ingenuity. Usually, the small unit is very easy to fold; putting them together is quite simple, and you can make something really amazing.”


Concentration, juggling balls
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You can juggle almost anything, notes another user, “I used to make my balls out of rice and balloons.”


Woman drawing landscape with soft pastels outdoors, closeup
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Drawing is a simple yet hugely creative activity, says another person, “$2 plus tax at the dollar store and you’ve got yourself a notebook and a pack of pencils. Go wild.”

Playing Basketball

Man passing the ball to another player.
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“A cheap ball costs 5 bucks, you can shoot and dribble by yourself, and both skills are impossible to master. Most towns and all cities have courts and pickup games. I know dudes that play into their late 50s – honestly, one of my biggest regrets was to not play for most of my 30s,” says a different user.


Attractive gardener with plants and flowerpots sitting on green grass
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One person says that you do not need to have a lot of capital to garden, “You get a lot of satisfaction from very little money. You also learn a lot. You can start for free with some cuttings or seeds.

Some public libraries host a Seed Library where you can come find all sorts of seeds and supplies, all for free.”


Busy student girl writing homework with pencil
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darrinahenry via DepositPhotos.com.

Writing is one of the cheapest hobbies; according to another user, “It can be done for virtually no money. Between public libraries with computers and google docs, you have everything you need. Or you can pick up a free pen at your local bank and random paper fliers around town if you want to go old-school.”


couple hiking in forest
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Hiking allows one to enjoy nature and keep fit. One person says, “Short day hikes don’t cost much; if you hike a well-maintained basic trail, you could even do it with your tennis/athletic shoes. You don’t need fancy backpacks and water bottles either, just something basic. And if you live in an area with great hikes nearby, you won’t spend much on gas.”

Volunteering at Your Favorite Charity

Portrait of smiling volunteers standing in the park.
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Why not spend time on a good cause? “I love Leader Dog for the blind. You get to be around puppies all the time while helping them train to be someone’s eyes. Amazing cause and a great time,” says a user.

Language Learning

Learning foreign languages
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Learning a new language is an invaluable hobby, says another user, “Not sure about every language, but as a native English speaker learning Spanish, there are lots of free resources. It’s time-consuming but very fulfilling and doesn’t ever have to cost a dime.”

Free Learning

In library. Pretty blonde woman standing with books in library.
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Go to the library and learn for free, urges another person, “I picked up a library card about a year ago and used it for audiobooks on the way to and from work. I caught myself sitting in my car or driving a little longer to finish a chapter. I have listened to about 10 or so books since I got the card, but I need to use it more.”

Bird Watching

Ruby-throated hummingbird hovering on a butterfly bush flower.
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Birdwatching is therapeutic. “I recommend the Audubon app,” says a user, it “… lets you identify birds by season, location, wing shape, bird call, activity, etc., super handy.”

Sourdough Bread Baking

woman holding fresh baked loaf of bread that she just made
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A user notes that this is a hobby that may cost some money, but it is refreshing, “It does cost money for flour, but once your starter is mature, you get to cook and eat all the flour, so that’s minimal. It sucks a bit the first few weeks as you are trying to get the starter going and having to discard a lot. Even so, I still got a good loaf out of my first bag of flour, so it wasn’t a total waste.”


healthy lifestyle young fitness woman running at seaside.
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Running is one of the easiest ways of keeping fit without hitting the gym, says one user, “I don’t use a gym, just run round the streets or by the river, and run at Parkrun every week, which is free. Now I’m a bit better off financially than when I started; I pay for race entries to local race events (I am lucky to have a few close by) and am about to do my first half marathon next week. Really rewarding hobby, and you get fit too.”


Astronomer with a telescope watching at the stars and Moon. My astronomy work.
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As long as it is dark enough, this is a hobby anyone can do. “Stargazing if you live somewhere dark enough! You don’t need a scope to still see and identify stars/planets,” says one user.


Bushcraft fire starting with fire steel and striker
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This hobby takes you back to the pre-civilization era, but as one user says, it can be addictive, “Technically don’t need anything but the wilderness. Maybe some gloves and a pair of pliers/knife. Cut some bramble or vines, and you can start weaving cool {things} like baskets. Very addicting hobby IMO. Like you’ll probably start off making the same basket over and over just because it’s so fun, and you don’t know how to make anything else.”

Cat Spotting

Hungry cat wants to eat, top view. Cat sitting on kitchen floor, begging for food. A kitten and an empty bowl.
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This hobby is strange but rewarding for cat lovers: “Go out in your neighborhood and count the cats. Go multiple times at different times, and you’ll never see the same ones. You can even draw a map of where you’re guessing they live/have their territories. And, like, half of them will want you to pet them!” advises one user.


Close up of asian old man wearing helmet is cycling a bicycle in the park - enjoying sport or hobby living healthy.
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A user advises others to buy a used bike from a thrift store and enjoy the ride, “You can get an old road bike at a thrift store and ride it until you have the cash to upgrade. I rode a $20, 30-pound mountain bike on the road until I saved up to buy a decent ride. You don’t have to have the best equipment and the latest tech to have fun.”


Close up of a person coloring a mandala seen from the front selective focus
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This is becoming a popular hobby among adults; according to another user, “Coloring for adults is a big thing these days. You can find sites for it and everything, or you can download images from Google, fire up a program like Krita, and turn them into art.”


woman holding camera in front of face taking picture.
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Taking great photos does not have to be expensive, says a user, “You don’t need an amazing camera. Just any. Point and shoot at something you think looks beautiful or intriguing.”


Portrait of senior woman sitting outdoor and knitting red scarf.
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You could knit some neat gifts, says one, “Knitting is pretty cheap, or at least it can be if you stick to yarn from a big box store. You end up with more hats and scarves than you could ever use, so you can give them as meaningful presents or donate them to charity.”


Dad and son fishing outdoors in front of a lake house.
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Fishing as a hobby is a bit expensive when buying initial equipment, but it becomes cheap afterward, “Once u do the initial purchase, u can teach yourself everything. Now that I have a rod and tackle (<75$), all I need to spend cash on is gas getting to the fishing locations.”


african american woman in black sporty bra is sitting lotus pose on yoga mat floor closed eyes and listening an audio meditate mantra hands namaste.
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Meditation lets you get in touch with your inner chi, and one user explains how to do this, “Let you breath lower into your belly. Let your awareness rest in your breath in your belly. If we want to be precise, it’s three finger lengths downward from your belly button. If you notice you have gotten lost in your thoughts, just come gently back to your breath. If you notice you have gotten lost in your thoughts, just come gently back to your breath.”


Calligrapher hands writes phrase on white paper.
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Love beautiful handwriting? You could make a career out of a calligraphy hobby, notes another user, “People love calligraphy once you get the hang of it, and people will pay a lot of money for you to do some calligraphy work for weddings and other events!”

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