Extreme Frugal Living Tips That Go a Little Too Far

One Reddit user came up with a list of the most comprehensive frugal tips we have ever seen, and the reaction was priceless. The list covers every aspect of their life, from their career, health, food, house, car, everyday life, clothing, personal care, hobbies, pets, and finances. The OP says he is happy with his frugal life and asks others to share theirs or criticize his.

Extreme Frugal Living Tips

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Some of the frugal tips that pop up here include;

  • $56 medical, dental, and vision plans
  • Recycling teabags
  • Eats out only twice per year
  • Only buy meat, fruit, and veg when it’s under $1 pound
  • Keeps her water heating on a warm setting
  • Only washes clothes if they are dirty
  • He buys everything except underwear and socks from the charity shops
  • Showers once a day for 5 mins
  • She doesn’t get my nails done or paint them
  • Uses 2 sheets of toilet paper
  • She doesn’t flush my loo every time she pees
  • Rotates one streaming service every few months

Many people reacted to this post, with some congratulating the OP for living frugally and being happy, while others thought he had taken frugality too far. Here are some of the best reactions from this conversation.

Measuring Exact Amounts of Toilet Paper Is Extreme

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One user thinks OP’s personal care tips are extreme, “Measuring exact amounts of toilet paper, using dish soap in a 5-minute shower, and washing your one towel once a month seems extreme to me.”

Avoid Pathogens

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Another advises the OP to service the AC regularly to avoid diseases, “The one thing I’d recommend you is to have regular service for your air-conditioning. Some nasty pathogens can grow in ACs and make you sick.”

Another asks him to ensure water is hot enough to kill any bacteria, “The part that made me worried is keeping the water heater on warm. Legionnaires Disease happens when your water isn’t hot enough to keep out bacteria, and figuring out what’s causing the sickness could be hard. Insulating the pipes and replacing the sacrificial rod might be a complementary way to save costs on water.”

OP’s Frugality Is Fascinating

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One user is intrigued and fascinated by OP’s frugality, “I am so curious and fascinated by this extreme type of frugality, mostly with the obsessive rigidity and complete inflexibility. I’d hate to be anchored and tied down like that, but maybe it’s freeing to others? Who knows? That’s the fascination.”

Saving as a Couple Is Better

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One user chips in to say that they save better as a couple, “I think we save better as a frugal pair. At least it helps us live more luxuriously for a similar price. We cut the cost of our house in half, for a start. We carpool. We buy food in bulk without it going off (even in a freezer or dry, there’s a shelf life). We help each other with gardening so we can keep up with it.

Colleges Can Accumulate Debt

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One user congratulates the OP for delaying going to college as a strategy, “I think people underestimate that one of the most frugal things you can do is attend college when you NEED to attend college. I didn’t go to college until my mid 20’s either, and only once I picked a career path out. It was so helpful to not go into unnecessary stress and debt for …”

This Life Is Not for Everyone

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One user says outright that they cannot live such a life, “It’s certainly impressive, and I’m really pleased that OP is happy and has got to the point in their life where they can do this out of choice. But it’s definitely not for me.”

Dish Soap Can Destroy a Car’s Coat

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One user advises the OP not to use dish water on his car, “Dish soap isn’t good on a car. It removes the wax from the car, which leaves the clear coat and paint exposed. I would never wash my car with dish soap just to save a few bucks, especially since car soap isn’t that much more expensive and the cost of repairing the potential damage is a lot more.”

This Life Is Horrifying

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Some users find this life horrifying. One says, “This is genuinely horrifying. Cotton towels never fully dry and harbor nasties like mold and bacteria. That’s why at boujee hotels, the really nice robes and towels are microfibre- they dry out much faster and are more hygienic. Ask any dermatologist.”

The Situation Would Be Awkward if People Visited

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One user wanted to know how the OP would react if people visited and used more toilet paper than he planned, “Would it stress you out if a friend/family member came over and used more toilet paper than you would?”

Another adds, “I have a relative like her who will make comments if they think you’re using too much hand soap/toilet paper, and let me tell you, they do not get a lot of visitors. There’s a reason this lady hangs out with her the most.” 

Leash Your Dog

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Although the OP says his dog is mild, several users advise him to keep it on a leash all the time, “I think part of this is a mindset from growing up in the UK where we love our dogs and it’s very normal to walk them off leash if they are well trained, dog friendly and people sociable – my dog is all the aforementioned and under full voice control (because I trained him) and whenever I see other people or people with their dogs on the trail that we don’t know I do leash him.”

Living Single Helps With the Frugal Life

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Another user agrees that the OP is able to live as he does because he is single, “Also agree 100% on the single life. I got divorced about three years ago, and the kids live with my ex. I only have to light and heat the room that me and the cats are in. I have so much less washing to do (the basket fills up during the week, and I do one load at the weekend). I don’t need a lot of stuff; I’m happy watching what I want on YouTube and playing video games. I used to have a dog that I could walk every morning and evening, but since he passed, I have more time outside work to myself, not having to rush home for him.”

Buy a Teapot Instead of Reusing Teabags

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One user urges the OP to buy a pot instead of reusing teabags, “Rather than reusing teabags; I’d use a teapot or tea ball and save money by buying loose tea. If you like herbal teas, there are some you could grow in the garden; I grow lemon balm.”

Get Pet Insurance

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Another urges the OP to get pet insurance so they can save money if something happens to the dog, “But if there’s one thing I think you might want to add – and this sub will hate me for it – it’s pet insurance. You’ve got a big active dog that you love. And labs of that size are known to develop hip problems. It’s an extra monthly expense, but it could save you a $10,000 surgery 3 years down the line.”

The OP replies, saying he has that avenue covered, “I have the money in savings for stuff like this, and I would pay it in a heartbeat if needed.”

Saddened by This Bleak Existence

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One user cannot understand why the OP chose to live like a Spartan, “Interesting that you choose this life. When such Spartan conditions are imposed on people against their will, there’s usually a violent uprising. As I read this post, I went back and forth between being impressed and being distressed. I am saddened by such a bleak existence.”

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